Q&A Forum: May 21, 2019

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17 Responses to Q&A Forum: May 21, 2019

  1. Old School Conservative

    Another chance at the arseless chaps?

  2. Rossini

    Super early Wednesday fred?

  3. stackja

    Albo and Bowen facing the empty studio?

  4. mh

    Guest panel

    Mark Latham
    Malcolm Roberts
    Mark Steyn
    Peter Dutton
    Sarah Hanson-Young

  5. egg_

    The percent of Oz CO2 in the atmosphere thanks, Carpe San.

  6. egg_

    Latho, Mrs Pirate and Jacinda Hardearn.

  7. mh

    I was forgetting Latho was also PHON.

  8. duncanm

    celebrity Q&A — facepalms at first sight.

    Who will be interrupted off the Island?

  9. Nelson Kidd-Players

    Ooooh, Jordan Peterson on video link…

  10. classical_hero

    Much better than the previous one.

  11. RobK

    It was good how Tony Jones acknowledged that there was no upper atmosphere hot spot detectable, which would have supported the CO2 conjecture.

  12. JohnJJJ

    I am certain all those who voted Green or Labor will give back the money they just made on their shares and super as a result of Lib win. After all, it is tainted money and they are our moral superiors.

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