Solar subsidies start to bite seriously

As described by Jo Nova.

In the land of the Renewable-Crash-Test-Dummy we’re hitting the death spiral. Every installation costs non-solar owners more (with the tally at $200pa and rising fast) and there are fewer non-solar owners left to pay. Obviously, the whole market has to be changed to ensure that solar owners pay a fair share of networking and backup costs.

Without subsidies the German Solar industry lost 80,000 jobs in a bloodbath. Last year China cut solar subsidies to reduce the price of electricity and PV projects dropped 43%, and solar stocks plummeted. Spain added a solar tax to recover some of the costs and the lost 65,000 renewable jobs. In Japan fifty solar PV companies went broke in 2017 as subsidies ended. Meanwhile in Australia, we’re we are so stupid we are putting subsidizing solar panels on top of subsidized irrigated farmland, and when we aren’t destroying farmland we destroy trees instead. Taxpayers even gave $300m to a Saudi billionaire for a solar plant that made a bare 2% of old dying coal plant’s power.

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  1. Craig

    As a non solar owner, I refuse to bend to Al Gores will. For those Cats who have solar, would you be happy to share this cost on me or is it only about you?

  2. We can’t really install solar even if we wanted, as our roof is mostly in shade due to council trees (30m+ high).

  3. Robber Baron

    But….we’ve only got 10 years to save the world or we will all die.

    Think of the grandchildren!!!!!

  4. Robber Baron

    Mining billionaires, bad. Solar billionaires, good.

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. A proclamation by the pigs who control the government in the novel Animal Farm , by George Orwell.

  5. sfw

    Craig, I agree but I folded a year or so ago and put them on my shed. I know that the less well off pay for them and I’m ashamed. However it made good financial sense in my situation and I have to look after myself and my family first.

    This is the problem with market distortions, they place people in situations where doing the wrong thing is rewarded and when people are compromised even a little it often leads to further compromises. Corruption starts small and grows and I have been corrupted. The difference between me and the average punter is that I know it.

    I read an article recently that described how artificially low interest rates are corrupting people who would normally save and defer spending now for future consumption. The low rates encourage immediate consumption and to discount future needs and wants, in essence corrupting their natural and sensible nature.

  6. Rafe Champion

    sfw, +111, on the topic of incentives, the inflation caused by Whitlam destroyed the incentive to save with consequences that persisted even when inflation came down.

  7. eb

    “it made good financial sense in my situation and I have to look after myself and my family first”
    I did the same, just at the end of last year. Hoping for a 5 year payback, but we’ll see.
    I agree with sfw regarding the corruption aspect though.

  8. Rossini

    Stupid forken politicians stupid stupid……….and it looks like we are going to elect the pick of the stupid bunch.

  9. craig


    I know you have to look after your family first and I don’t begrudge you that. I had this conversation with my friend many years ago who was receiving 60c a KW back in the day and I reminded him that it was people like me who were subsidizing this scam and he knew this and didn’t care. When I go to a BBQ and hear people boast about having solar and the rebates and credits they are receiving and what a great system it is for them……..I remind them of the scam it is and it is me and every other low wage sucker who pays for them. Guess who becomes mister unpopular for the rest of the night?

  10. Old Woman of the North

    WE are amidst the madness. 320000 solar panels are being constructed on black soil farming country for the University of Queensland so they can boast about being so good. They have put this solar farm on the outskirts of town because there is a sub-station close by, making it cheaper to connect. It is already an eyesore, and the actual panels have yet to be added.

    There is plenty of poor quality land covered in scrub that would have been more suitable but of course UQ would have had to clear it and then construct a proper connection to the grid. How cynical, since they know that the whole exercise if futile – the sun only shines for about 6 productive hours a day (when it isn’t cloudy) and so far I have heard nothing of batteries being included. Today in the Australian is an article discussing the already unstable grid because of the intermittent surges as clouds pass, or demand slackens etc.

    So far we have had the jack-hammering in of the poles to support the panels from 7am – 5pm, and I don’t even live close to the place. I pity those subjected to this all day from over the fence. And that is where these panels are being put – right next to people living there, with little compensation, if any, for the loss of value in their land.

  11. Bruce of Newcastle

    320000 solar panels are being constructed on black soil farming country for the University of Queensland so they can boast about being so good.

    That’s the irony. The Greens have been successful with the Lock The Gate thing to prevent farmland gas extraction, which causes no harm to anyone and has a tiny footprint, yet they have no problem with vast seas of glass and silicon on the same land. And the MSM ignores it all.

    (I know about the jack hammering from a couple years ago when some low cost housing was built on a swamp near me. Hundreds of tree trunks were pounded into the mud to stabilize the footings. Went on for month after month. After which my poor herons had lost about half their foraging territory.)

  12. Rohan

    sfw, wait till they hit the end their end of service life. Disposal costs alone will rival that of the installation costs including the subsidies. They are high risk industrial waste.

    I’m curious to find out; will the demand when all these panels reach end of service life be that that the government help those with dead PV arrays assist with disposal too? Will there be a levy applied to all those that don’t through the electricity bills – another version of LRET and SRET, where the poor pay for the rich’s green virtue signalling indulgences.

    It’s why I refuse to install them.

  13. Tom Atkinson

    Hi Rafe,

    Please could you put a post on the Cat asking people to sign my petition asking for all “climate change” policies to be dropped. Thanks.

    Petition here.

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