Rite-ON election report

What the Rite-ON activists did with limited resources in Queensland. The main objective was to save Dutton in Dickson.

Ground campaigns – Pre-polling
Volunteers manned booths handing out HTV cards at pre-polling in the electorates of:

Ground campaigns – Election Day
Volunteers manned the top 10 booths in the electorate of Dickson:

Murrumba Downs
Albany Creek South
Albany Creek North
Ferny Hills North
Bray Park
Bray Park West
Eatons Hill

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10 Responses to Rite-ON election report

  1. Roberto

    Excellent work. Good on them.

  2. Citation Required

    To my shame I was not aware of Rite-On.
    I am very excited to finally find an outlet for Conservative action that is not filtered by endless branch reviews, State Branch directions or other democracy destroying fluff.
    I am in. Much more exciting and productive than Lions or Apex. At last, a way to get your teeth directly into the fight, just like them Get-up brats.

  3. Ian of Brisbane

    As a Dickson voter (currently oversea) I made the effort to travel to an embassy to vote for Peter Dutton. GetUp have been poisoning our electorate for far too long and it was worth the effort to see them fail.

  4. NuThink

    Labor and the Greens said we ‘confused‘ voters,

    That is NOT difficult to do – to confuse the Labor and Green voters. If they believe in human caused climate change then they are showing how confused they really are.
    Funny that Shorten said that the LNP ran a scare campaign, so only Labor is allowed to run scare campaigns such as Mediscare which Malcolm complained about an election ago.

  5. iain russell

    Top job and needs to be more widely known. They proved Evil can be defeated.

  6. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The left have a lot of history and form in being activists. The rest of the polity, not so much.
    I was appalled at how few members of Australian Conservatives came out to man booths and hand out How-to-Votes on the day, or at pre-polling. My husband and I were lone figures in Wentworth for that, putting up corflutes at five unmanned booths and spending the whole day at a booth each ourselves. Perhaps some disaffected Libs did it for the Libs on the day as this really was a war to end all wars to get up Dave Sharma in Wentworth to avoid a complete destruction of the Australian economy after three years of Shorten and climatic madness (Kerryn Phelps was a 100% renewables risible ‘economic conservative’).

    Sadly, in this election the Conservative voice got lost, and Morrison will feel a freer rein to go middle-of-the-road and we’ll still get Malcolm’s Snowy 2 and subsidized renewables and shilly-shallying on a few new coal-fired power stations. And little children will still be thinking suicide due to the end of the world in 12 years.

    All power to those who got out and did something to save seats in this election against the onslaught of Get Up. Never again should this mob of fools be allowed to run riot with their hatreds. The Dutton campaign is a template for future battles. Activism is the only way to respond to this. Get out there ourselves and fight. And call in the police for illegal actions by Get Up and others.

    Also, Nob’s warning about keeping the pencil rather than online is a good one. Turning up to vote in a secret ballot is a significant ritual in our society, and one that speaks to truth.

  7. Exit Stage Right

    Voted at the Bray Park High School booth in Dickson on election day. A virtual gauntlet to be run of people handing out HTV’s. Peter Dutton was well represented and I did see the Rite on people. Two ladies at the head of path we took who were spruiking the plight of teachers, but not obviously Green or Labor -brushed past them so not sure who they represented. Get Up was there in abundance. When we voted, there was a huge ALP coach out the front adorned with Bill Shorten’s photo. All in all everybody seemed fairly pleasant and no aggro that I noticed. There was a sausage sizzle happening and I was very pleased to note that one set of toilets we passed outside were labelled “Boys” and “Girls”. No provision for hybrids. My overall impression of the Dickson electorate (and Petrie and Lilley) which I drive around regularly with work , was that there seemed to be more Liberal corflutes than Labor which was pleasing to see. I think that Dutton’s crowd may have won the advertising stakes just from a visual perspective in the weeks leading to the election.

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It’s worth clicking on that Rite-ON link of Rafe’s to have a dekko at how an activist counter-group to Get Up organized itself in Queensland. They did a magnificent job. If secondary non-Party organisations are the future (which seems likely unless they are declared to be Parties required to register as such and list their funding sources) then the conservative side of politics certainly could learn from Rite-ON’s success.

  9. None

    That was fantastic to see from right on down here even the Liberals gave up and there was no conservative presents., had been later boxing us for 18 months. Labour had two lots of people at our polling booth, lovely old man out the front and a couple of kids yes kids closer to the entrance. I confuse the little darlings by saying no thank you save the trees

  10. Enoch Root

    low-budget-localist-volunteer-driven Rite-ON vs high-budget-globalist-money-driven GetUP.

    Good to see the outcome of this David vs Goliath fight.

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