Alan Jones on climate propaganda in schools.

Lets have a hot line to find out what is going on to follow the concerns of Patrick Moore on the Jones Show this morning.

In particular, Dr Moore tells Alan Jones he’s worried about the global face of the strikes, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.

“She’s a child in Sweden being used mercilessly by her parents and by society to bring about these school strikes for climate change.

“I’ve seen her giving her statements… it’s absolutely clear that other people are writing the words that she is saying.

“And she has a mild form of autism so this is child abuse in the worst way.”

Dr Moore says the hysteria being drilled into our children has been seen before, throughout history.

“Whether it’s the Hitler Youth or whatever it is really mainly fascists and communists that use children in this way, as a front.

“They should be condemned outright by everyone in the world.”

Listen here.
We have a fair idea about what many teachers are doing. Searching the official curriculum is not much help but there are resources on line to help teaches to lead children to think that we humans are causing dangerous warming.

It will help to have a list of schools where this is happening to make an informed fuss about it.

Who knows how to set up a hot line, can we crowd fund it? In the meantime Cats might like to talk to all the school pupils they know and report back in the comments.

Yesterday Alan Jones had a segment with Mark Latham talking about education as one of the four major issues that demand urgent attention from the new government. These are debt, energy policy, water and education. He could have added religious freedom and freedom of speech that are going to be a massive issue for private schools.

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  1. Cardimona

    Thanks, Rafe. I listened live via the internet thanks to a Jim Simpson heads-up yesterday.

    Jones and Moore nailed it again – complete with humour that was actually funny.

    Geez, lefties live in a sad and miserable world.

  2. Turtle of WA

    I’m a teacher and impartial. More than I can say for my colleagues.
    Ask kids what gases there are in the atmosphere and they usually mention CO2 first. A trace has. Then they mention oxygen. Nitrogen, the bulk of our atmosphere, is neglected.

  3. Roger

    I’m a teacher and impartial.

    Be careful…

    Impartiality is tantamount to denial.

  4. rafe:

    Who knows how to set up a hot line, can we crowd fund it? In the meantime Cats might like to talk to all the school pupils they know and report back in the comments.

    I’m Technorant. Wouldn’t have a clue how to do this. But I’m happy to help in any way I can.

  5. EJ.

    “In the meantime Cats might like to talk to all the school pupils they know and report back in the comments. “

    You could start identifying the schools by reviewing video footage of the marches where plenty of students had their Uniforms on…not to mention the “child actors” that were involved…
    like here.

    Also, Greg Hunts seat of Flinders where Getup mustered up a number of children & parents outside his office…

  6. Turtle of WA

    Good point Roger

  7. duncanm

    Quillette has an excellent article that draws straightforward and frightening parallels to Mao’s China.

  8. Aynsley Kellow

    I have been concerned about this for 20 years. I once had colleagues who taught ‘environmental education’, and the thrust seemed to be about teaching students what to think, rather than how to think.

  9. Rafe Champion

    I would like to mention that Aynsley Kellow is a hidden treasure, hidden in the deep south of Tasmania that is, and he has been a prolific writer on these topics for a lot longer than 20 years. I ordered several items that are affordable and one arrived yesterday “Science and Public Policy: The Virtuous Corruption of Virtual Environmental Science”, packed with essential reading and episodes in the recent history of climate science that I need for my work. Most of the book from AbeBooks these days are out of university libraries. This one is not from a library, it is clean enough to be brand new but there are many pencil annotations that occur in all the places that I would have marked if it was clean. Slightly weird.

  10. johanna

    +1 Rafe.

    Aynsley is always worth reading. His work is meticulously researched and level headed. His writing on public policy is excellent, as is his scientific stuff.

  11. Tel

    Chairman Mao did the same thing mobilizing the children and students for ideological and political reasons.

  12. Leo G

    It appears that Associative Learning techniques are being used systematically on Australian schoolchildren to induce phobia for political reasons. Behavioral therapy that is normally used to treat phobias, can be used to create and condition phobia.

  13. Aynsley Kellow

    You are too kind, Rafe! And Johanna! I’m just a product of by life experience – medical school dropout,* so I had to do first year physics, chemistry and zoology, a brief flirtation with eco-catastrophism and a candidate for the NZ Values Party, and long enough in environmental studies institutions to see the dangers of noble cause corruption.
    *I had to leave behind an NZMRC Summer Research Scholarship, studying the postnatal changes in the histology of the ductus arteriosus in rabbits, but life has been more interesting since then!

  14. Aynsley Kellow

    That should, of course, be ‘my life experience’. My poor keyboard skills again – or damned autocorrect.

  15. Bela Bartok

    I’m not sure why we need a specific list of target schools teaching CAGW. It’s part of the curriculum courtesy one Gillard,J. It’s the actual requirement to teach this arrant nonsense.
    I’ve asked the 2 private schools my daughter has been to in the Lower North Shore of sydney, and they both pointed me to ACARA. When I asked ACARA why they were clearly biased, they pointed me to the 1/2 page of 80 pages of lies that were about climate denial as proof of their balance.
    The schools are doing what they’re told to teach. That they do this without a care is that they too believe it.
    The private schools see their role as instilling the ‘proper’ thinking to balance out the denial of some of us.

  16. Herodotus

    Yes! Patrick Moore, one of those scientists that the left want to say don’t exist or are in the pay of Big Fossil.
    He’s not just sceptical, but totally clear about the CO2 scam being just that.
    His youtube lectures are so good they’ll probably be banned as soon as he achieves as much recognition as Lauren Southern.

  17. Mark M

    Adults being lectured to by an autistic 12 year old girl who gets her science from Ice Age II.

    Take that, skeptics!

  18. 2dogs

    he’s worried about the global face of the strikes, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg

    You know how females who become celebrities while they are children go through that phase as young adults, like Britney Spears went through, and like Miley Cyrus is doing now? Amd how they are driven to that kind of behaviour by a predatory media?

    I wonder what that will be like with Greta Thunberg.

    Miley Cyrus in that phase introduced the world to twerking. What will it be for Greta Thunberg, I wonder?

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