Friedman 2019

It’s not enough to have the right ideas. You need to be able to put them into practice.

We know our ideas – those of freedom, of limited government, of personal responsibility – are what made Australia great. But we need to convince others.

That is why the Australian Libertarians Society’s Friedman Conference will be a little different this year.  We will still have policy debates, stimulating discussions, and talks about economics. But we have also invited the world’s leading strategists and communication experts to demonstrate the best possible techniques proven to make a difference.

We will be covering social media strategy, how to fundraise effectively, and how to tell a story and create a powerful emotional narrative. There will be intensive interactive media training workshops with one of Washington DC’s best known and highly regarded media trainers. We will be having leaders in activism from over 20 countries sharing the best practices in what worked for them.

With over 100 speakers from dozens of countries in attendance, and a focus on cutting edge campaign strategy and activism tactics, this will be a conference the likes of each Australia has never seen before.

To learn more about the conference, which will be held in Sydney May 23-26, see the list of speakers, read the draft program, and secure your spot, visit  –

Catallaxy readers are able to use the coupon code CAT19 to secure a 10% discount!

In addition, with the help of our sponsors,  we  have a very limited amount of scholarships and part scholarships available for people who want to attend, but just can’t quite afford it! If you are interested in the ideas of freedom, but can’t afford the full conference rate, please click HERE to apply

Once again, we hope to see you at an event the like of which Australia has never seen, as we put on the biggest pro-liberty event in the Asia Pacific Region.

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5 Responses to Friedman 2019

  1. stackja

    And BS will end it all?

  2. Old School Conservative

    Looks good.
    I’m assuming “Future of the LIberal Party with Tim Wilson, Amanda Stoker, and Chris Berg” doesn’t have its content organised yet.

  3. Percy Popinjay

    “Future of the LIberal Party … ” doesn’t have its content organised yet

    Scheduled it to be held in a nearby phonebooth, no doubt.

  4. TBH

    freedom, of limited government, of personal responsibility

    When have we ever been interested in those things in Australia? Near as I can tell, it’s been big government all the way.

  5. Nicholas (Unlicenced Joker) Gray

    Another benefit- we can discuss what to do about the election, if a result is known by then. Do we invest in the black market, exchanging metals of our choice? Perhaps we could call it ‘the African-American market’, so the PC brigade don’t become offended?

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