Are we approaching a tipping point in climate policy?

I don’t like to say this but I think it may be the case. Not talking about the warming but the potentially disastrous things that are being done to stop it.

Maybe the Titanic of carbon mitigation policy is too big to be allowed to fail, there may be so many financial, ideological and religious forces pushing that it can’t be turned around.

The benign warming of a degree or so over a century and the prospect of a similar increase in the next century has been beaten up into a threat to the future of life on earth.

The philosophical/ideological/rhetorical driver is post normal science that the Marxist Jerome Ravetz invented to promote alarm about the environment and motivate urgent and largescale political activity. It played into the campaign to convert the sensible conservation movement into radical environmentalism.

Key ideas are uncertainty, ‘decision stakes’, democratization and rejection of the traditional idea of value-free scientific knowledge. So if you can’t be certain that there is no big deal about some alleged problem then you have to operate on the basis of the worst possible scenario however remote it might be in time and scientific credibility. Democratization plays out in the obsession with consensus regardless of the scientific merits of the case. And the injection of social/political values into the domain of assessing scientific merit undermines all the rules that have been laboriously crafted to promote the growth of well-tested scientific theories.

I am quite keen on values myself in the traditional way and I would like the alarmists who are so concerned about the future of the planet to bring their best moral values to bear on some things that they seem to have overlooked while arm-waving and virtue-signalling about hypothetical futures. Such as:

The opportunity cost (services like hospitals, schools, disability services and public health infrastructure) that we could get from the one or two trillion dollars per annum that we are spending around the world to mitigate “carbon pollution”.

The lives that are lost in the developing countries where families cook indoors with animal dung and the like instead of coal-fired electricity because the international lending agencies want them to do wind and solar.

Lives lost due to the corn taken out of the human food chain to put in petrol tanks. Likewise the forests converted to palm oil plantations and the other forests cut down to make wood chips to burn in Europe for carbon credits.

The ecosystems and productive farmland scraped clean of living matter to be replaced by solar and wind factories.

The carnage of birds and bats including endangered species minced by windmills.

And then the damage to civil society and the climate of political debate by the fanaticism of the warming warriors.

And the similar damage to the credibility of science itself and the universities, and indeed the school system.

All of these things have reached a point where it is hard to see a way back. And that is why we may be approaching a tipping point. We may have even passed it because the impetus for alarm seems to be growing as the school children take up the cause and lecture their parents and grand parents about it.

Time for a glass of warm milk and a lie down!

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  1. MPH

    Civilisation is the exception in history not the norm, and I think we are getting a front row seat as to why.

  2. Gary-in-Erko

    I like warm weather.

  3. Herodotus

    As usual I blame the media. The supposed ones who pride themselves on “keeping the bastards honest” are in the tank for climate scam politics.
    We do not have politicians who will stand up to the barrage of misinformation.

  4. Tom

    All of these things have reached a point where it is hard to see a way back.

    Not at all. The 21st century political activists driving climate hysteria are nihilists whose primary impulse is to destroy everything that’s still standing, such as the tried and tested scientific method. And our tried and tested wealth creation system, capitalism.

    To say there is “no way back” is to concede the nihilist wreckers have succeeded in destroying everything we value.

    What we should be pondering is how propaganda has delivered political power to the nihilist wreckers among us.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    This too will pass, as they say, Rafe, although it may indeed take some time. For there is a lot of ruin in a Nation, an observation that keeps shifting the goalposts of ‘tipping points’. All despair is relative. This new religion must run its course till it is swamped by its own contradictions. Eventually, reality always strikes its blow and sane people of an empirical bent can breathe easy again.

    Thankfully, humour is a proven potent weapon against tin gods. Let’s keep laughing at them.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    To say there is “no way back” is to concede the nihilist wreckers have succeeded in destroying everything we value.

    Courage! We cannot and will not let it come to that. History shows that even in the most dire of circumstances people can still hold fast to that which is good and true. Even now there is a lot of pushback coming headlong at the climate cult. The leftist commissars and their minions have not yet stopped talk around kitchen tables and BBQ’s. As under communism, people still whisper together in small corners of the world, mounting groundswell.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Even if there was any global warming going on the actions that the major parties are taking would be unjustified. Since very little actual global warming is occurring in the real world data the costs they are incurring are criminally stupid.

    Pensioners are already suffering because they can’t afford to heat their houses. Cold kills in winter even in Australia. The deaths due to cold are twenty times what heat causes. And on top of the cold weather deaths the same pensioners can’t afford to run airconditioning in summer.

    They can’t afford to heat or cool their houses because Labor and Liberals have made electricity and gas unaffordable for poor people due to stupid climate policies. Because of these policies we have some of the highest energy prices in the world despite being awash with energy resources.

    All for nothing. These people are truly evil.

  8. Entropy

    The Cure is worse than the disease.

  9. Rafe Champion

    Yes Entropy, it is like chemotherapy with all the bad effects but zero treatment effect.

    Fortified by a good sleep and a bracing breakfast of breadcrusts in warm milk I remain optimistic, I just wanted to practice alarmism in case it feels good or something.

  10. Mark M

    Tipping points in climate policy are like buses.
    If you miss one, there will be another along shortly.

    This is doozy from Feb 2016, NYT: Time to Panic –

    “If we had started global decarbonization in 2000, according to the Global Carbon Project, we would …”


    1989: ” A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.”

    Oops! Gotta go, there is another bus coming …

  11. bespoke

    I hope so Lizzie, but is there a historical evidence of cultural revival in the long term?

  12. Not “climate warriors”. Climate parasites.

  13. NB

    This particular derangement can and probably will be resolved by nuclear energy. Of greater concern, perhaps, is that this strategy of disinformation seems to have been successful.

  14. Penguinite

    15 years of CO2 induced climate change propaganda. Billions of $$$ cost! Zillions of words written! But nobody has conclusively proven that Man can alter the climate by reducing CO2. Sure the “Climate Alarmists” will spout “The science is proven” and “93% of scientists agree” blah blah blah but all we see are hockey stick graphs and spreadsheet predictions. Please give me something real and meaningful or STFU and let us get back to a decent coal, hydro or nuclear powered life.

  15. Leo G

    Not talking about the warming but the potentially disastrous things that are being done to stop it.

    Those disastrous actions aren’t being done to stop the warming, but rather to shift responsibility for it. They comprise a grand scale virtue signal.

  16. egg_

    Climate chemotherapy = ruinables

  17. Faye

    And the regimented abuse of children being coached to become believers of the CCC (climate change crap) by pounding them with fear, guilt and stress that their mum, dad, grandparents, friends and THEMSELVES are killing the reef and animals and causing the oceans to rise, temperatures to rise, fires, floods, droughts, cyclones and deaths to rise, if they don’t stop using coal and don’t become patsies for the one world government cause.
    This video of this 6 year old boy is a perfect example.

  18. Iva Right

    We are a nation of complete idiots and it’s only going to get worse. The last generation was poisoned as they moved through the institutions and all other upcoming generations are going to be worse. This won’t stop until there is total destruction of our economy and our values and social structure. Then what!

  19. Follow the money. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    Various superannuation funds have invested heavily in renewables. There are reports that the UK BBC pension fund has tens of billions invested in them. No wonder they won’t allow sceptics a voice on the BBC.
    Our union run funds are also heavily invested in these scams as are many across the Western World.
    It most certainly is too big to fail and so it won’t.

    The recent extra big push for “action on climate” is to ensure governments get legislation in place before they are ousted by “far right wing parties” who will follow the Trump doctrine on climate….it’s a scam (see Brazil). They will then wait out Trumps 6 more years before resuming normal programming.

  20. Tom:

    What we should be pondering is how propaganda has delivered political power to the nihilist wreckers among us.

    It’s an interesting point that I’ve banged on about for years. Modern Democracy has always had, at it’s center, the need for an unbiased method of transmitting the information that the participants need to make that democracy function.
    The March Through The Institutions saw that weakness and attacked us via the media/education nexus.
    Who would have believed that the Fourth Estate was the chink in our armour? And yet, since the formation of the popular press, it has been quite evident.
    “You take the pictures – I’ll furnish the story.”
    Propaganda has been with us since the invention of the printing press, and as each new technology emerged, it was used with growing enthusiasm by those who would ideologically enslave us.
    Our own fault, really – we never made the assorted media stand up to the professional standards they demanded of everyone else.

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