Don Aitkin on the election and what comes next

A balanced view but too kind to Bill Shorten.

He conceded late in the evening, congratulated the Prime Minister, and announced that he was retiring as leader. There was not a skerrick of disagreement, no call to the barricades. This is a democracy, and the people had spoken. But consider this statement by Greenpeace Australia (at

From their official statement:

“This is not a post we thought we’d have to make.

We’re looking into the eyes of our friends, families and colleagues and seeing them all searching for answers, but only able to ask the same questions:

How? Why? Where do we go from here?

This result flies in the face of all Australians who’ve fought for our climate. For pristine oceans, for clean air, for the thousands of young Australians scared for what their future holds. We demanded they declare an emergency, and they shook a lump of coal in our faces.

So it’s right now, more than ever, that we want to tell you this:

This fight is not over, and none of us are going anywhere.

Neither are we comrades.

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  1. cuckoo

    My office (Vic Public service so wall-to-wall ALP/Greens) has been vewy wewy quiet since Saturday. But one who has spoken up is now announcing that of course everyone knew that Shorten was hated in the ALP. Funny they waited until now to mention it.

  2. Chris M

    this statement by Greenpeace Australia

    Greenpeace = environmental socialists
    Greens = homosexual socialists
    Neither are actually serious about ecology or the environment, it’s just a front. Neither support clean energy generation (which means hydro and nuclear) or live lives true to their doomsday claims. The Greens gained slightly and are less upset, as long as they get their Folau head-on-a-plate offering for now.

  3. duncanm

    Don’t forget the twat feed:

    Greenpeace Aus Pac

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @GreenpeaceAP
    Now is not the time to leave. Now is the time to hold each other close, to pick each other up, and to stand up and fight.

    If the climate-wreckers in the Coalition think we’re going to go away quietly, they’ve got another thing coming.

    5:03 am – 18 May 2019

  4. duncanm

    May 20

    Replying to @GreenpeaceAP @CaterinaJohnst3
    Then get your Koala suits on you fearsome warriors!

  5. nfw

    Is Billy the Shorty actually just not being leader or is he about to jump from parliament and cost us another unnecessary by-election, a by-election he should pay for?

  6. Roger

    Is Greenpeace the group that on Sunday called for an “uprising”?

  7. nfw

    What I don’t understand is why all the luvvies, “progressives” greenies, socialists and their ilk continue to live in Australia. There are so many other great places on the planet for them in which to live and yet they don’t go there to live their dreams. They have the choice of China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North Korea, Venezuela, the Middle East (stand-fast Israel), anywhere in Africa and most of central and south America. Oh that’s right, they are disgusting guano-holes from which the locals are trying to escape and live in the nasty white welfare distributing west. Keep forgetting.

  8. Tim Neilson

    #3023430, posted on May 23, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    He said he’d continue as member for Maribyrnong.

    But he expressed no ambitions whatsoever to undermine his successor and get another crack at the Lodge. So Albo has no worries on that score.

  9. Rob MW

    How? Why? Where do we go from here?

    Easy, sell all your accumulated assets, including your huge DOW investments, pay yourselves handsomely, retire, mind your own business and generally fuck off.

  10. The Greens (as well as PETA and every radical Leftist group) always believe that apart from a few barbarians, everyone thinks and acts like them. And like typical lunatics, they keep doing the same thing over and over again, thinking they’ll get a different result.

  11. Roberto

    They speak of coal as if it were Kryptonite.

  12. Shaun

    The first act of parliament from Morrison should be to remove all taxpayers money given to Greenpeace and other activist groups. Why should taxpayers give funds to those publicly acknowledging to overthrow the system and despise those who don’t vote or think their way. Let them stand on their own two feet. This should apply to everyone who takes taxpayers money. It’s also time for taxpayers to fight back too, as the next wave of brainwashed activists seek taxpayer money to then use against them for their own cause.

  13. Some History

    It’s all Gang Green.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    The next socialist move is to begin impeachment proceedings against scomo ,and demand a recont of the votes ,conducted by greenpiss volunteers ,the result will be known one hour before the counting begins .
    In a poll conducted by commopoll oday it was shown 102.45 of the people polled approve of globlal climate catastrophe mitigation ,like 105 per cent renewables by 2018. You cannot argue with figures like that the science is skittled .
    Socialist narxism is a certifiable infectious mental disease,and I mean certifiable like sectioning .

  15. Whalehunt fun

    I am still here and about to buy a bigger car with a bigger engine. I am still here and still hoping you are right because nothing would make me happier than to see your vilely brainwashed descendants live a foul life in a world I broke. You deserve nothing but my hatred and I give of it freely.

  16. J.H.

    Green parasites and Socialists…… Scott Morrison needs to ask about that 500 million dollars of Taxpayer’s money that our political elites gave the Clinton Foundation…. Currently Julia Gillard receives a million dollar a year job helping to spend it.

    Socialists, Ecofascists and Globalists….. the place is going to wrack and ruin.

  17. Squirrel

    “…..for the thousands of young Australians scared for what their future holds…..”

    The apocalyptic language of the Green/Left is probably their greatest offence against decent, common sense – particularly when it genuinely frightens young people.

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