Bannon on the winning Trump agenda


h/t hzhousewife, not a short video, a brilliant backgrounder of the way Trump used three key themes to rouse the resistance of lower middle America to defy the New Class and regain the high ground: illegal immigrants, jobs and getting out of wasteful foreign wars. And the way he held the high ground in office by reaching out to the minorities to defy the International Deep State and bring the country back together.

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  1. And this is what’s happening in the glorious state of California:

    Blue Collar Logic is a pretty good YouTube channel.

  2. Chris M

    If there is no progress in NK and threats resume President Trumps next move may be a tactical (tactile) strike to take out the management there. That would get some attention and a degree of respect from the Commies.

  3. PB

    Pity he forgot about the wasteful foreign wars part. I guess President Kushner denied permission.

  4. Rob MW

    The two references to what the administration thinks that China has install for Australia was a bit of a shock. I didn’t think that China’s interest in Australia, particularly the Port of Darwin deal and the one belt, one road (Eurasia) deliverable concept would reach that far into the Trump administration’s concern.

  5. bespoke

    Blue Collar Logic is a pretty good YouTube channel.

    Yep found it via the Cat maybe you bemused. They did slip once by using identity political excuses to promote
    Nikki Haley and deleted the video.

  6. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    He’s right about china being the greatest enemy the wet has had.

    Trump needs to break china’s back, economically. It’s shit demographics will do the rest.

  7. JohnL

    Scomo should watch.

    Scomo has no time to watch anything. He is too busy to watch himself in the mirror and telling himself how wonderful he is!
    That leaves him only a short time for electioneering and nothing else.

  8. win

    No notes Trump and Bannon have not attended the same political speech elocution teacher as Bill Clinton and Obama. No chin and nose up at exactly the right angle with a slow turn of the head. It probably helped them to read their auto cues as well.
    Both Rudd and Gillard had to stand in front of a podium to read their speeches to the press,and they probably gave them copies.

    Bring back manufacturing and car started (castrate) the unions to scrap yard. Bad spelling on an iPad has its moments.

  9. Helen

    Thought provoking. Scomo shouldnt watch becasue he is part of the problem, just like a lot of republicans are against DT. But it does expalint o me the way forward and the reasons why. Brexit, Trump, the rise and rise of parties that are not aligned with the left, that speak clear language about peoples concerns. Immigration, an economy that welcomes higher wages and can afford them, interest on your earnings, a pathway to if not prosperity, then not worrying every night how you are going to feed your kids or if you can afford to even have kids (or not afford to).

    At the same time, he did not address people’s expectations – do we expect too much today vis our parents? Do we have to have four bed four and a half bath and a brand new kitchen becasue the old one though perfectly functional is looking a little tired – for our first house? Can we have it all? I think we need to reset the clock a bit on the virtues of a love nest for the first house, with the focus on the love for each other rather than the love of the granite benchtop.

    But is this distraction diving into the detail rather than kleeping the big picture? How do you run the message about the big things and that when you sort that, the rest will follow? And keep on message. Three big things. Energy security – it is precarious that we have about 5 days fuel in Oz at any one time, that power prices are rocketing threough the roof, immigration – targeted to people who will help advance Australia, people we need. Our humanitarian efforts shuld be to help people in their own countries, where the dollar benefit is 5 fold, attracting and keeping the money in Australia – low corporate and other tax, slash red and green tape, get rid of penalty rates.

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