Vintage Speccie

Finally got to the Specie that arrived on Friday. Something must have been going on at the weekend.

It looks like a vintage issue and that is only up to Kevin Donnelly on education, after Mark Latham’s speech, Neil Brown and the Editorial. Check out Brown’s awards for the most creative contribution to the election campaign.

The Chutzpah Prize for Election Campaigning. For the arts community ‘Vote for the party that will give us the most money.’

The Einstein Prize for Precision. Bill shorten in reply to a question about the cost of his climate policy. ‘That is just dumb, nit-picking trivia because we will work it out later.’ [Well now there will be a couple of terms in opposition to work on it].

The Mother Theresa Prize for Helping Former Colleagues in their Hour of Need. Signs quoting Kelly O’Dwyer MP on her Liberal colleagues. ‘homophobic, anti-women climate-change deniers.’

The Australian Greens Human Rights Award for Non-Judgemental and Multicultural Inclusivity. Jay Dessai, candidate for Lalor, for his collected jokes on sex with children and the dead, Asian’s eyes, oral sex, abortion and child pornography.’ [Where do the Greens find their candidates?]

The Janus Award for the best expressed statement that there is no bias at the ABC. David Anderson, the new MD noting that a certain government had imposed a disastrous freeze on funding and it would be “much better” if some other government would reverse it.

The Speccie Hall of Fame for Electoral Reform. ‘If you don’t like it, don’t vote for us.’

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10 Responses to Vintage Speccie

  1. Seth

    Bull Shitten won’t last a single term in opposition.

  2. Pedro the Ignorant

    ‘If you don’t like it, don’t vote for us.’

    That quote from Bowen will go down in history alongside Hawke’s “By 1990 no child will live in poverty” and Keating’s “The recession we had to have”, and Garrett’s “Once we get in we will just change it all”.

    Foot in mouth disease seems to endemic with these oafs.

  3. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Foot in mouth disease seems to endemic with these oafs.

    Gough Whitlam’s description of Western Australian farmers as “Lazy bludgers who’ve never had it so good.”
    The barrage opened soon afterwards…

  4. a happy little debunker

    Award for best excuse in losing the election?

    ‘Twas the massive scare campaign directed at us’

    Goes to the party that declared this was the ‘Climate Change Emergency’ election!

  5. Bones

    The following must deserve a special effort award –
    “On the journey, (from Gare Saint Lazare to Le Havre) I consider how much fossil fuels added to the atmospheric effects that Monet and others produced in their paintings……..

    The Weekend Australian Review May 18-19 2019. Hello Sunshine.

    Hello indeed.

  6. Tim Neilson

    Only once in the last 4 elections has there been a swing against the Coalition.

    How could the Coalition have ditched the people’s idol Mick Trumble?

  7. Rafe Champion

    The people’s champion indeed:)

  8. Genghis

    ABC’s Q&A Monday Turnbull & Son?

  9. nb

    I am sure this new government could arrange for extra funding for the ABC – by requiring advertising.

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