Trump Green Bay rally

MH reminds me that PDT held his the first post-Mueller rally today. Now watching it myself. PDT arrives around 18 minute in.

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4 Responses to Trump Green Bay rally

  1. rayvic

    For a fake news version, just watch CNN

  2. mh

    One annoying part is when Trump mentions Jussie Smollett. I’ve seen Trump stumble on this before, he states that the allegation was “he was attacked by MAGA country”.

    Can Jnr tell pops that the story is that the alleged attackers were shouting “This is MAGA country!”

  3. stackja

    Yes. I watched too. Fun! MSM don’t have power they once had. DT goes straight to voters.

  4. Peter Greagg

    Why can’t I view the video. Youtube says the video is unavailable.

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