Al Gore has done it again!

Seven inches of snow at Bathurst and the road through the Blue Mountains blocked at Mt Victoria.

Nice work Al!

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24 Responses to Al Gore has done it again!

  1. stackja

    ‘Climate change’!

  2. Old School Conservative

    The Bureau of Meteorology predicts temperatures could drop to -2C on the Granite Belt in Queensland near the southern border, and says snow flurries are possible.
    The Australian.

    Snow in Queensland – Big Al has a lot to answer for.

  3. lotocoti

    With impeccable timing, the glaziers turned up yesterday to pull the first lot of bedroom windows damaged in an October hailstorm.
    The brisk weather has really added to the crack house chic of boarded up windows.

  4. mh

    Snow on Qld’s granite belt.

    The ice man cometh.

  5. Percy Popinjay

    The myriad instances of extremely cold weather that seem to follow that fat hypocritical fool around (over a period of many years) as he endlessly pontificates on the non existent phenomenon of gerbil worming has now clearly moved beyond both coincidence and parody.

    Just as m0nty is able to alter the time/space continuum whenever he makes a prediction about anything, inevitably causing the opposite result.

    Magnificent work, fellas.

  6. mareeS

    We are just getting it at Merewether. I am going back to bed.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    The Gore Effect is just as scientific as the CAGW hypothesis…

  8. duncanm

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #3034139, posted on June 4, 2019 at 8:50 am
    The Gore Effect is just as scientific as the CAGW hypothesis…

    .. except there’s more evidence to support the Gore effect.

  9. mh

    Apparently Brisbane’s climate change conference begins tomorrow and Gore speaks on the 7th. That means there is time for it to get even colder


  10. nfw

    I love that plastic lying on the ground as obvious conservative voters walk by and don’t pick it up. Oh, they do look a bit leftie don’t they. Won’t that plastic kill pollie bears or seals or the ozone layer or something? Where are the greenies and the Earth will die in 12 years crowd when you need them?

  11. max

    Any one living North from the 40th parallel north is going to have hard time if Milankovitch cycles theory is right. And who knows how food supply is going to be affected.
    Next 1000 years are going to be fun for people alive.

  12. duncanm

    They’re going to have to do some fiddling.

    Previous lowest May temp for Applethorpe was -4.0C

    2019 May lowest was -6.1C

  13. Some History

    The “savior” has come [giggle].

    “Saving the Planet”, with Al Whore

    Find out why Al Gore deemed it was time to make a sequel to his Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. You’ll hear more about the sequel, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power which was released in 2017. We discuss why the solutions to solving climate change are still complicated. You’ll learn how to deal with climate deniers. We explore the shared tactics of the fossil fuel industry and the tobacco industry when it comes to releasing information to the public. Andrew explains the importance of telling the truth when science reporting.

    How do you balance fueling a capitalist society and safeguarding the Earth? Our panel tries to solve that seeming paradox. Al Gore tells us why in order to solve the climate crisis, we must first solve the democracy crisis. Learn more about the Paris Agreement from 2016. And, Chuck has an idea how to convince the current President to rejoin the agreement. Investigate how bad humans have made the Earth for other species. You’ll also investigate humanity’s general impact in the Anthropocene era.

  14. Diogenes

    Snow on Qld’s granite belt.
    The ice man cometh.

    Meh its happened before. – Even when we lived there.

    Mrs D had the Today show on this morning and there was a quick shot of old house. Doesn’t look like they have painted it since we sold it 12 years ago.

  15. Roger

    Snow in QLD to welcome Al!

  16. Mark M

    Six Feet Of Snow by Little Feat

  17. Jef

    Yes it’s global warming, that’s why it’s snowing , ho ho ho !

  18. duncanm

    On a related note, Flannery lying again

    TIM FLANNERY: Well, you know, we have to see. There may be an odd weather event that brings them up to 100 per cent again but by and large, the trend has been for greater evaporation, so less water actually getting into the dams, and less rainfall in southern and eastern Australia.

    bzzt – Sorry Tim, the data does not support your statement.

  19. duncanm

    Or maybe a time series for SE Australia will be clearer for dear Tim.

  20. duncanm

    Oops.. I forgot his other squealer on evaporation rates

  21. duncanm

    The Pan Evaporation numbers are interesting.

    Given that Pan Evaporation is greatest on hot, windy, dry, sunny days; and is greatly reduced when clouds block the sun and when air is cool, calm, and humid, one would expect that the global warmening that the BOM is so eager to show us with its temperature measurements data should be reflected directly in the Pan Evaporation rates.

    .. but they’re not.

    Yet more evidence the BOM is fudging its numbers unrealistically.

  22. Rob MW

    Hi there people, I’m an ABC/SMH/AGE platformed weathering service spokesperson which most of you started ignoring some 20 yrs ago. In that time I’ve mentioned record hot temperatures some 6,700 times (adjusted for 30 days annual leave or a no show) and somewhat cooler temperatures maybe twice over the same period simply because just about everyday the scientifically manipulated daily temperatures always are recorded as a record hot day.

    Just to put your ignorant lying eyes to rest, I’ve been assured that even though NSW, VIC and Southern Qld are in the middle of some sort of Vortex that record hot temperatures will be scientifically proven to be happening again for today.

    So my advice is to not too cocky, as long as it’s a record size doesn’t really matter, just because you got maybe 1 day in the past 20 yrs that you are able to turn your air-conditioners off.

    The science has settled quite nicely with the algorithms now matching the scientific adjustments, made by scientists in white coats and who perform kiddy tricks on TV.

    Thank you for your attention at seeing the truth. Alls good, don’t worry, we have everything under control here at the ABC/SMH/AGE community services service department where your worry is our worry, after PAYG & super of course.

  23. Dr Fred Lenin

    All these low temperatures over Australia are caused by the diminishingamout of co2 we are emtting ,by closing coal fired power stations , this year looks like being the coldest year on record . The proliferation of windmills is creating huge draughts and solar panels are extracting the heat from the sunlight .the problem needs urgent attention before catastrophe happens . The government needs to build a new coal fired power station in every state and close all wind and solar power companies forcing them by law to pay for the removal of the eyesores and damage they have done , and their disposal in a clean green manner .
    Now dont mock ,we have done extensive research on this catastrophe and have 1,345,675, 999 models proving we are right .,so fight global colding as hard as you can ,do it for your grandchildren ,reduce our debt thy ill ha o pay interest on forever.

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