“Far right” is the new term for being sane

From Arthur Chrenkoff, Everything I don’t like is far-right, via Powerline where they note he is an Aussie blogger:

“The Washington Post” (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) spends the whole article discussing how various “far-right” figures and forces, from France’s Marine Le Pen to Germany’s Alternative for Germany, got angry at the coordinated Islamist terrorist attacks that targeted churches among other locations and killed some 300 people. When I was growing up and well into my adulthood, “far right” was a description for neo-Nazi skinheads; nowadays it’s being used for those who might merely be Eurosceptics or don’t believe in open borders. But never mind the ever-creeping redefinition – just what exactly is the message of the article? That only “far-right” is angry about attacks on Christians? Or that if you are angry about attacks on Christians you must be “far right” yourself? Is Christianity now to be considered a white supremacist dog whistle? And if you are concerned about Islamist terrorism and/or terrorism against Christians world-wide are you now supposed to keep it down lest you somehow give succor to the far right or actually risk becoming associated with the far right in the eyes of the sophisticates who feast on Bezos’s fish wrapper? Maybe all of the above.

The article ends even more disingenuously than it starts, by advising readers not to jump to conclusions because no one has yet claimed responsibility for the Sri Lankan attacks (unlike in the clear cut case of the Christchurch terror attack), and reminding everyone that the bloody civil war in the country’s past was an ethno-nationalist affair rather than a religious one. Sure, it was the Tamils and the Sinhalese and Buddhist against Hindus, with the Marxist Tamil Tigers being quite big on suicide bombing, but is the WaPo suggesting – hoping? – that the recent outrages were a return to that old conflict rather than an instance of Islamist terrorism? Quite possibly, because we are lastly reminded that “Although Christian minorities are targeted around the world, analysts say that the vast majority of terrorism victims globally are Muslims.” Omitted is any mention that the vast majority of these Muslim victims of terrorism are murdered by the Muslim perpetrators. Can we be angry about that or is that also some sort of a far-right trait?

“Far left” meanwhile is the name for Western civilisation’s suicide cult.

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  1. stackja

    Far right ‘Easter worshippers’?

  2. Vicki

    The manipulation of language has been one of the chief weapons of The Left for some time. Unfortunately, they have been all too successful in altering perception by reconfiguring basic concepts.

    However, I suspect they won’t get away with this one. Even non-believers understand the reality of this assault on Christian worshippers by Islamic fundamentalists. As such attacks multiply as, sadly, I believe they will, the public will begin to understand the significance of this development in history.

  3. Mark M

    JUST IN: The Sri Lankan Defence Minister has confirmed one of the Colombo bombers lived in Australia and had studied at an Australian university.


    Brings a new meaning to multi-cultural.

  4. NB


    “Left” meanwhile is the name for Western civilisation’s suicide cult.

  5. pbw

    “Far left” meanwhile is the name for Western civilisation’s suicide cult.

    Not quite, Steve. Moderate will do, as in Malcolm Turnbull and the moderate Liberals, pushing same-sex marriage, the banning of “hate speech,” and the suicidal Gaia worship of the climate catastrophe cult.

  6. Boambee John

    I am not up on the statistics, but I suspect that a significant majority of the world’s Christians are, in the twee modern phrase, “people of colour”.

    Clearly “white supremacists”. /sarc

  7. Cynic of Ayr

    Read it as…
    Sri Lanka church bombings stoke far-right anger in the West https://wapo.st/2ZnaVrz but the left and far left are completely uncaring about it.

  8. struth

    It only looks far right from the extreme left.

    This dickhead shoots himself in the foot so badly I think his article should be widely circulated.

  9. BoyfromTottenham

    Can someone please please convince Morrison to stylise the LNP as the ‘Centrist’ party in his electioneering?

  10. mh

    Boambee John
    #2996384, posted on April 24, 2019 at 4:51 pm
    I am not up on the statistics, but I suspect that a significant majority of the world’s Christians are, in the twee modern phrase, “people of colour”.

    Clearly “white supremacists”. /sarc

    You thought your post required a sarc tag! That’s where we are heading. Thanks a lot you lefty deadshits!

  11. jupes

    Of course while the bodies of the Christchurch massacre were still warm SloMo was calling the terrorist “far-right”. This is somewhat perplexing as the terrorist’s description of himself in his manifesto was largely as a left-winger – “eco-terrorist” comes to mind.

    It would be interesting to hear SloMo’s answer to the question of exactly what he – as the leader of a supposedly centre-right political party – has in common with the terrorist.

  12. Old Lefty

    Far right = right of the far left?

    200 dead Catholics = a promising start?

  13. LGS

    So, let me get this right, if you’re angry about 350 people (many Christians) being killed by terrorists in Sri Lanka then you’re “far-right”?
    If that is the case, then I am gladly “far-right”!
    Bet the Washington Post hypocrites would never call the angry people “far-right”, if it had been 350 Muslims killed by anyone else.
    What do the morons at the Washington Post call those angered by the Christchurch attack?

  14. mh

    Another French Church Burns on Easter Sunday, Probable Arson

    Police have confirmed that a fire in the French church of Notre-Dame de Grâce on Easter Sunday appears to have been intentionally set, making it the latest in a string of desecrations of Christian churches in the country.

    The fire was started in a large, wooden confessional around 4:30pm and proceeded to consume a dais in the presbytery of the eighteenth-century church located in the southern French town of Eyguières, near Provence.

    “Flames several meters high were coming out of the church,” said the mayor of Eyguières, Henri Pons, before a team of 30 firefighters with six vehicles arrived and managed to contain the blaze.

    An area of some 20 square meters in the church was destroyed but observers have noted that the damage would have been far worse had it not been it not for the bold intervention of a local inhabitant…


  15. B.A.Lert

    There is no such thing as the brutal far right. The right believe in freedom. The last hundred years is bathed in the blood of innocent people destroyed by the childish narcissistic socialist left and they are still here and they want it all

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