A couple of questions – updated

After the election, TAFKAS has a couple of questions:

  1. Which commentator and when will claim Clive Palmer spent $1 billion on the election?  Thus far, TAFKAS has heard estimates of $50, $60, $70, $80 and $90 million.
  2. How long will it take for Bill Shorten to take a fat cat job at a big end of town organisation and to not pay his fair share of tax?
  3. Will Peter Fitzsimons bandanna be able to contain his brain when his head explodes?
  4. Will Paul Keating finally get the message about his economic policy prowess, as channeled through Chris Bowen, and finally ride off quietly into the sun set?
  5. How long before it becomes official Labor Party policy to criminalise criticisms of its policies and to seek to withdraw NewsCorps “social licence to operate”?
  6. Who will be the first Labor official to use the word “deplorables” in their explanation of the election results?


Just a couple more questions:

  1. When and in what form will Kevin Rudd interpose himself in this post-election?  Will he run for parliament again?
  2. Will the Greens learn anything from this election?  (ok – we all know the answer to that one).
  3. Will the ABC learn anything from this election?  (ok – we all know the answer to that one also).
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26 Responses to A couple of questions – updated

  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The leftist voteherd are the gullibles

  2. You forgot Malcolm Turnbull. Australia’s biggest loser.

  3. Cane Toad

    Shorten has not given up on being pm. He’s gonna hang around and do a Howard.

  4. ACTOldFart

    Question 6: Headline in today’s NinFax news – “Labor lost on a crusade for fairness – what does that say about us?” “Deplorables” can’t be far behind.

  5. sfw

    I’d also ask – Will the Libs understand that Labor lost the election more than the Libs won it? Will they learn that they have made a start at a new beginning but need a lot more policy work and fiscal control to sustain themselves? Will they abandon all ‘global warming’ policy and concentrate on creating the conditions for people to flourish through their own hard work and talent?

    I think not.

  6. Labor lost on a crusade for fairness

    I think the Age or ABC had the same thing, but none of them actually define fairness. Is robbing pensioners, hard working people with a rental property, increasing electricity prices and causing higher prices for everything, more taxes, more refugees fairness?

  7. Up The Workers!

    Regarding your Question 3, above, I would suggest that the precautionary use of a thimble of average size, might be a handy guard against the possibility of splatter of extraneous brain matter.

    It may be total overkill, but better safe than sorry.

  8. Karabar

    In a Sunday telephone conversation with a mate in Canada, I explained some of the policies that Labour took to the people on Saturday.
    His response was “I can’t understand why they got any votes at all”.
    I can’t, either.

  9. Spall

    The only one that doesn’t make me laugh is no 7. “Social licence” is a creepy concept. It therefore appeals greatly to left wing bureaucrats, mediocre senior regulators who don’t understand numbers, Diversocrats and Green eff-wits.

  10. Another question:

    Why do political commentators always claim to know why an election was won/lost?
    Why are they always WRONG?

    The various explanations (that are generally agreed upon) all miss the point.

  11. Exit Stage Right

    Hey TAFKAS

    In regard to your third supplementary question.
    “Will the ABC learn anything from this election?”
    Fat chance.
    This is what the ABC makes of the Lib victory.
    “Canberra results show the ACT is safe as houses for Labor despite national swing to Coalition.”
    So, all the deplorable States swung to the Libs but here in Canberra we are all still wall to wall Labor .
    What out of touch arseholes.
    They won’t change and like Tanya Plebisek and Lisa Wilkinson they will double down on Labor policies and continue to shit on the Libs.
    Fire them all Scomo! (No hope, he’ll probably increase the ABC funding)

  12. Exit Stage Right

    The ABC continues to describe the Labor Party election agenda as “bold”.
    No you one-sided cretins, it was suicidal.
    The inference from the ABC is that Australian voters are “cautious”, not really up to speed with what is happening internationally. Basically the voters are hicks (except in Canberra) so there will continue to be constant sniping from the ABC “experts” who got the election result 100% wrong. Now is the time for the Libs to flood the ABC with there presence on Q & A and 7.30 to hammer home that the people have voted. No reason now to avoid the ABC. Hit back and show them who is out of touch!

  13. Bad Samaritan

    ACTOldFart (7.25am) Answer: adults know that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy do not exist whilst leftist voters hope they do?

  14. Big Jim

    Just an observation: There seems to be a problem with ‘preference discipline’ on the Left, which I haven’t seen any commentary on. There were a few coalition wins in the leafier seats where ALP + Green was greater than Lib plus right wing randoms. This suggests that ‘doctor’s wives’, who are the extension of the hard Green base, have had a bet each way. Put differently, many Green primary voters seem to be against plastic bags but for imputation credits.

  15. cuckoo

    Will Peter Fitzsimons bandanna be able to contain his brain when his head explodes?

    If his brains are the explosive matter, the bandanna won’t budge. As a teacher of mine used to say to me, if your brains were gunpowder they wouldn’t blow your hat off.

  16. cuckoo

    After weeks of being told by the ABC that this was the climate change election, there now isn’t a word about it in their post-election commentary. Funny, that.

  17. Big Jim

    So to tie that observation back to the topic: The Left response will be to double-down on radicalising the nice people in the nice suburbs. So no surprise there.

  18. Anon

    Q: When will Ross Gittins write anything that makes sense? His article in the SMH this morning was laughably lackinging in any sense.

  19. Dr Fred Lenin

    The clever media forecasters who get results wrong should have a contest yearly ,like the racehorse tipsters i newspapers ,the winner is the one who LOSES the least in a year ,they never have oe who wins over a year .

  20. stackja

    People can vote for socialism, but they won’t be able to easily vote against it. The corruption is usually complete, and unlikely to allow a return.

  21. C. Paul Barreira

    To what extent, in practice, has Australia now voluntary voting? The fine for not attending a voting booth is $20, which no amount of legal action for collection would make worthwhile.

    A couple of examples. Here in Barker about 20 per cent. did not attend. In Calare (NSW) that number is less than 15 per cent. In Melbourne (won by Adam Bandt) fewer than two-thirds of the enrolled electorate attended. Add to these the informal vote, which seems to be a little over four per cent. and you begin to wonder how much of it all means anything.

    An acquaintance has just been arguing for first-past-the-post counting of votes. At present, owing to the presence of Greens candidates, that might make for a Liberal landslide.

    As for opinion polling: how are the polls conducted today? I know of one seven-year-old who answered one pollster’s automatic questions, simply identifying correctly (per grandmother) as aged over 60. The rest was left to her!

  22. mrwashout

    At a dinner last week with some advertising execs and their estimates on advertisement spend was UAP at around $55M, and ALP/LNP combined at $8M to $10M.

  23. Tim Neilson

    In Melbourne (won by Adam Bandt) fewer than two-thirds of the enrolled electorate attended.

    Hey, it was the day after Friday night!

    That weed doesn’t smoke itself you know.

  24. Mick Dundee

    How long will it take for Bill Shorten to take a fat cat job at a big end of town organisation and to not pay his fair share of tax?

    And when He asks his employer what his salary will be. the employer should say “That is just dumb, nit-picking trivia because we will work it out later” 🙂

  25. LBLoveday

    Mick Dundee – BS better hope he’s not paid what he’s worth.

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