Aussie Vape Day

Today is Aussie Vape Day.


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3 Responses to Aussie Vape Day

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    Vaping has no chance in Australia since it is nearly impossible to tax, unlike tobacco.

    It’s gloriously ironic that the US States who’ve legalized marijuana are seeing the black market undercut the legal outlets, because the state taxes on legal pot are so rapacious.

    Never stand between a politician and a bucket of money.

  2. Dr Faustus

    I replaced tobacco with vaping a few years ago – a painless process that I am all the better for.

    Except for my new life of crime. I regularly travel to Europe and the US and return each time with a couple of month’s supply of illegal nicotine e-juice in my guilty-as-Schapelle luggage.

    Hanging is too good for me…

  3. Some History

    Really “honest experiments”. Could Hildebrande or Sinc or Government or the WHO explain how experiments with cotton balls or a sponge extrapolate to living, functioning human lungs?

    Do you actually believe that if we wrung a smoker’s lungs that all of this “tar build-up” would ooze out?

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