Jim Simpson. How to vote cards for conservatives

Jim Simpson is the convenor of the indefatigable Five Dock Climate Realists.

Not surprisingly it’s taken more than a while to produce our recommended How To Vote Cards (HTVs) for the coming Federal Election this Saturday, however, I trust you will find the wait has been worthwhile.

Whilst it’s still a Work In Progress we’ve completed the HTVs for the ACT & have now started loading the HTVs for NSW. Other States will follow in coming days.

Just check the web site out on a regular basis by following this Link for you recommended HTV & share widely!

Rgds, Jim Simpson
Climate Realists of Five Dock (A Saltbush Shed meeting place!)
YouTube Channel

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9 Responses to Jim Simpson. How to vote cards for conservatives

  1. Confused Old Misfit

    Here’s a card for Mayo.

    1 Michael Cane (United Australia Party)
    2 Helen Dowland (Animal Justice Party)
    3 Georgina Downer (Liberal)
    4 Saskia Gerhardy (labor)
    5 Anne Bourne (Greens)
    6 Rebekha Sharkie (Independant)

    There are a total of 42 senate candidates for SA.

    Conservatives candidates
    1 Rikki Lambert
    2 Carl Teusner

    Liberal Democrats candidates
    3 Kimbra Ransley
    4 Stephen Humble

    One Nation candidates
    5 Jennifer Game
    6 Emma Illies

    SFF candidates
    7 John Hahn
    8 Wayne Kirk

    Conservative National candidates
    9 Peter Manuel
    10 Tim Dwyer

    Ungrouped candidates
    11 Michael Lesiw
    12 Brett O’Donnell
    13 Henry Cox

    CEC candidates
    14 Sean Allwood
    15 Paul Siebert

    Great Australian candidates
    16 Mark Aldridge
    17 Gary Matthews

    Democrats candidates
    18 Tim Burrow
    19 Andrew Castrique

    Animal Justice candidates
    20 Louise Pfeiffer
    21 Wendy Davey

    United Australia candidate
    22 Kristian Rees
    23 Kerry Kovacs
    24 Sharon Hoskin

    HEMP candidates
    25 Angela Adams
    26 Matthew Iverson

    Centre Alliance candidates
    27 Skye Kakoschke-Moore
    28 Craig Bossie

    Sustainable Australia candidates
    29 Graham Davies
    30 Robyn Coleman

    Liberal candidates
    31 Anne Ruston
    32 David Fawcett
    33 Alex Antic
    34 Lucy Gichuhi

    Labor candidates
    35 Larissa Harrison
    36 Emily Gore
    37 Marielle Smith
    38 Alex Gallacher

    Greens candidates
    39 Robyn Seto
    40 Gwydion Rozitisolds
    41 Major Sumner
    42 Sarah Hanson-Young

  2. Rohan

    Donkey for the House for me. Not one conservative or even a faux conservative from the LNP due to the disendorsement of their candidate because of ‘anti-mo’ rants on facechook.

    No, I’m not ever voting for big Clive.

    ACP in the senate.

  3. Tim Neilson

    #3011426, posted on May 13, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    I thought a ‘disendorsed’ candidate was still on the ballot. Didn’t Pauline get into the HoR in 1996 that way?

  4. MikeS

    I would rather vote for Caligula’s horse than anyone remotely connected with Clive Palmer. His mega spend on really dumb ads would be reason enough but we were already starting from a very low base.

    The NSW Senate htv has some parallels with what I had already planned. Number 1 from me will be Jim Molan and I also planned to put Riccardo Bosi ahead of Sophie York. Honest question, why not consider Michael Feneley? I would have thought that an eminent cardiologist, professor of medicine and silverback at St.Vicents could improve the Senate generally and definitely do better than any individual drip from team Photios?

  5. None

    Bloody hell Misfit that senate ballot paper is woeful. Lefties ,nutters, uniparty and the Oz conservatives.

    You can’t even find 12 good people in that lot.

  6. Destroyer D69

    You can’t even find 12 good people in that lot,……..You do NOT need 12 The.. electoral act states that 2 above or 6 below is NOT an informal vote. Secs 268[A] and 269 of the act. A call to the AEC will also confirm this despite their admission that the practice vote on the website will declare this to be informal. When challenged on this error ,it is confirmed but will NOT be corrected.

  7. John A

    Destroyer D69 and None, please take care that a 1/2 or a 1-12 or a 1-6 vote does not disenfranchise due to exhausting a ballot.
    See here for a description of the mess we are in
    with PDFs for how to vote in each state/territory

    This particular site is targetting pro-family/conservative voters so make what you will of the recommendations – including ignoring them if you wish.

  8. Chris

    I just got the Libs HTV in the mail. Curtin, fortunate home of one Julie Bishop.

    In the Senate, AC are preferenced by the Libs – fifth, after Nats (grimace) , and UAP (FMD) and Australian Christians.
    I also saw my first AC portable lawn sign today, beside West Coast Highway.

  9. Destroyer D69

    In response to John A. True that the vote will expire sooner but you have the opportunity to exhaust your vote BEFORE it can be preferenced to a person that YOU do not wish it to flow to. It is your vote to make as you see fit within the limits of formality offered by the act. I ask myself the question “how many voters give a preference to a candidate, because they feel that they must, only in order to fulfill a specific number of preferences,when if a fewer number is required would allow them to not give that preference and still cast a FORMAL vote???”

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