Some may call the election an upset but most of us weren’t upset at all

Only now, well after the event, has run an article on the election, but oddly for such a website, which is designed for people like ourselves, they put in an article from Slate. And as you would expect from such a source, it is filled with wailing and lamentations, which makes it all the more pleasurable for that. And also very misleading, since there really is no sense of why Labor lost. Here, read it for yourself before I go in and make a few observations of my own: What the Bloody Hell Just Happened in Australia?. The sub-head is, “A shocking election upset has confused Australians searching for answers”. Actually, not really all that confusing.

Nor have the American readers at Lucianne been confused. I will select a few comments which seem right on the money.

Another Leftist mistaking their agenda as being the same as the will of the people. I’m bone tired of being thought of as some kind of freak for holding traditional values.

The conservatives Trumped the Lefty Collective “dead certainty to win”, just as they did in the USA two years ago and there is no hint of Russian interference. And the lefties everywhere, as they did with the USA, and Clinton’s 95% certainty to win, are blaming the stupid, selfish, narrow minded troglodytes “especially on climate change” electorate. The lefties would have a great time in elections if it were not for the voters and everything was left to Public Polling and the opinions of their own pundits. The Polls got it all wrong because of the way they went about organizing their “samples” relying purely on “mobile phone” contact since the landlines have just about disappeared, and the phone identification system, naturally attracts those likely to respond to “unknown phone” contacts.: i.e. mostly the young, unemployed or out of school/college at the time. That is leaving aside completely how the survey is actually put to the respondent.

Whenever progressives lose, there is a serious fairness problem. When they win, there is no fairness problem. They could’ve been talking about the Trump election and its aftermath. This entire article is a manifesto for progressives: When they win, the stars and planets are aligned and everything went exactly as it should. When they lose, nothing went right, Armageddon is near and the election is somehow tainted.

Rachel, dear, if you’d get out of your leftist bubble once in a while, you would have seen this coming.

Well, Rachel, perhaps your “climate change, marriage equality, religion, and race” agenda is only an “emerging consensus” with media and political elites. Apparently, Australia’s conservative movement isn’t as “dysfunctional” and “unpopular” as you wish it to be. You have to give the devil his due, however. Even when writing an article stating the truth of what happened, the liberal mind is so disordered that it has to convince itself that the reality it is reporting on isn’t a reality. A fascinating and frightening psychological phenomenon.

This partisan hack can’t decide whether the Labor Party’s climate policies are “not that bold” or are “serious”. Here’s how serious they are: Implementation of their climate policy in South Australia resulted in the highest electricity prices in the developed world and black outs and brown outs the year round. To this day they refuse to admit that putting wind and solar in charge of base load power is problematic. No wonder people don’t want them in power.

This is the summation of what the author had written. These are her own words:

Australia’s dysfunctional, unpopular, conservative government (the Liberal and National parties, currently in coalition, sit on the right in Australian politics) held onto power for a third term in Saturday’s national election. This happened despite the fact that most analysts expected it to lose a large number of seats; despite being (seemingly) out of step with the nation’s emerging consensus on climate change, marriage equality, religion, and race; despite a chaotic tenure in office that has seen three leaders since 2016; despite a threadbare policy agenda; despite many of its high-profile figures recently retiring in frustration or anticipation of defeat; despite betting agencies paying out Labor backers early; despite losing more than 50 consecutive opinion polls. After all of it, the conservatives won the only poll that mattered, in what reelected Prime Minister Scott Morrison, an evangelical Christian, called “a miracle.”

So let me explain what happened.

First about those fifty or so opinion polls. Virtually all of them were conducted while Malcolm Turnbull was PM. It took half the election campaign for voters finally to recognise that Malcolm was really gone, that he would not be the PM if they voted Liberal. Helping all this along was Malcolm’s son who became quite prominent in the news pushing Labor. And really, if Turnbull wanted us to vote for the ALP, that was the last thing a lot of people were prepared to do.

Second, although it has played virtually no role in the subsequent analysis, stopping the boats remained a major issue. While the Libs left it almost unmentioned, it was Labor who reminded everyone what they had on their mind, first through the response to the passage of the Medivac Bill which would bring “refugees” into Australia if two doctors stated medical care was needed, and then by the promise of entry for thousands of elderly family-related migrants. After that, the boats would not be far behind, as everyone knew. Who would trust Labor on border protection?

Third, Labor offered nothing other than more freebies. There was nothing in their policy platform that looked like making the economy work. Instead, the promise of higher wages without any prior growth in productivity looked seriously irresponsible. Neither growth nor secure jobs would come from any of it, which anyone with common sense could see.

Fourth, the raiding of retirement savings through messing with franking credits and even negative gearing set off alarm bells across the country. That was what they would tell you they were doing. There was plenty more that might turn up after.

Fifth, of course, was the green agenda which outside a few fanatics and many amongst those too young to vote, had not only no appeal, but spooked quite a few, specially when the notion was raised that 50% of new cars would eventually have to be powered without fossil fuels of any kind. Fantastic nonsense with no practical application outside the inner suburban areas where public transport is at least possible.

Sixth, unions are no longer the force they once were. The Labor Party is the party of the working class or something. Well, Fabian socialism is now oh so twentieth century. The distribution of income does not look all that skewed. There is still “wealth for toil”. No one is starving on the street, and there are jobs for those with skills, talent and a work ethic.

Seventh, socialism is now rightly seen as a scare word once again. The death of the Soviet Union at the start of the 1990s had lulled many into no longer worrying as much as they once did, but no matter how much the media ignored the Venezuelan catastrophe, people do know what has gone on, and it did worry some.

Eighth, Scott Morrison was an appealing candidate. He may not be a spellbinding speaker but he had a sincerity and authenticity that made him more than credible. He was a personal embodiment of the Judeo-Christian ethic in his professed religious beliefs. He came up on the inside because Labor completely underestimated his appeal.

Ninth, migrant communities are becoming more conservative. As they become more Australian, they are just like us as we are becoming more like them. No one thinks twice about continent of origin, or at least not in the way they once might have. We are not a “multicultural” nation. We are becoming unified as a single national polity in which racial origin have less and less to do with our identity. Yet within this, we are a cultural product of Western civilisation, irrespective of one’s own personal background.

Tenth, and possibly the most important, the problem for Labor now is that they no longer have a platform of reform on which to appeal to the community. There is nothing in their historic role of exploiting every complaint with the promise to solve it for you. They have no solutions and no one now looks to Labor to fix anything since few now think they can. Their record is one of damage and harm.

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43 Responses to Some may call the election an upset but most of us weren’t upset at all

  1. nb

    Good analysis. Thank you.
    I remain astounded at the lack of insight of the left. Their discussion of electoral loss, be it in the UK, USA, or Australia offers absolutely no insight, except as to the left’s own detachment.

  2. nb

    Oh, I should have added:
    That detachment itself is the answer, so as they write they are actually penning the answer, but they cannot see it. Truly fascinating to watch.

  3. Leigh Lowe

    Good analysis Steve.
    Who knows about the batting order and what resonated with who, but they all make sense.

  4. billie

    I love the article bit about how unpopular the conservatives (or alt right) are, scuse me, they WON the election, can you not do the math?

    ah well now .. another glass of shadenfreude my dear?

    well, yes, please .. so kind of you

  5. Nob

    Yes, good stuff Steve.

    Calm and logical and dead accurate.

  6. Ubique

    Stopping the boats was always an issue with conservatives because we abhor would-be illegal immigrant women and children in their thousands drowning at sea or being eaten alive by sharks. To lefties their deaths are of no concern, not least because they believe the world is over-populated anyway.

  7. Win

    Great analysis but we don’t want Labor learning from it.
    Some one in the heat of the post election lamentations came out with Keatings stock phrase of “redistributing the wealth” and seemed bemused the electorate did not want to share in the spoils. Talk about a rape and pillage mentality.

  8. Caveman

    The left just dont know who the silent people are , a bit like predator and that shits them.

    We are watching you bwhahahahahaha.

  9. Up The Workers!


    When you spend your whole life listening to other a*seholes, all you ever hear is more crap.

    Lefties regard such odious bloviation as a ‘profound philosophy’.

    The rest of us just squirt the electoral air-freshener and move on.

  10. Blair

    What a mob of ignorant fools the majority of Australian voters are. Who else would return a dysfunctional, unpopular, conservative government?

  11. RobK

    You have illustrated Steve’s point well, in far fewer words. You delude a majority as unpopular.

  12. stackja

    Their record is one of damage and harm.


  13. On Dutton, border protection and the migrant issue. I think Dutton was hidden in the campaign to keep the target small because he became the lightning rod to attract leftwing vitriol in place of Abbott. Dutton would have been my pick for leader to make border protection a primary issue alongside power prices but the small target strategy worked in the end. On the topic of migrant conservatism, The Weekend Aust Monday 20 page 8 ran a story about La Trobe MP Jason Wood who Sri Lankans, Indians and even Africans in his winning team.

  14. Iampeter

    Um, none of this even remotely comes close to describing what is actually happening.
    Trump won because he ran a more left wing campaign than Hillary. He ran as an anti-immigrant and anti-trade nationalist. This is what democrats have long been about and he got many democrats to vote republican by doing so.
    In Australia, the Coalition ran by being more left wing than Labor. The only policy that you could say was even remotely “not left wing” in this election was the negative gearing changes Labor was proposing.

    So, as someone who supports Trump and supports the coalition, you are a leftist.
    You are not fighting or defeating the left.

    It’s really true that today’s conservatives and their commentators are the religious and all round politically illiterate arm of the left wing.

  15. There’s a trend here, is there not? Like with climate change, the economy etc the experts always seem to be getting things wrong. Maybe we should stop consulting experts for a while and see how things go. Could they go any worse?

  16. Exit Stage Right

    Australia, you bloody beauty! You got it right on the only day that counts.
    Rachel Withers, whoever she may be, is just another left wing useful idiot. She may be surprised and disappointed by the election result, but the real people here in Australia are not. I continue to read that the ALP had bold policies that were too progressive for the conservative Australian voter. No, not bold, outrageously suicidal for everyone except the elitist group at the top.
    I particularly like this bit in Withers summation;
    “the right lied, shamelessly, sparking new calls for truth in political advertising laws.”
    Oh dear. What she didn’t say was these new laws would only apply to the right side of politics though. Labor have been lying to the public for the past 30 years, fully supported by a compliant left wing media.
    What happened in this election was pretty much the same as what occurred with the Trump ascendancy.
    The little people rose up and ignored the instructions given by the left wing media about who to vote for.
    Steve, I agree with all your points above and laugh at the ALP scratching its head as to why they lost. Simples!

  17. Mother Lode

    in what reelected Prime Minister Scott Morrison, an evangelical Christian, called “a miracle.”

    They are trying to make him look a dangerous religious fanatic, in much the same way the Americans did with G W Bush.

    The word ‘miracle’ has a colloquial usage. that was the sense it was used in, and ScoMo replied with good humour saying that he believes in miracles (as a matter of his faith).

    But a bunch of them will now store this little item in their brains and use it to fail to make sense of what Morro does.

    Each time they incorrectly ascribe decisions to religious zeal it will sort of pre-emptively confirm the next time they do, and in the end they will be so far removed from reality that they will start blaming him for not acting as they expect.

    Precisely as they did the electorate last weekend.

  18. Jonesy

    Do you really want an answer, Blair…the drover’s dog would be a better choice than taking it in the neck from the marxists!

  19. Mark M

    What a waste of money, time, energy, resources …

    “Advance Australia raised $2 million in the six months leading up to the election and targeted many of the same electorates GetUp campaigned in.

    Opponents say GetUp’s $4 million election spend was misguided because the organisation targeted individuals and discussed election issues that were out of touch with voters’ interests.”

    ACF: – On billboards, on the front pages, on the radio and prime time tv.
    – volunteers across the country knocked on 15,367 doors
    – made 145,122 phone calls
    – held 1178 community events
    – 112,427 people told the parties to step up because we are climate voters.
    – peppered electorates with 4002 yard signs
    – chipped in to reach several million people with ads
    – stood with our kids at hundreds of kids climate strikes
    – handed out 185,360 climate election scorecards on polling day

  20. yarpos

    I wonder h0w they can walk back the rejected “policies” they put forward. That was what they really wanted to do, that was what they sneered at us for not understanding, that was what they said was still the best way forward even on election night when defeat was clear.

    So what now? people have seen behind the curtain and it will be difficult to believe a new more reasonable ALP is not just giving us BS until they get into power and then do as they wish. Replays of Wong and Plibers arrogance and disdain on election night are freely available.

  21. pete m

    This is the first election in a long time that the party promising to spend the most on voters lost.

    Rudd v Howard was a spendalicious spendathon, and it kept up until this election lnp just said here’s a few bil for infrastructure and some mental health issues, but we’re also standing by the budget and getting it under control. Labor meanwhile said we’re going to spend 400 bil and tax you for it and a majority said nah, we’d rather keep our money because we don’t trust you anymore.

    Hopefully this trend continues from now on.

  22. Ellen of Tasmania

    Consider this:

    “Here, courtesy of the New York City Department of Education, are 14 things to watch out for if you suspect you (or a friend) are a white supremacist

    PERFECTIONISM — Giving undue focus to the shortcomings in someone or their work, or viewing them as personal flaws. “Making a mistake is confused with being a mistake, doing wrong with being wrong,” according to a description of the book on the Web site for the “Challenging White Supremacy Workshop.”

    SENSE OF URGENCY — Prioritizing short-term results without considering long-term implications. “For example, sacrificing interests of communities of color in order to win victories for white people,” the write-up says.

    DEFENSIVENESS — When people, often in power, are dismissive of new ideas solely for fear that they might shake things up. “The defensiveness of people in power creates an oppressive culture,” the description says.

    QUANTITY OVER QUALITY — Being results-oriented and diminishing an otherwise-sound process if it doesn’t produce measurable results. It also goes hand-in-hand with “discomfort with emotion and feelings.”

    WORSHIP OF THE WRITTEN WORD — This idea prioritizes documentation and writing skills, rather than the “ability to relate to others.” It also leads to teaching that there is “only one right way” to do something.

    PATERNALISM — When those already in power think they’re the only ones who can or should make decisions. “Those with power often don’t think it is important or necessary to understand the viewpoint or experience of those for whom they are making decisions,” the write-up explains.

    EITHER/OR THINKING — Seeing things in terms of good or bad, right or wrong, or black or white. This “results in trying to simplify complex things, for example believing that poverty is simply a result of lack of education.”

    POWER HOARDING — Similar to defensiveness, those in power seek to preserve it, and see it as something that can’t be shared. They may also feel threatened when someone suggests change, and “assume they have the best interests of the organization at heart.”

    FEAR OF OPEN CONFLICT — This comes through when someone overemphasizes politeness, and equates broaching touchy topics with being rude. “The response is to blame the person for raising the issue rather than to look at the issue which is actually causing the problem,” the description says.

    INDIVIDUALISM — This idea is found among people who have “little experience or comfort working as part of a team.” It can lead to isolation, and emphasize competition over cooperation.

    PROGRESS IS BIGGER, MORE — Focusing only on the bottom line and tangible growth. “Progress is an organization which expands … or develops the ability to serve more people,” those with this mindset think.

    OBJECTIVITY — This can lead to the belief that there is an ultimate truth and that alternative viewpoints or emotions are bad. It’s even inherent in “the belief that there is such a thing as being objective.”

    RIGHT TO COMFORT – Those in power may believe that they “have a right to emotional and psychological comfort,” while denying the same to those not in power. This also covers cries of reverse racism because that’s “equating individual acts of unfairness against white people with systemic racism which daily targets people of color.” ”

    The left seem to have no self-awareness, so how can they possibly understand why people might choose to vote for the ‘other-ish’ team?

  23. RobK

    The only policy that you could say was even remotely “not left wing” in this election was the negative gearing changes Labor was proposing.
    You dont see costs reducing taxable income?

  24. Karabar

    There is much ado about the similarity with Trump and Brexit, but don’t forget it is very much the same as has happened in Ontario and Alberta, and if I don’t miss my guess, what is about to happen in the Great White North.

  25. a happy little debunker


    Everybody seems to be overlooking Delcons – Did they matter?

  26. Tom

    Thanks, Iampeter at 6.58am. Laughed out long and hard, you leftard fruitloop. Your upside down world is so … endearing.

  27. Here’s a video on what can happen when progressives take over:

    Think it can’t happen in Australia?

  28. Critical Mass

    Labor lost because they contracted a severe case of conflationitis due to unprotected contact with lefties and greenies. This contagion leads to an inflated sense of importance, the conflation of different entities and the confusion of correlation with causation.

    For instance:
    Temperatures = weather = climate
    Feelings = opinion = policies
    Impulses = identity = social control

    It’s that high rate of conflation that makes or breaks a political party.

  29. Nob

    Ellen, did it not occur to these NY dept of ed. nongs for a second that all these traits are more obviously apparent, to everyone else , in Green supremacists?

  30. candy

    Labor need to reconnect with the voters who normally feel well represented and reassured by them.

    A. Albanese may well strike the right chord but he’s going to need a good shadow treasurer and get sound economic advice from the right quarters.

  31. Jo Smyth

    The ONLY assets the ALP have now are the media and ABC and their best friend, Twitter, who daily push the advantages of a Labor Government. The voters are becoming more switched on and more aware of the vitriol that is spewed by this group every day so they are gradually becoming more irrelevant.

  32. Roger

    Eleventh, Adani.

    Twelfth, Israel Folau & Gladstone Man; under Labor’s reign of terror only bosses would have the right to speak openly, everyone else would be cowed into silence by the prospect of losing their job if they said the wrong thing.

  33. mh

    Soon Labor will be speaking of impeachment of Scott Morrison.

  34. Ellen of Tasmania

    Ellen, did it not occur to these NY dept of ed. nongs for a second that all these traits are more obviously apparent, to everyone else , in Green supremacists?

    Nob – I know. The lack of self-awareness is breath-taking. Which is why Labor won’t be able to work out why they lost.

  35. karabar

    I confess I have a suspicion.
    The lack of logic and reason gives it away.
    Is “IAMPETER” a pseudonym for AOC?

  36. Dr Fred Lenin

    The left had otal control over the media ,a great thing for them ,the only problem being ,no one takes a bit of notice of those lying deadheads any more ,like career politicians everywhere ,they have lost all credibility and in many cases their reason too, I ve never heard o much insanity in politics in my life ,they have emptied the mental institutions into left wing parties ,on reflexion the right place for them .This is proof that gangrene communism is a certiifiable mental condition ,that is the only conclusion you can draw .

  37. Karabar

    According to John Solomon, #declas is coming in 7-8 days; looks likely after POTUS Japan visit and just before a visit to UK, or between 5/29 and 6/2.

    Given all Russiagate roads lead back to London and the political climate in UK, this could get bumpy.

    And more than a bit embarrassing for owner, Bishop, Turnbull et al.

  38. Dr Fred Lenin

    Impeter,so we and Tump are leftists ,whew! No more being abused y the gangrene. Filth as “extreme right. wing nazis “, we are comradesin the strruggle for the libration of the wukkas . “
    So why dont. The wukkas vote for them ?

  39. Mother Lode

    Impeter,so we and Tump are leftists ,whew!

    1amp has the same schtick: Everybody else is a leftist.

    In his mind the world properly breaks down into two approximately equal halves: Him, and everybody else.

    And his side is always right.

  40. Petros

    We should probably stop explaining why Labor lost. Let them remain ignorant and deluded.

  41. Iampeter

    Impeter,so we and Tump are leftists ,whew!

    Yes. What do you think a right winger is? Someone who support regulating every aspect of peoples lives?
    The better question is why do such basic things need to even be explained?

    1amp has the same schtick: Everybody else is a leftist.

    It’s not schtick, it’s basics. Politics is about individualism vs collectivism. So different types of collectivists are obviously not on different sides of the political spectrum.

    And yes, most people today are collectivists of one type or another and therefore leftists. There is no individualist and therefore right wing movement in mainstream politics.

    That’s the real issue with politics today.

  42. Dr Fred Lenin

    So getup spent $4 million of the nazi lover soros momey ,how about a good look at thst scomo .thise bastards are out to get you in any way possible . Why not a pre emptive strike ,o encourage the other mongerels .

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