Peter Mayhew 1944 – 2019

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8 Responses to Peter Mayhew 1944 – 2019

  1. stackja

    Han’s sidekick, rides off into the sunset.

  2. cuckoo

    He’s ripping off arms in heaven now.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    He, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker deserve medals. Jimmy Vee at least a mention in dispatches as Mr Baker’s successor. They’ve provided lots of joy and entertainment to millions.

  4. Mother Lode

    I wonder if he got paid for all of the movies.

    I heard that Dave Prowse was not paid residuals for Return of the Jedi because it “didn’t make a profit”.

    I used to wonder why movies start with so many once off names – “Sprocket Films presents a Pancreas Cinema production in association with Oblong Pictures and Sky Ox Films…”

    Sprocket, Pancreas, Oblong and Sky Ox all being the same four guys who work for one of the big studios.

  5. Ellie

    RIP, Peter Mayhew.

    Chewbacca – a rebel who restored freedom to the galaxy.

  6. Paul

    Die hard Star wars fan colleague met him once. Was seated at the same dinner table at a convention. He was terrible company and socially awkward. She thought he was low IQ. Glad that his gig eased his way through life. RIP.

  7. Shatterzzz

    The fascination with the passing of this bloke amazes me! Sad he’s gone but he reached a fair age, anyway! But all the hype .. I don’t mind the Star Wars stuff but I’m quite sure that 99.99% of fans had no idea or, actually, cared who played “Chewbacca”, yet in less than a week his death has scored sooooo much publicity he is in the running for the “most loved celebrity departure of the year globe”.
    Just shows what a bit of publicity during a slow news week can achieve!

  8. stackja

    LNP have upset the twits with references to Star Wars.

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