Save the eagles

Cute pictures with a battery of images and videos.
And some boring but relevant statistics.

Building on the moral high ground of genuine concern about people and the environment and recruiting the emotional power of images. Following up a comment by Muddy about the limitations of reasonable arguments and evidence.

We have got the science, the reasonable arguments, the cost/benefit arguments, the sustainability argument. We will generate the emotionally compelling arguments. And we will win!

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17 Responses to Save the eagles

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Recent article on raptors and wind turbines:

    Crete Is Home To 1000 Endangered Griffon Vultures. Wind Turbines Are Projected To Kill 84 Of Them Per Year. (15 Apr)

    So the wind energy proponents will kill about 8% of all the endangered griffons per year, and the authorities still allow the wretched things to be built.

    Meanwhile some finches might be endangered by a coal mine, but probably won’t be because of the company’s management plan. Yet just the theoretical danger is enough to stop the coal mine…at least until the election occurred.

    It shows just how hypocritical greens are, that they are willing to massacre endangered raptors but screech over a minor concern about some finches.

  2. I’ve said numerous times to many people that if windmills were drilling for oil and gas, the outcry from the Greens at the murder of wildlife would be immense.

    Note how every time some development plan is proposed, suddenly some endangered species is found. If Adani had instead proposed a wind farm, the Greens would be falling over themselves to support it, even if it meant the demise of every avian creature in the region.

  3. Mother Lode

    The Green response is likely to be that we would not need so many bird-chompers if we were not so greedy for power.

    In fact if we were to burn our own dung and accepted an average lifespan of 20 years then we wouldn’t need them at all.

    Greenies imagine the world as a series of scenic postcards – carefully framed, serene, and unchanging. These postcards do not contain people, so they think the perfect world will not have people in it.

  4. TheSemiMentalBloke

    Just posted the link and a pic to my Facebook page. I’m surprised Save The Eagles don’t have a Share option as this news needs to be brought to the public’s attention.

  5. Up The Workers!

    To Bruce of Newcastle at 7.17 am:

    Australia is home to 10,000 members of the ‘Unflushable Brown Movement’. Regrettably, wind turbines are not projected to kill any of the bludgers!

  6. Roger

    Following up a comment by muddy about the limitations of reasonable arguments and evidence.

    Er…should that sentence read “the limitations of people who don’t accept reasonable arguments and evidence”?

  7. Up The Workers!

    Be thankful for small mercies. Not all is gloom and doom with wind turbines and what they can kill.

    In a round-about way, they did manage to kill off Bull Shitten’s run at being Australian Prime Minister, and that is something to be immensely thankful for.

    Who’d want to have to rely on having to recharge your A.L.P.-mandated Noddy Car every 24 hours or less by a slow trickle of grossly-unaffordable intermittent wind-turbine-supplied electricity?

  8. Bad Samaritan

    What about putting an Open Thread up early each morning? Some of us have things to share.

  9. Percy Popinjay

    The Green response is likely to be that we would not need so many bird-chompers if we were not so greedy for power.

    You cannot reason with such fanatical hypocritical anti-human* imbeciles.

    *And anti-eagle as well, apparently.

  10. Fang

    Conservatives can not win arguments on facts and figures alone! They/we have got to use the facts and figures with in the culture war as well! Win the culture over, drive it home with facts and figures!

  11. We should do what the greenies do, lay out all the dead eagles, bats etc to the steps of parliament and show people what these windmills do to our wildlife and environment.

  12. Mark M

    Us versus them: The angry and unpredictable politics of north Queensland

    “You can’t make a solar panel with another solar panel, you can’t make a wind generator with another wind generator.

    You still need to mine coal, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite and manufacture them with diesel-powered mining equipment.”

  13. the not very bright Marcus

    Not sure if you have seen this , but the only change .org thing I have ever signed .

  14. Muddy

    I was not advocating emoji v. emoji (so to speak), but suggesting that the emotional appeal of our enemy’s propaganda is not something we have paid much attention to. What makes those type of tactics work, and how can we use the same principles? It is important that we target the credibility of the deities, not the average follower.

  15. classical_hero

    The double think of environmentalists. Save the future world by destroying the current world.

  16. Rafe Champion

    Thanks bemused!

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