Get Up being extra grubby

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  1. If you drown in water that rises by 1.6 mm per year, well don’t you deserve a Darwin Award?

    Hell, you’ll die from starvation first.

  2. John64

    GetUp! has pulled the ad according to The Oz but they have played this masterfully.

    It is now being played on repeat reel – for free – by MSM news; along with the story that is has been withdrawn.

    Lefties will love it.

    Those who would never vote for a GetUp! endorsed candidate will think it is a disgrace but they don’t matter.

  3. Infidel Tiger

    As Tone said, they have just defamed 150,000 surf lifesavers.

    These people are a sum and will be your overlords for the next few decades.

    Buy toilet paper and canned food.

  4. Angus Black

    I’d sue, if I were either Tony or the Lifesavers of Australia.

  5. candy

    Will TA sue? just for once in his life take a stand against this hate, and defamation of 150,000 surf lifesavers?

    He could win a payout and donate it to the Surf Lifesaving Australia.

  6. Enoch Root


    I was expecting a Tsunami caused by CO2 emissions. LOL

    Why doesn’t the lady in the ad go in the water and try to save the person drowning? Why is it always someone else’s responsibility? Typical “Get Up” behavior…

  7. RobertS

    Grubbiness is a typical attribute of leftists. This morning over at Macrobusiness David Llewellyn-Smith (Houses and Holes) blames the problems with the NBN on the Coalition. This grub Llewellyn-Smith regularly refers to the Prime Minister as “Scummo”.

  8. Ubique

    And GetUp was found to be politically unaffiliated?

  9. C.L.

    But why merely complain?
    Why not hit back like Trump with your own ad?
    Say, one depicting a Di Natale look-alike being fed grapes by three Swedish au pairs?

  10. Enoch Root

    #2996035, posted on April 24, 2019 at 10:44 am
    And GetUp was found to be politically unaffiliated?

    “Politically unaffiliated” is just a code to pretend they could have their go against ALP just the same. Where is that meme with the skeleton waiting forever for something to happen?

  11. mh

    George Soros dollars finally providing some entertainment.

    Funny in a pathetic way.

  12. mh

    They should have ended with a young Mus lim female lifesaver in a burkini rushing out to save the drowning man.

    Then the Mus lim lifesaver and the White woman embrace, then look at Tony and shake their heads in disgust.

  13. Judith Sloan

    Why doesn’t she swim in? What a wuss.

  14. These sorts of things can often backfire spectacularly. And very bad timing given the deaths of two volunteer rescuers over Easter. Lifesavers are a loved institution in Australia, which is why Bondi Rescue is still so popular on TV, to mock them in this way is not a good look.

  15. Robbo

    Nice people at GetUp aren’t they?

  16. iain russell

    bemused, yes indeed. The assault on lifesavers at Cronulla by MOMEAs was the direct cause of the peoples uprising against ME gangs. And a sound flogging was administered. I note that in Iemma’s Wikipedia apologia no mention is made of this, probably because of Iemma’s need for MOMEAs to get the vote out out and stack the branches in Lakemba.

  17. cuckoo

    Why don’t they just have Bob Brown walk across the water to save the drowner?

    Not unrelated – wondering about the ethnicity of the idiot tourist whose stupidity led to the deaths of the father and son lifesavers. Hint: SBS has already run items calling for more warning signs in foreign (asian) languages at these locations.

  18. Up The Workers!

    Hang on just a minute…

    Are we all going to be apocalyptically catastrophised by being horribly “warmed to death” by human breath in dry, waterless parched deserts; or are we going to be catastrophically apocalypted by all being drowned under several kilometres of rising sea water?

    Or both simultaneously?

    Either way, it seems we have to vote 1 for the eponymous Bull Shitten, Leader of the Australian Liars Party, and pay ten times more taxes, and that will fix the problem.

    You can trust Bull Shitten.

    Oostink of “Get-Up” says so.

  19. mh

    I wonder how many GetUp members are Surf Lifesavers?

    Would be an interesting stat.

  20. Nick

    Surf Lifesavers in the minds of the Left equates to some sort of bogan, white privilege. The reality of course is that they risk their lives to save foreigners.

  21. Nick

    I don’t think this stunt will play well on the Northern Beaches, where people would either know a lifesaver or support their work.

  22. The BigBlueCat

    GetUp! is the activist arm of the Australian Labor Party and the Greens (ie those Greens who don’t think the Australian Greens are radical enough). It allows the ALP and the Greens to effectively receive political donations without the same scrutiny if they were received directly at ALP HQ. It was founded by the ALP and the Greens – Bill Shorten was an original board member of GetUp! – and has been significantly financed by George Soros. It is, essentially, a Marxist/Socialist/Unionist organisation that is anti-democracy and anti-Capitalism (except their own crony-Capitalism).

    What this means is that of course, they will play the dirtiest tricks in (and not in) the book! The Australian Parliament and the AEC need to hold the ALP and GetUp! to account for such flagrant breaches of the rules. I do hope that someday someone defamed by GetUp! will take them to court.

  23. thefrollickingmole

    Say, one depicting a Di Natale look-alike being fed grapes by three Swedish au pairs?

    Before carefully counting out their pay for the week and smirking “dont spend it all at once”…

    Richard Di Natale Defends Paying Au Pair $150 A Week
    Greens leader hits back at damaging media reports.

    He also hit back at the au pair claims, stating that the total package of benefit to the employee was around $500 a week for 25 hours work, once room, board and other expenses were taken into account.

    I double dog dare any major mining company to start deducting “room, board and other expenses” out of its workforces paypackets.

    Teats would blow a foofter valve…

  24. John Constantine

    Shorten doesn’t know what get-up wymynsys said, but he one hundred percent agrees with it. Shorten set it up at deniable arms length so foreign fighters could fund it and he could pretend to keep his hands clean from dirty tricks.

    Straight out of the shorten playbook.


  25. Nighthawk the Elder

    mh #2996111, posted on April 24, 2019 at 11:47 am
    I wonder how many GetUp members are Surf Lifesavers?

    Probably as many greenfilth that are volunteer fire fighters.

  26. John Constantine

    How many of the capitulation treaties sought by the shadowy transnational loansharks funding get-up will shorten sign up for?.

    Not all loans are repaid in cash.


  27. dover_beach

    Why doesn’t she swim in? What a wuss.

    Indeed. The Left is always asking someone else to do something while they drive off to one of their many digs across Australia.

  28. dover_beach

    CL is right, stop complaining and return fire, and use howitzers. Satirize the concerned Leftist that worries about climate change or refugees or inequality from his or her beach house, city apartment, mountain retreat, and so on, while dining on truffles and sipping on champagne.

  29. Percy Popinjay

    Why not hit back like Trump with your own ad?
    Say, one depicting a Di Natale look-alike being fed grapes by three Swedish au pairs?

    Or one depicting Julius Sideburn QC AO railing against inequality from each of his eight modest properties.

  30. Notafan

    Yes DB

    Julian on the balcony with a fine red at his cliff top retreat at Cape Liptrap.

    There is a photo of a bottle on the balcony on his Twitter so he’s done the work already.

    People need to know how our climate change lords and masters live

  31. Notafan

    And a few of those interior shots from the mansion in Hawthorn.

  32. Colonel Crispin Berka

    The only female character is depicted as the tired stereotype of being a useless woman who has to depend on a man for everything. She even pleads and begs him. What a completely sexist advertisement. Those chauvinists at GetUp should not be allowed to get away with this. It’s like they’ve got a problem with women.

    Also, two can play the intersectional malicious interpretation game.

  33. Boambee John

    So Get Up has had a dig at the Surf Lifesavers.

    Go all “lefty” on them. ScoMo with a sad face deploring the ad, saying “This is not who we are. This is not Australia. We should not use these evil foreign political smears”.

  34. Why not hit back like Trump with your own ad?

    …or a woman going into a toilet followed by a Shorten lookalike and the door closing and the woman screaming “No Bill! No! Stop it!”

    Actually, who gives a shit. This is what happens when you’re an utter fucking spineless twod you pathetic wimp Abbott. A real leader would have declared GetUp! as a treasonous organisation funded by a Nazi collaborator, had the fuckers shut down, leaders arrested and flogged then deported to North Korea, where they would join the previously deported ABC collective.
    He’s getting exactly what he deserves for selling out his country by being the most cowardly, stuttering, incompetent, jellyfish and surrendering to the left at every opportunity. Fuck him, this country is finished thanks to that twat.

  35. Percy Popinjay

    ScoMo with a sad face deploring the ad, saying “It isn’t right, is it?”

    He needs to go all Andrew Peacock on their arses.

  36. Dan Dare

    Cuckoo, did the (non)swimmer also drown?

  37. dover_beach

    And a few of those interior shots from the mansion in Hawthorn.

    Yes, one with say Burnside in his library talking about cost of living pressures and then being interrupted by his wife asking, Havey ou bought the box of Verve Cliquot for the weekend retreat, honey? Burnside replies, Of course, darling, it’s already in the Telsa. Oh, where was I? End clip. The scripts right themselves.

  38. Suburban Boy

    Why doesn’t she swim in? What a wuss.

    Quite so. But perhaps the meta-message of the ad is, “If you see a problem right in front of you, make sure you ask government to fix it rather than try to do it yourself.”

  39. John Barr

    I suppose we could make a Union one.

    You know. No saving him is not my job. I’m the Reel man. You have to find the saver then the other three Rope men the see if you can round up the Chest pusher & the mouth blower. Before that you’ll need four
    Carry the body up the Beech Blokes. Is the bloke that needs saving in the Union. He’ll have to show his card before we help him.

  40. David Brewer

    Don’t think this does Tony any harm. Just reminds people he has been volunteering all his life – fire-fighter, pedal-power fund-raiser, a week a year helping in an Aboriginal community etc. Not sure if he was a lifesaver too but it would be perfectly in character. Accusing him of doing nothing to help, when he so obviously has done a lot all his life, is too obviously unfair to succeed as propaganda. The sheer unreality of someone drowning supposedly because of sea level rise (3 millimeters a year) doesn’t help either.

  41. bespoke

    I double dog dare any major mining company to start deducting “room, board and other expenses” out of its workforces paypackets.

    I did but not much as far as I can remember. Not that it makes a difference $150 would go far towards other expenses and an Au Pair social life would be more restrictive then living at home.

  42. yarpos

    Funny how Getup has so little confidence in their own core message that they constantly resort to tearing others down, rather than selling and promoting their own policies and intentions. More important to silence other voices than tell your own story apparently.

  43. Tim Neilson

    Not sure if he was a lifesaver too but it would be perfectly in character.

    Yes he was (is?). That’s why Australia’s highly imaginative, individualistic and morally well-adjusted cartoonists think it’s hilarious to portray him wearing red speedos.

  44. Herodotus

    “Not sure if he was a lifesaver too!”

    All of the ratty, talentless cartoonists have been depicting Tony in speedos for years following his appearance in the media in his lifesaver gear.

    In addition to those things you mention he’s also well know for his follow ups and concern for your average citizen whenever he gets wind of some problem they’ve had.

    The Getup ad is appallingly false, but that’s what those types do.

  45. Squirrel

    If they’re not already on the ABC payroll, the “talent” responsible for this dismal effort will no doubt be in the near future – perhaps they could team up with “Egg Boy” for a regular segment on The Weekly.

    The attempted impersonation might have been a bit more plausible if they had managed to find someone with a more suitable body – but judging by the amount of perma-puppy fat on display in red T-shirts at Labor events, those sorts of bodies are in short supply in that company.

  46. calli

    How can pig sh*t be “extra grubby”?

  47. TBH

    That’s classic GetUp, making fun of the kind of volunteerism that is the backbone of a lot of liberal democracies. I’m sure that will play well in Warringah.

  48. Tintarella di Luna

    In addition to those things you mention he’s also well know for his follow ups and concern for your average citizen whenever he gets wind of some problem they’ve had.I’m

    Case in point friends were at a fundraiser about a year after the bombing of Aussies on Jibaran Beach in Bali in 2005. Tony Abbott was there in Bali at the time and helped so many including My friends’ friend who would have died had Abbott not intervened. My friends waited to speak to Tony Abbott at this function and thanked him for what he’d done without missing a beat he said asked how he was getting on and also asked about his wife and mentioned her by name and said he was sorry he hadn’t caught up with them in a while. So much for Abbott the heartless misogynist.

  49. Jimf

    If by some miracle the LNP wins ,but the voters of Warringah vote TA out after this GetUp sludge ad then Slomo should blow the whole fucking northern beaches to bits. Use it as a military training zone. Abbott lost his bottle as PM and dogged some key principles,but he’s Winston Churchill compared to the shallow flea up against him.

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