From where does his supposed reputation come

On TAFKAS’ regular morning two wheel chariot rides, he listens to many podcast.  Many.

This morning, and merry Easter to Cats, amongst the many podcasts, TAFKAS listened to an interview of Senator The Hon. Arthur Sinodinos by Patricia Karvelas.  Feel free to listen for yourself here.  It’s not that long.

The whole interview made TAFKAS wonder from where does the Hon Senator’s supposed golden economic and public policy reputation come from?  Ditto his supposed political judgement reputation.

Yes.  He was John Howard’s chief of staff for many years, but on the surface, that means that he is good at organising meetings, making sure the office supplies are ordered and making sure that advice gets to the boss.  Yes.  A very important organisational function, but not necessarily a leadership, policy or political function.

Whilst he may be a very nice man, over the recent years, The Hon. Senator’s sub-optimal judgment has been displayed several times.  Is this the best the Liberal Party can do to populated its coveted ochre leather chairs in Canberra?

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10 Responses to From where does his supposed reputation come

  1. sfw

    I often work alone for long hours and sometimes listen up to 20 or more hours a week of podcasts. Can you post a list of those you like? I’m always looking for more.

  2. anonandon

    SFW – Melvyn Bragg In Our Time

  3. Adelagado

    Sinodinas should be in jail for his involvement with Australian Water Holdings. It was nothing but a scam yet he claims he knew nothing. He’s either an idiot or a liar, or both.

  4. Entropy

    AWH is another example of the political class’ uniparty operating to enrich themselves on the backs of the taxpayers.

  5. I often work alone for long hours and sometimes listen up to 20 or more hours a week of podcasts. Can you post a list of those you like? I’m always looking for more.

    Anything from National Review or Ricochet (esp Editors, GLOP, Law Talk). Looking Forward from IPA. Somethings from ABC (necessary to provide contrast). US 60 Minutes. Ben Shapiro Show. Bolt Show on Sky.

  6. Wozzup

    My goodness, Holy Week is a time for allegories. And if that darned weather vane is not an allegorical reference to Australian politics I do not know what is. Sniffing the wind, flipping this way and that, maybe occasionally turning complete circles, all the while shining, shining, shining in its own glory.

    Yep just like Australian politicians.

  7. sfw

    Thanks to TAFKAS and others for suggestions, a few are already on my list. Here’s some of mine. Econtalk, Macro Musings, Conversations with Tyler, Write with Courage, Radio Derb (in short doses), Quillette Podcast, Delingpods, Sydney Institute, It starts with a Bang, Future Strategist, History of Rome, Econ Journal Watch and many others.

    I used to listen to Melvin Bragg however he annoys me sometimes, he jumps to conclusions and cuts of guests just when they get interesting.

  8. TAFKAS:
    re Sinodinas.
    You’ve described a small section of the Kakistocracy* that rules this nation.
    *A kakistocracy is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.
    Is there any part of government not overseen by the kakistocrats?

  9. nato

    I’m on a gixxer. U?

  10. gowest

    Sinodinas WAS the great hope when TA got in … His job was to identify and get rid of Regulations (sound familiar?)
    From memory he identified some 9,000 and got nowhere try to get rid of them… Naturally the swamp did it’s upmost to get rid of him and sidelined him with anything they could dig up – he was their biggest threat after TA.
    You CANT beat the OZ swamp – its just too powerful.
    Notice that no-one else wants to take up the reg cutting axe. – there are so many the swamp can get you for anything and stop you cold.. get you thrown out .. sound familiar.

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