Midweek mini-roundup

Go meatless to save the planet! Greens prepare to drive Labor into extreme climate policies regardless of the cost. The carbon tax issue carries Alberta for the conservatives.

Hey, maybe good policy could get votes?

Alberta returned to its conservative roots, electing United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney premier after he vowed to fight harder for the province’s beleaguered energy industry. Kenney has vowed to get stalled pipelines built, scrap the province’s carbon tax, and create a “war room” to hit back at anti-oil-sands campaigners. He also pledged to cut corporate taxes and balance the province’s books in his first term. –Bloomberg, 17 April 2019

Kenney plans to create a $30 million “war room” to hit back at anti-energy campaigners and investigate their sources of funding. He’s also threatening to have Alberta cease doing business with banks that boycott energy projects, cut oil shipments to provinces that fight pipeline development and press Trudeau to kill Bill C-69, which overhauls the approval process for pipelines. “You have a conservative bloc of premiers stretching from Alberta to Quebec uninterrupted,” said Yaroslav Baran. “The near-consensus the prime minister had on his carbon framework is — it’s safe to say — now in tatters.” –Bloomberg, 17 April 2019

And who really killed the walruses?

Rite-On calls for helpers in 16 electorates. Nine Coalition seats seven Labor seats with razor-thin margins.

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Dan Mitchell on the village experiment in China that eventually transformed the nation.

But desperate [the Great Famine] times were the motivation for desperate measures.
…a farmer named Yan Hongchang summoned the heads of the village’s desperate families to a clandestine meeting. On paper torn from a child’s school workbook, the farmers wrote a 79-word pledge to divide the commune’s land into family plots, submit the required quota of corn to the state, and keep the rest for themselves.
And what happened?
…farmers…reported a grain yield of 66 metric tons. This single harvest equaled the village’s total output between 1955 and 1970—but for once the figure was not exaggerated. In fact, villagers underreported their actual yield by a third, fearing officials would not believe their record haul.

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  1. stackja says:

    But desperate [the Great Famine] times were the motivation for desperate measures.

    Communists and famines!

  2. Tim Neilson says:

    Communists and famines!

    Of all the astoundingly unlucky coincidences, hey?

  3. BoyfromTottenham says:

    “Greens prepare to drive Labor into extreme climate policies regardless of the cost.”
    “Never interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake.” Napoleon Bonaparte.

  4. Destroyer D69 says:

    This is where it started in Alberta. Shows what will happen when promises are carried out. Australia take note…….. Posted on 5:22 pm, June 15, 2018 by Rafe Champion

    Creativity and sex have long been linked, as has art with the contravention of bourgeois values. Long may it be so. By the way, what is wrong with bourgeois values?

    On a main topic, apparently James Allen has a super post in The Spectator this week. Mine has not arrived but it looks as though the whole thing is posted on Facebook The Australian Climate Skeptics Group. The word has been around for a few days that the left liberals in Ontario Canada were recently wiped out by the Conservatives. This is the winning platform.

    1/ Repeal the existing climate change policy that instituted a cap-and-trade system as well as opposing a minimum price on carbon emissions and any sort of carbon tax.

    2/ Repeal the existing Green Energy Act.

    3/ Scrap a planned hike of the minimum wage.

    4/ Cut corporate taxes by almost 20 per cent as well as cutting middle-class income taxes by precisely 20 per cent for those earning between $42,960 and $85,923 per annum.

    5/ Cut petrol taxes at the pump by 10 cents a litre by ending the 4.3 cent a litre carbon tax.

    6/ Scrap an existing ideological sex education curriculum and replace it with one after real consultation with parents.

    7/ Get rid of the new age methods of teaching maths and bring back old-fashioned, proven methods of teaching.

    8/ Change the laws and taxes so that beer can be sold at pre-2008 prices.

    Obviously it was the beer tax that did it, a record turnout despite non-compulsory voting.

    And this left-wing Liberal Party that espoused every fashionable global warming cliché going and which had closed gas-fired electricity plants and driven power prices through the roof was slaughtered. There is no other word for it. In the post election legislature (now increased from 103 to 124 spots) it won 7 seats. Yes, 7 – the fourth prime number. That’s 7 out of 124, a total so low that the Liberals lost official party status. Indeed, it was the worst wipeout result in Ontario electoral history.

    Meanwhile the Conservatives or Tories made all of the pledges I listed above, all of them, and won 76 of the 124 seats on offer – a massive majority. Of the remainder, a hard-left union party won 40 (becoming the official opposition) and the Greens took the final seat. Oh, and in this jurisdiction of non-compulsory voting it was the biggest voter turnout in 20 years. I suppose one thing you could say is that the Tories in Ontario were lucky not to be taking advice from Mark Textor and actually opted to put a Grand Canyon-sized gap between their policies and those of the lefties.


  5. Percy Popinjay says:

    who really killed the walruses?

    – Drones
    – David Rabbitburough and film crew
    – Poley Bears

    Take your pick.

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