Tax early. Tax often. Tax everyone and everything.

Last week, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced Labor’s plans to limit the amount people can claim against managing their tax affairs.  According to Mr Shorten:

Why should someone who pays $1 million to their accountant to minimise their tax for millions more, why should we pay for the double dip.

Firstly, who is this “we” Kemosahbee?  And secondly, are there any other costs earning an income that the ALP does not approve of that they will limit deduct-ability for?

Here’s and idea.  Let’s eliminate the deductability of union membership and political donations.  How about we stop that double dip?

There are many comic dimensions to the the Bill Shorten story, but one of the most amusing is that because he has an MBA (Master of Business Administration), he some how knows something about business.  Ha!

If he knew anything about business, he would know that individuals and firms don’t pay accountants large fees because they like the conversation.  They do so because of the scale and complexity of the Australian tax system – one of the most complex in the world.  It is not about minimising tax you nong.  It is about keeping yourself out of jail when the ATO jack boots come a knocking.

They only way you can consider paying accountants and advisors to help manage your tax affairs is act of “tax minimisation” is if you believe that paying anything less than 100% of your income and wealth in tax is minimisation.  Oh hang on.

But this is the best bit.  The Shadow Minister for not knowing the difference between owning something and holding something for someone else, Dr Andrew Leigh (for a doctor he somehow is) last week announced that a Labor Government would provide funding to:

help Melbournians navigate tax system with tax clinic

Does this mean that the tax system is sufficiently complex that people might need 3rd party help to navigate?  What a revelation.  If only there was a profession that helped people navigate the Australian tax system.

Shame about the people outside Melbourne who might need help to navigate tax system.

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9 Responses to Tax early. Tax often. Tax everyone and everything.

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    It used to be a joke that the Left would tax the air we breathe.
    Now they do, at least the CO2 of it bit.

  2. EvilElvis

    It’s the in game and the only one that pays. Government creates problem, government creates more bureaucracy to solve problem at great cost, repeat…

    What a fucking country.

  3. Tel

    Here’s and idea. Let’s eliminate the deductability of union membership and political donations. How about we stop that double dip?

    Force the unions to incorporate and apply standard corporate tax that everyone else needs to pay.

    No explicit constitutional authority exists for the Commonwealth to have any control over the free association of workers in the first place. They ONLY have powers to the extent that unions are considered corporations … and yet they largely arbitrarily decided to offer tax exempt status.

  4. duncanm

    It all seems reasonably consistent to me.

    1/ Drive private tax advisors out of business (remove deductables). Use envy to get the wukkas on board.
    2/ fill the gap with a new government agency providing ‘free’ advice. Only for the wukkas, of course.

    Substitute any of the following in the above labor two-step:
    – private media (news corp, google, etc) vs. public (ABC)
    – private vs. public healthcare
    – telecommunications (NBN)
    – &etc

  5. thefrollickingmole

    Evil Elvis has it.

    Create a problem, fuck it up some more then use OPM to “fix” the fuckup.
    Wonder which unions reps will be representing the new “not accountants” and taking their dues?

  6. Rusty of Qld

    In a rational world Bill Shorten and Co would be laughed out of town. Sadly he is odds on to win government.
    This country is irretrievably lost, God help my grandchildren.

  7. EJ.

    ..with reference to the discussion by Steve Bannon (in the video in another post here on the cat) several points made reflect what is happening very quickly here in our country. This election if won by Labor will bring us Socialism.. “and they are coming after your assets” as Steve Bannon declared. We already have the Nanny State where Administration and regulation flourishes everywhere. The direct intervention into your life via costs associated with the climate change scam/con drives the pain and suffering of many already on the poverty line. It affects everyone. This is a vehicle being used by the socialists/greens to create dependence on the State & country. It will perpetuate faster than any changes we have seen in the last 2 decades. Subsidy & welfare and high taxes is the answer for a Labor Government to obtain control.

  8. Petros

    Might be worth comparing nations with regards to how many people use an accountant or tax agent to do their annual returns. A Canadian friend told me how simple it was in Canada. It’s the complexity here, of course, as you say, TAFKAS.

  9. help Melbournians navigate tax system with tax clinic

    This almost proves how entrenched our level of taxes, spending and permanent government debt is.

    This is just nuts.

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