On come on: Trump’s nationalism has global appeal

So, I’ve watched just about all of the Brexit Party rallies on YouTube, as well as many media pieces covering the party’s campaign. A couple of things have struck me. Firstly, the Brexit Party has really high calibre candidates. Secondly, and more interestingly, Donald Trump is *very* popular amongst your average leave-supporting Brit. His name always gets a hearty cheer from the crowds, and when the media interviews a bunch of Brexit Party rank-and-file, they uniformly profess their admiration for Trump when asked about him.

This is a really interesting phenomenon. Trump seems to be the most internationally popular GOP President in recent memory. And more consequential than Obama – foreigners liked Obama for the style, but they like Trump for the substance. They like his blunt America First approach – they want their leaders to unapologetically put their countries first, too.

I was listening to a podcast not so long ago about the rise of nationalist sentiment in the Middle East. Not the hackneyed pan-Arab nationalism of the Cold War, but Saudis who want Saudi Arabia First and Egyptians who want Egypt First and so on. This is a phenomenon largely overlooked or misunderstood by Western commentators. Who are the sworn enemies of the ME nationalists? The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organisations! Nationalists (correctly) view the objectives of the MB to be at odds with their own. They don’t want their countries subsumed to some Islamist caliphate. The Saudi people were, by and large, not particularly concerned about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, for example. Khashoggi was a MB stooge, after all, and that’s what comes to such people.

This new form of ME nationalism explains the popularity of leaders like President Sisi and MbS. It explains a willingness to establish friendlier ties with Israel, which is increasingly regarded as a reliable and necessary partner in the showdown with Iran that’s likely to come.

Trump is also popular in the ME with the nationalists there. They like his America First rhetoric and stances, as they want the same for their own countries. Trump is also popular in Eastern Europe, and I suspect in other parts of the world where nationalist pride is surging and the globalist agenda and its assorted organisations are being rejected. No wonder Brexiteers are fond of Trump.

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  1. Penny

    The Brexit Party has really high calibre candidates??
    Are you being facetious???!!!
    Their leader is low calibre, he failed miserably with UKIP, will happen again with the Brexit Party.

  2. Farage is one of the most articulate and genuine politicians about, on a par with Trump. And Farage had nothing to do with the Brexit Party’s success?

    You sound like someone from the Labor Party or the Labour Party.

  3. Penny

    I am a Pom and an avid Brexiteer and a conservative to boot
    Farage is no Trump, he an oaf, a drunk and no one can get on with him

  4. mem


    #3029315, posted on May 29, 2019 at 6:45 pm
    The Brexit Party has really high calibre candidates??
    Are you being facetious???!!!

    Penny tries too hard. You can tell by the double question and exclamation marks. A bit like a fat lady with hairy legs and bright red lipstick.
    Farage is intelligent and articulate and understands the political landscape. Put him down if you dare but each time he will come back bolder and better.

  5. I’ve watched a number of Farage interviews, presentation and speeches, especially the latter destroying the EU numpties, and if you could be as eloquent, cutting and to the point as Farage, I’d tip me lid.

  6. Bruce

    President Trump is an admirer of Farage. That’ll do me.b

  7. Nob

    Farage is primarily a single-issue activist, not a politician.

    He doesn’t care if he gets his result inside or outside of conventional politics.

  8. Leigh Lowe

    They like his blunt America First approach – they want their leaders to unapologetically put their countries first, too.

    I note that ScoMo handed out Aussie flag lapel pins to ministers before swearing in today, “to show which side we’re on.”
    A definite swipe at the “sophisticated Internationalists”, Trumble and Skeletor.

  9. mh

    Could have done with a bit more editing.

    And the first word is wrong: On

  10. Zyconoclast

    Trump would have more credibility if he improved border security and actually started building the wall.

  11. Armadillo

    There is little wrong with Nationalism per se.

    “Make Australia Beautiful” and all those other advertisement campaigns were fine.

    It’s just that the left turned ugly. Really ugly.

  12. Armadillo

    Even “Norm” was acceptable. The fat white fucker.

  13. Armadillo

    “Norm” wasn’t depicted as a big fat Greek or anyone of colour. Nope.

    Little has changed in 40 years. Considering whites make up such a small percentage of the population, they seem to get picked on disproportionally.

  14. MACK

    The problem with the EU brigade and socialists generally is that they don’t understand human nature. In this case, the fact that homo sapiens has survived for millennia by being tribal – small groups who look after the young, sick and elderly. It ensures survival of the tribe, and means that people are hard-wired to have a healthy distrust of people from outside. In the modern era, it means that most people, and particularly those who don’t have lots of qualifications and high incomes, want to elect politicians at a local and national level – they do not want foreigners telling them what to do. And there is nothing President Macron, Donald Tusk, Jeremy Corbyn, left-wing school teachers, or anyone else can do about it.

  15. Bruce

    @ Mack:

    “The problem with the EU brigade and socialists generally is that they don’t understand human nature”.

    The totalitarian statist types have their own religion which is based on the concept of “the perfectibility of Man” (or else). This, of course, is immutably tied to their delusions of immutable superiority of themselves and their murderous disdain for “the other”.

    It is an EXACT parallel to the black rock worshipers dictum; “convert or die”.

  16. Lilliana

    @MACK :

    I’ve been saying this to my young colleagues for ages but they are so indoctrinated by leftist propaganda that they can’t think outside their globalist utopia. If you disagree you are a “Nazi”.

  17. Roger

    If you disagree you are a “Nazi”.

    Ah, the reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy; tell them they just lost the argument and to look it up.

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