Leading indicator of Economic Lagging

From Adam Creighton in today’s Australian:

The Office of Parliamentary Counsel, which drafts bills, scored an additional $900,000 to cope with an expected thicket of laws.

Presumably that’s not for new office space but rather for drafters.  At perhaps $150K to $250K each, that sounds like another 4-6 people drafting Commonwealth laws and regs.  This is on top of their existing “approximately 45 drafters“.  So perhaps a 10% increase in laws and regs.

So much for a government laser focused on red and green tap reduction.  And just imagine how many more will be employed after the coming change of government.

Perhaps time to change the National Anthem from Advance Australia Fair to Comply or Go to Jail.

Small irony that the Minister who made his “bones” leading the Liberal Government’s red tape reduction project is the same person who is implementing all of this.

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12 Responses to Leading indicator of Economic Lagging

  1. stackja

    Gough legacy continues.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    Nice work TAFKAS, you are on a streak today! But I’ll take you to task over this:

    So much for a government laser focused on red and green tap reduction.

    The castigated claass-enemy PM TA instituted Red Tape Days every six months. The minor parties, astoundingly, found an infinite number of awesomely worthwhile reasons why red tape was actually wonderful, and blocked pretty much everything he sent to the Senate. Then Malcolm Turnbull (PBUH) abolished Red Tape Days entirely.

    So blame the left and the fake-righty zoo in the Senate for that. And Lord Wentworth.

  3. Pyrmonter

    They need some sort of quality/productivity metric.

    Based on the Insolvency Law Reform Act, quality is at an all time low. Straightforward drafting issues mean review of 5 parts of the Corporations Act and Regulations to answer straightforward issues, GRRRR.

  4. Behind Enemy Lines

    Remain calm. Budget says the $900k is to deal with the legislative aftermath of the Royal Commission into banking. Nominally a staff gain of 18 people for 2019-2020. Let me tell you, $900k isn’t even a downpayment on 18 permanent staff. And it’s only for twelve months. I agree with your general thinking, TAFKAS, but in this case I reckon we’re OK.

    Although there’s still an immense amount of pork and tyranny in other parts of this budget.

  5. Habib

    The difference between the two wings of the diarchy is purely semantic. They are our enemy, pure and simple, and people need to start treating them as such.

  6. Percy Popinjay

    an expected thicket of laws

    Yep – this is all these destructive cretinous quislings ever do – saddle us with ever more stupid unintelligible laws and regulations as well as more and higher taxes.

  7. Rebel with cause

    In the absence of an existential crisis this seems the natural direction of things.

  8. John A

    Percy Popinjay #2989280, posted on April 16, 2019, at 12:56 pm

    an expected thicket of laws

    Yep – this is all these destructive cretinous quislings ever do – saddle us with ever more stupid unintelligible laws and regulations as well as more and higher taxes.

    I refer you to the Yes, Minister definition of the “opposition”:
    The bureaucracy constitutes the “opposition in residence” while those on the other side of the house constitute the “opposition in absentia.”

    And I learned a long time ago from a retiring politician (now deceased and definitely resting in peace) that our Parliaments are actually Legislation Factories, where productivity is the enemy of good governance. In fact, their output is almost entirely the enemy of good governance.

  9. DM OF WA

    Tony Abbott is a hypocrite and “Red Tape days” was a token gesture. He, like every other politician, instinctively turns to government legislation as the first solution for any problem. That he is the least bad option says everything about the Liberals!

    The sad truth is that the Liberal party is as ideologically committed as Labor to Big Government, and the principal that the state has a duty and the right to interfere in our lives as it deems necessary. And unfortunately, we live in a time where a majority of citizens agrees with them. It seems the public will acquiesce in the face of any state-initiated outrage against liberty on the basis of: a) human rights, or b) saving taxpayer dollars, or c) national security.

    When someone reintroduces the Australia card I wonder how many will oppose it?

  10. Percy Popinjay

    “Red Tape days” was a token gesture

    Yep. They only ever managed to “abolish” legislation and regulations that had effectively expired or been superseded.

    An absolute joke.

  11. Squirrel

    And this will only continue, as the Commonwealth Parliament ventures further and further into the duplication of State/Territory and local government responsibilities.

  12. Empire 5:5



    We have amateurs owned and operated by gangsters who don’t have our interests at heart and run a corporatist racket gaming state power. There also walk among us those who follow The News! and consider themselves informed. It’s a toxic mix.

    Faced with the compulsion to attend a polling booth and the stark choice of disaster verses catastrophe, I’m voting cock’n’balls in the house.

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