Alan Carlin still at work

Alan Carlin wrote an epic book Environmentalism Gone Mad a few years ago when he retired from the US Environmental Protection Agency after several decade of cost/benefit analysis of environmental policies. He was an early member of the Sierra Club when it was more or less a traditional Conservationist organization and he left when it moved into modern radical Environmentalism. He trained in science and economics to a high level and continued to develop his insights on both fronts. He is one of the really important but little-known contributors to climate realism. Check out his blog.

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  1. Nob

    He references an article in Times of India by Sanjeev Sabhlok, who has occasionally posted on Catallaxy Files.

    Sanjeev also asks this interesting question on his own linked blog:

    Recently a retired Indian civil servant wrote to me: “if you analyse the DNA of a child born here you will find the bribe gene”. This genetic disposition presumably explains India’s chronic corruption.

  2. RobK

    Good link, thanks Rafe.

  3. Aethelred

    Unfortunately his book is mind-numbly boring so certainly not widely read

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