Lets demonise carbonophobia

Astute observers of the contemporary scene may have noticed that islamophobia is one of the mortal sins identified by the left in the list of hatespeech offences . It is helpful to know that phobia signifies fear, not hatred, as in the list of items that can cause alarm, sometimes to a seriously disabling extent – fear of closed spaces, crowds, open spaces, water, birds, spiders – the list is very long. My favourite is number 26, what is yours?

People may have also noticed that the sacred book of one of the great religions contains passages that condone a number of practices that are likely to cause concern and even fear among people living in communities dominated by the adherents of that great religion. Christians in Africa and the Middle East have good reason to fear the influence of that book and its adherents. A great many of them are not fearful any more because they are dead.

Environmental fundamentalism has become another great religion in modern times and in the sacred books of this religion carbon pollution is depicted as a very bad thing, something to fear and maybe even to hate. Perhaps carbonophobia needs to be added to the list.

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  1. stackja

    Only two religions JuCh really exists.
    The rest worship false gods.

  2. Herodotus

    Frydenberg on Sky News said that “climate change is real and people want to know that we are acting on it”, so he hasn’t changed his spots since the departure of MT.

  3. Dave of Reedy Creek, Qld

    Totally agree with your article plus we also need to name and ban Christophobia, a world wide problem. More Christians are murdered, tortured or persecuted for their faith and beliefs than any other group, especially in Muslim areas.

  4. RobK


  5. Enoch Root

    Just one quote about the elections:
    – “What de we say to the god of death?”
    – “Not today.”

  6. Tony from Launceston

    I too really like umber 26. I couldn’t find mine. I have a phobia about stick insects. Apparently I was bitten by a stick insect/Praying Mantis as a baby. I only react if surprised by one. Mind you I also react if surprised by a Labor voter.

  7. Exit Stage Right

    Hi Rafe

    I think I may have some of those, but not 89.
    Allo-the fear of opinions.
    “Being afraid of hearing what others are thinking of you”.
    Could apply to most of the MSM (fear opinions) and about 98% of the precious petal generation who cling to their mobile device security blanket to see how many likes they have.

  8. Iampeter

    I think an astute observer is one that would point out the glaring and show stopping contradiction in trying to oppose what you describe as religious fundamentalists, by supporting religious fundamentalists.
    That same observer could also point out the lack of integrated thinking to see the causal relationships between one of these movements which you support and it’s modern descendants in the movement you’re opposing. This adds another show stopping contradiction into the mix, but one requiring actual astuteness to see.

  9. Karabar

    Carbonophobia is reinforced every time we criticise the CAGW scam by claiming that one technology “reduces emissions” more than another, or that China and India produce many more “emissions”.
    Forget about “emissions” in relation to CO2.
    Reference to it only underscores the fictitious “greenhouse effect” propaganda.
    It has nothing to do with anything, including the weather.

  10. There is also one other religion that you’ve missed, Veganism. The adherents are becoming increasingly irrational and violent every day. In many cases it’s almost like a hive mind situation, which makes me wonder if their diet truly does affect their mental state.

  11. atomics

    CO2ophobia is more accurate and rolls off the tongue better.

  12. Carbonophobia

    You don’t need this word.

    It is already covered by:


  13. Clinton

    Cripples me on a daily basis.
    Cannot go outside into the open. Have to close my curtains.

  14. NuThink

    What about the fear of fear itself?
    Or the fear of not fearing anything? (Oxymoronic I guess).
    Or the fear of oxymorons?

    If one fears carbon dioxide what drinks does one celebrate with, no champagne or sparkling wines or gin and tonics or cola drinks or energy drinks or some beers. At least a few Irish beers use nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide which gives smaller bubbles.

  15. stackja

    Petering out can’t stay away.

  16. NuThink

    #3019600, posted on May 20, 2019 at 9:08 am

    RobK, would that not be a fear of carburettors?

    Maybe garbophobia is the fear of garbage or garbos.

  17. Leo G

    Frydenberg on Sky News said that “climate change is real and people want to know that we are acting on it”,…

    The is no empirical basis for claims of significant global climate change by recent possible small increases in global surface temperatures. The only reality is the hysteria generated by the false claims.

  18. It’s not really carbon (dioxide) that they fear, if they did they wouldn’t drink beer or coke. It is mankind and the by-products of burning hydrocarbons that they fear, along with all the other environmental hurty things man does.

    Thus it is actually man that they fear.

    Fear of man…hmmmm….

    That makes them…[Drum roll, deep breath]….


  19. Bones

    Autophobia: the fear of sensible people

  20. Leo G

    Thus it is actually man that they fear.

    What should we call an irrational panic fear that real or imagined day to day changes are tipping points in long term average conditions of the atmosphere near the earth’s surface and will lead to one’s death?
    A form of death anxiety (thanatophobia) certainly.
    Environmental fundamentalists engender the fear to further the cause.

  21. Iampeter

    The thing with environmentalists is that they believe man is guilty of original sin and that moral life on this earth is to sacrifice for something greater than yourself, in exchange for the promise of an impossible paradise you’ll never live to see.
    This sort of thinking is not original to environmentalists, but the movement that mainstreamed these ideas in the West is strongly supported by those trying to oppose them.

    Good luck opposing what you agree with on such a fundamental level.

  22. Faye

    Cotwophobia – humans are responsible for causing the catastrophic end the world because they insist on expelling CoTwo after every breath. A new invention has saved the planet. The government has mandated that every living person wear a specially crafted mask to catch the offending CoTwo then pipes it down to a see-through “plastic” container/backpack worn by the person. The container has wet soil, chlorophyll and a solar panel. A chemical reaction happens and the newly made gas, oxygen, gets pumped out into the surrounding air.

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