The impending train crash of unreliable energy

Jo Nova reports. Even the ABC is starting to wake up. But not in a very helpful way.

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  1. egg_

    “Renewable energy investment looks to be going from boom to bust as prices collapse”

    Oh noes!
    They need more OPM?

  2. min

    Rafe ,it is not the ABC that haven’t taken the costs on board , especially the underlying costs such as storage batteries , it is the Liberals. There are plenty of statistcs from other countries that show the percentage increase of Energy caused by renewables . Ihave passed these oN tO Josh and ignored .

  3. duncanm

    but but but.. people keep telling me renewables are *cheaper*

    This is the first time on the ABC I’ve seen the admission that they’re not – by a long shot:

    The benchmark in that price squeeze is coal generation operating comfortably at $40/MWh (megawatt hour).


    From around $90/MWh in 2014, the latest power purchase agreements (PPAs) — the long-term financial guarantees underpinning the volatile renewable sector — have fallen towards $55MWh at the recently-commissioned $275 million Mortlake South wind farm owned and operated by the Spanish engineering giant Acciona.

    JP Morgan energy and utilities analyst Mark Busuttil said returns on a $55/MWh PPA — assuming the project was 80 per cent debt funded — would be around 11 per cent.

    “We estimate that a wind farm costing $2,000/kW (kilowatt) with a $55/MWh offtake contract over the first 15 years, then reverting to a merchant power price of $75/MWh for the remaining 10-year life of the plant, would achieve a nominal internal rate of return of five per cent,” Mr Busuttil said.

  4. duncanm

    Another corker:

    They also keep churning away when the wind stops blowing and the sun stops shining, a trait retailers are prepared to pay for.

    Fancy that!

  5. RobK

    By virtue of their dependency on the prevailing weather, renewables are always going to have “under-” and “over-supply” issues, irrespective of how much you spend on storage. There will always be wasted infrastructure when RE exceeds some nominal 10-15% of baseload supply.
    Energy derived from weather varies from second to second, through to from year to year, decade to decade.
    It is a formula for stranded assets.

  6. egg_

    Energy derived from weather varies from second to second, through to from year to year, decade to decade.
    It is a formula for stranded assets.

    I said to a warmy (Chemical Engineer!)* that ruinables are seasonal – like many other commodities – in regards to the AEMO data.

    *More anecdotal STEMtard warmy evidence – methinks there’s a streak of watermelon malevolence there, as he thought nothing of birds being smote by the Ivanpah Solar Plant.

  7. Rex Mango

    The billions being wasted is staggering. How could those Liberal muppets not expose this scam and use it to win the election?

  8. John Constantine

    Eternal victory for the cold dead hand of Stalin, reaching out from the grave.

    “The Soviet Union will blow up their electric power, this will shut their industry and their poor will freeze and starve in the cold and dark until they rise up in glorious Revolution”

    “How will the Soviet Union be able to afford the dynamite?”

    “They will buy it for us”

    “How will the Soviet Union be able to invade them and place the dynamite in their cities power plants?”

    “They will blow the electric plants up themselves, and pay us to do it.”

    And here we are, blowing up our own power plants and borrowing the money to buy the dynamite to do it with.

    Then buying certificates printed by the ex-kgb mafia for permission to take another couple years to fully deindustrialise and economically capitulate.


  9. John Constantine

    Dear Quote Investigator: A quotation about imprudent greed and near-sightedness has been attributed to three prominent communists: Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Karl Marx. Here are three versions of the statement:

    The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.
    When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will sell us the rope.
    The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the ro

  10. John Constantine

    In the autumn of 1905 he founded, together with Krassin, the newspaper New Life; the necessary money being given by millionaires, who thereby helped weave the rope from which many of them should hang later on.

  11. anonandon

    We clearly need an orbiting solar array to stop weather related issues. The power can be transmitted to the earth by articificial lightning. Now just give a gazillion dollars.

  12. cohenite

    The impending train crash of unreliable energy



  13. duncanm

    #2998649, posted on April 27, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Don’t laugh.

    The Chicoms have already proposed an orbiting energy weapon Solar Power station.

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