Light relief for Trump supporters

A remarkable exchange of jokes between a liberal commentator and a Never Trump Republican Just before the election.

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13 Responses to Light relief for Trump supporters

  1. mh

    The same corporate media that refuse to tell us who slaughtered hundreds of Christians yesterday.

  2. I distill their tears of rage into a sweet sweet liquor

  3. Does anything exist in their heads, other than a vacuum?

  4. Radman

    “The same corporate media that refuse to tell us who slaughtered hundreds of Christians yesterday.” I’m guessing one Mohamed Azzam Mohamed, who blew up the Cinnamon Grand Hotel is either a lone wolf with known “mental problems”, or a disenfranchised Tamil with an unusual name. Still, for a time I did think there were eight simultaneous “accidents” related to “electrical shorts circuits”. Now it seems some people did something.

  5. Infidel Tiger

    Those people are still on TV every week proffering their expert opinion.

  6. Rabid Koala

    Stop watching the media. Stop listening to the media. Stop reading the media. Let them fade into irrelevance

  7. a happy little debunker

    They are members of the long drop revengers – they’re collective superpower is wokeness and is fuelled by excrement.

  8. Tom

    You’re onto something, Radman. 2016 election: some people did something.

  9. mem

    I like the bit where they send Trump up for liking going to rallies. Then say it’s almost as if he regards all those people (i.e. “deplorables” by inference) that turn up as his friends. They still don’t get that Trump and his “deplorable” friends got the last laugh.

  10. None

    Oh my god that’s hilarious and boy has that aged so well. My favourite part is them ranting on while they’ve got a live feed of thousands of people turning out to see Trump. While they’re talking about the campaign collapsing I have got pictures of thousands of people cheering him and holding up signs in support. Cognitive dissonance.

  11. Entropy

    What is interesting is the republican never Trumper. So keen to ingratiate himself, to be one of them. Also, the complete absence of any pretence of even handedness by the journalists. Complete transparency of their views. As if it is they in control.

    The idiots don’t understand that it is they, and their friends, that made Trump possible.

  12. CameronH

    I just love that air head Wilson talking about Trump and his supporters living in a reality distortion field while he talks from inside his own. It would be great to see this along side the same people talking as the election results come in.

  13. Robbo

    Rick Wilson easily won the Idiot Of The Decade award with that little gem that Trump would go down in history as a laughable joke. Some laugh, some joke. I bet that the reality of his stupidity has not closed Wilson’s mouth. Today he would be as big an idiot as he was when he was on that TV programme.

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