Roundup 23 April

A stunning and informative architectural tour and visual history of Notre Dame.

A video lecture on Notre Dame’s history from The Cathedral, a Great Courses production featuring William R. Cook, emeritus distinguished teaching professor at the State University of New York. Dr. Cook’s insights into Notre Dame follow its evolution over time—and its place in history—across 800+ years.

A climate collection. A brief introduction to the scam for beginners. Bjorn Lomborg calls for calm in the face of over-heated warming alarmists. A reminder of several things everyone needs to know. The Climategate scandal proved that key data involving man-made climate change was manipulated. NASA may have also been involved in manipulating data to serve the narrative of man-made climate change. NASA also declared 2014 to be the hottest year on record – despite the fact that they were only 38 percent sure about it. There is no evidence that the Earth has been warming in recent years. The left likes to claim that 97 percent of scientists support the concept of man-made climate change. It’s likely closer to 43 percent. The amount of Arctic sea ice has become quite high. Money from the federal government and leftist organizations fuels a lot of misinformation from man-made global warming alarmists.

The Portal to a collection of fellow-travellers

In no particular order. Australian Institute for Progress, The Institute of Public Affairs IPA, the Centre for Independent Studies CIS, The Sydney Institute, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Quadrant On Line, The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Tim Blair, Andrew Norton, the classical liberal in Carlton, Rite-ON admirable Queensland activists!, The Menzies Research Centre, Jim Rose Utopia You Are Standing in It. LibertyWorks. On Line Opinion.

Overseas. Spiked, Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dan Mitchell, The Last Refuge.

Education and Culture. Quillette. Heterodox Academy. Accuracy in Academia, Intellectual Takeout, Institute for Humane Studies.

For Nerds. Rafe’s website, Critical Rationalist Blog, My bookstore.

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4 Responses to Roundup 23 April

  1. Mark M says:

    Fact check: Over 97% of Adani anti-coal activists prefer petroleum based protest signs and a high quality fossil-fuel based life (photo):

    Anti-Adani convoy grabs huge support in Sydney

    “The convoy, spearheaded by veteran conservationist Bob Brown, includes (token) electric vehicles and 180 (fossil-fuelled) cars which stopped in Parramatta in Sydney’s west on Saturday as part of its two-week campaign up Australia’s east coast.”

    – Fed-up town refusing to serve anti-mine hypocritical freeloaders in their fossil fueled vehicles – while local council gives them free camping on showgrounds – shows how out of touch elected representatives are from those who elected them.

    twitter link to pay-walled Courier-mail: “Tough-nut locals in Clermont will refuse to serve activists in their pubs and cafes as their tiny town becomes ground zero for hundreds of anti-Adani protesters ..”

  2. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld says:

    On climate change, everyone should read a current article on the net where a cult specialist applied the 10 rules of exposing a cult to climate warmists and they come up 10 out of 10 as a bonafide cult. What a surprise! (NOT) Great insightful article.

  3. TFX says:

    I recommend this website for your collection of fellow travellers. This latest post by David Zurek is magnificent.

  4. Jonesy says:

    ABC trying to smash Barny over an $80million deal on water buyback off two properties in 2017. Yet, that Wong chappy pays over $300million to one property owner in 2010 and all you hear is crickets.

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