Alan Jones and Patrick Moore tomorrow morning

A heads up from Jim Simpson of the Five Dock Climate Realists, Alan Jones in conversation with Dr Patrick Moore tomorrow morning Sydney time (Thursday) 30th May 2019 at approx. 7:10am AEST & all Macquarie radio network stations (eg 2GB Sydney, 4BC Brisbane, 2CC Canberra etc) Australia wide! Share widely.

Patrick Moore was a founder of Greenpeace. He bailed out some decades ago and travels the world debunking enviro Nazis and the climate scam.

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13 Responses to Alan Jones and Patrick Moore tomorrow morning

  1. Pickles

    Aslan Jones. If you wouldn’t mind.

  2. mem

    Damn it I was going to sleep in but now not tomorrow. Wouldn’t miss it for quids. Thank you for heads up. It will be interesting.

  3. Tel

    They have a podcast download area … if FM radio is too low tech for you … or if you think getting up at 7AM is a mug’s game.

  4. old bloke

    Is Alan Jones relayed to Perth?

  5. min

    You can get 2gb on your Ipad and listen in bed .

  6. nb

    Climate change is an astrology – a belief for the credulous.
    Ecstasy over solar power is one step from sun worship.

  7. old bloke

    Thanks Min, though I’d have to listen at 5:10 AM WST. I’d like to hear Moore, but I do need my beauty sleep too.

  8. Cardimona

    An excellent interview, which I wish had gone longer.

    Thanks Rafe, and thanks Jim.

  9. mem

    #3029680, posted on May 30, 2019 at 10:04 am
    An excellent interview, which I wish had gone longer.

    I wish this could be sent to every member of parliament and every school principal in Australia.

  10. Nancy Burrows

    I would like to read the full report by Dr Patrick Moore that was given this morning with Allan Jones – What he says makes so much sense – it was just so interesting – I just wish more people would read and research more of the truth about climate change, and many more topics. Too many people just dont know and dont want to know what is real and what is not and what is going on, in and around the world.

    I do believe we should be more strict on not polluting the earth so much with toxic chemicals and plastics going into the earth and our waterways – but the world is going crazy with some going on about climate change without the real facts and figures.

    Coal powered stations are must and one of the least evil to get

  11. bespoke

    The passive aggressive shtick is to obvious Peter.

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