Nutters of our time

We need a Gary Larson for this. Religious nutters who walked the streets with placards proclaiming The End of the World is Nigh used to be standard figures of fun and a common theme for cartoonists. Now the prophets fly first class around the world and spread the message in every vehicle from the scientific literature to social media.

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8 Responses to Nutters of our time

  1. iggie

    An updated placard slogan for the warmists: ‘The world is Nye”. Another Bill.

  2. Iampeter

    Oh so now religious nutters are a problem?
    I must’ve missed your comments in a few threads from Steve K suggesting Western Civilization was created by religious nutters.
    In fact, no one seemed to have a problem with that suggestion in those threads, so not sure how anyone can suddenly have a problem with religious nutters now.

  3. Shy Ted

    They wouldn’t exist in any quantity in Oz without the ABC.

  4. Leo G

    Many real nutters utter that the World of the End is Nye (Bill Nye the archetypal Junk Science Guy).

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Interestingly Mz Ocasio-Cortez has now realised her we-will-all-die-in-12-years thing was a faceplant. Now she is saying it was all a joke.

    Beto O’Rourke decided 12 years wasn’t alarmist enough so he upped the ante to 10 years. That hasn’t gone down well with the punters as he’s now languishing at only 4% of Democrat primary voters.

    And who should be on top of the Dem’s candidate list? Joe Biden, who is the least alarmist of the entire bunch.

    If Shorten loses, or even if he wins narrowly, the message the ALP will receive is that climate crap is not a winning policy area, except amongst the crazies.

  6. Percy Popinjay

    I’ve maintained for decades that if these insane idiots didn’t have gerbil worming to get all hot and bothered about they would otherwise be languishing on street corners clad in said sandwich boards, when not wandering the streets screaming at random trees or clouds.

    he’s now languishing at only 4% of Democrat primary voters

    The imbecile needs to compose some more of his legendary Vogon inspired poetry, toot sweet.

  7. Bill Nye ≠ a debater
    Bill Nye = manchild

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