Is sanity infectious? Will Indonesia follow Brazil?

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Here’s the situation: Indonesia has been razing forests to make palm oil to sell to the EU for biofuel to make nice weather. Skeptics and Greenpeace pointed out the hypocrisy of destroying rainforests in pursuit of a better environment (way back, circa 2010). Finally, in 2019 the EU commission changed its palm oil policy and declared that it should not be OK for biofuel anymore. The EU parliament is considering whether to make that law.

But Indonesia is the world’s biggest palm oil producer and around 16 – 20 million people rely on the sector, so the government sent a sharp message back to Europe:

As the European Union proceeds with a plan to ban crude palm oil (CPO) from use in raw bio-fuel materials, the government of Indonesia is threatening to back out of the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan referenced the United States and Brazil’s withdrawal from the accord saying, “if the United States and Brazil can exit from the climate deal, we will consider it as well, because it is linked with the interests of the Indonesian people.”

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15 Responses to Is sanity infectious? Will Indonesia follow Brazil?

  1. stackja

    Indonesian people first.
    Do EU people understand they are second to Brussels ‘AGW’?

  2. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    the climate hysteria industry is unraveling before our eyes

  3. Rohan

    Don’t forget that clearing those rainforests means you can buy Merbau 85mm decking at $5.95 per metre at Bunnings.

  4. alan moran

    Hmm. Palm oil as a biofuel is only possible with renewable subsidies, hence not a great poster child for opposing Paris

  5. Penguinite

    Well both countries are major coal exporters and stand to benefit from lifting of sanctions imposed by the unelected UN! If anything has reached its UBD it’s the UN! Its sister organisation, EEC is also on borrowed time!

  6. Rossini

    Not to worry Bill’s Labor government will take up the slack!

  7. nb

    ‘linked with the interests of the Indonesian people’
    OMG! What an amazing reading of democratic government.
    I thought we voted in order to promote the interests of foreigners and our own philosopher kings. The Conservatives in UK definitely operate under this impression, as do the Democrats in the USA.* Similarly Malcolm and his bum-buddy Alexander. I expect Malcolm’s friends at the ALP and greens to mercifully conform to this tried and true formula (Silk road etc., à la, Victoristan) should they gain the most HOR seats on Saturday.**

    *I’d mention Brussels, but they are superbly post-modern post-democratic.
    **We may pay their wages, but they definitely don’t see themselves as our employees.

  8. There are differences between the motives of Indonesia and Brazil.
    Brazil gave the finger to the climate alarmist rent seekers because the Brazil Government believes the science is a crock.
    Indonesia is threatening to get out of Paris in order to extract tens of millions of dollars from fvckwit wealthy nations like Ostraya for the demise of the palm oil industry.

  9. jupes

    the climate hysteria industry is unraveling before our eyes

    Yet stupid Australia is keen to ramp it up!

  10. feelthebern

    Indo is becoming is & hopefully will continue to be an economic miracle.
    Needing letters of credit from banks for all import & export has resulting in corruption declining.
    COO & COR initiatives by other countries & purchasers means they are already leap frogging the tech in some parts of the Australian economy.
    With prosperity comes de-religionisation.
    That’s the best thing that could happen to Indonesia.

  11. Roger

    With prosperity comes de-religionisation.

    Wahhabism bucks that trend.

  12. Linden

    The residue from the palm nut process is also widely used as a supplementary stock feed, I carted heaps of the stuff years ago onto various dairy farms all over the place. It is shipped over by the boat load, 20,30 thousand tonnes of at a time.

  13. Infidel Tiger

    I think everyone can agree that Palm Oil is evil and needs to be outlawed.

  14. David Brewer

    Only the latest of a long line of environmental disasters from economically wasteful green subsidies.

    My favourite is converting the colossal Drax power station in Yorkshire from coal to wood pellets, which were then required in such quantities that they had to be imported from the US. It’s still going. Clearfelling miles of forest, and not even for decking – just to burn for heat energy, like cave men.

  15. Mother Lode

    Is sanity infectious?

    If it is then repeated, but very minor doses so small as to be medically insignificant, has delivered to Australia an inviolable immunity.

    There will be no outbreaks of sense here.

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