The Guardian on the ‘Death Tax Lie”

The Guardian has a huge story on the ‘death tax lie’ from the last election.

Bottom line:

No one Guardian Australia has spoken to has argued that Labor lost the election because of the death tax falsehood.

No one inside the Labor campaign knows precisely how potent the misinformation was, or how many votes were lost, or whether the fake news can be separated from the central weakness of their own campaign: an unpopular leader, championing redistributive policies that a number of voters evidently didn’t understand.

What’s that you say? Unpopular leader? Policies people don’t understand?

Well – I think people understood  the policies all too well.

Then there is this:

Even if the ALP was inclined to make vociferous complaints, it cannot be holier than thou about aggressively negative campaigns, having spearheaded the “Mediscare” offensive in 2016, which in some respects was a prototype for what played out in 2019. As one Labor insider puts it, the death tax scare of 2019 was a “get square for Mediscare – and then some”.

Astonishingly the Guardian then go onto claim that there was some truth the the Mediscare campaign. But:

The claims circulating from the beginning of 2019 that Labor proposed to introduce a death tax or a pensioner tax or a retirement tax were lies.

It was misinformation: fake news, open and shut.

We’ll never know.

But there is one thing that we do know.



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36 Responses to The Guardian on the ‘Death Tax Lie”

  1. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    The same “death tax” that the ACTU was calling for?

  2. The Guardian is full of manure.
    For the “Death Tax” to be “fake news” you’d have to believe the ACTU has no clout in the ALP.
    The ALP policy platform was largely the McManus manifesto.
    The “Death Tax” is widely published ACTU policy.

  3. Crossie

    The claims circulating from the beginning of 2019 that Labor proposed to introduce a death tax or a pensioner tax or a retirement tax were lies.

    It was misinformation: fake news, open and shut.

    All self-funded retirees know that governments will seek to take from those that have something to take which means them. Younger voters and families are still in the process of acquiring wealth while retirees have completed that process.

    Taking from retirees will be excused on the grounds that they will still be looked after just as are pensioners but their wealth is required to sustain society, build infrastructure such as dams and power stations. Now, who could object to all that? And if you do you are selfish.

    This is not expected just from Labor, Liberals will will come calling too.

  4. Colonel Crispin Berka

    We’ll never know.

    We?? Who’s “we”, Kemosabe?
    Of course *you* will never know because you don’t want to know and so you do no research.
    This whole death taxes rumour came out many weeks before the election and at that time it didn’t take me more than 30 minutes of research to determine that it was a hoax, that there had been no announcement or stated plan by Labor to do any such thing, and I said so at the time.
    That wasn’t the only false innuendo circulating about Labor party policy, and when the rumour is found to be fake it only hurts the side inventing and propagating it. Or at least it’s supposed to, but the incredible pong of socialism in Labor was enough to drive the herd away from gang-green anyhow.

  5. Crossie

    In fact Liberals are already taking from pensioners and here is how. A pensioner is too frail to remain in her home so she sells it for the deposit to enter an aged care facility. Most of the pension is also taken by the aged care facility leaving a small fraction for personal expenses. The sweetener is that the deposit will be refunded to heirs when the resident dies.

    Recently the government allowed aged care facilities to charge more than the pension. So what does the resident do to make up the shortfall and have some money for personal expenses? The family can pay the gap or it will get deducted from the deposit plus interest when the resident dies.

    So if you have any assets the idea is to take as much as possible from you while in the same facility are residents who did not have any assets therefore did not need to lodge a deposit and still get to keep a portion of their pension.

    Bear in mind that good aged care facilities require deposits of between $500,000 and a million. From what I understand all aged care facilities are expected to take a certain percentage of residents without assets and no deposit.

  6. a happy little debunker

    The only SCARE campaign I heard (repeated, often and loudly) during the election – was a climate change scare & that was sponsored & supported by the Guardian, the ABC, the ALP, the Greens, Getup and some affiliated ‘Independents’ .

    That SCARE campaign shows no sign of letting up, with The Guardian actually doubling down on the hyperbole surrounding climate change.

  7. Eyrie

    The ACTU is the industrial wing of the ALP and had resolved that a death tax should happen so of course a death tax was ALP policy. It was just one they didn’t mention before the election. They were going to tax the bejesus out of everyone and everything so a death tax was completely believable.
    As for : “The claims circulating from the beginning of 2019 that Labor proposed to introduce a death tax or a pensioner tax or a retirement tax were lies.”
    Oh really? Any self funded retirees were going to be taxed 30% on retirement income from dividends. And some pensioners who didn’t make the cutoff date. Two out of three were announced as policy. The third was just a matter of time.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    Furthermore Shorten was generally seen as being the unions’ guy, unlike Tanya who is the progressives’ gal. So with the unions’ guy leading Labor into the election, and the unions pushing for an estate tax, it’s only the tiniest leap to expect them to legislate it.

  9. Crazyoldranga

    ‘Well – I think people the policies all too well.”

    This from a Professor no less.

    [Fixed that. Thank you. Sinc]

  10. C.L.

    All of the purported consequences of “climate change” – most especially the linkage to “extreme weather” – are lies. Yet Labor campaigns on those lies routinely, including at the last election.

  11. C.L.

    Julia has pointed out a typo, Sinclair.

  12. Eddystone

    But there is one thing that we do know.

    Trump is still President!

  13. Robbo

    The Guardian is nothing more than a cheer squad for the Labor Party so it is not surprising that they are prepared to lie on behalf of their comrades. A death tax is exactly the sort of thing that would be attractive to Labor with, of course, some sort of free from the tax ceiling to allegedly protect those with assets below a selected number. That would be how they would not attract the ire of many voters by selling the death tax as a tax on the rich. Of course they are denying that they intended to introduce a death tax because that is what Labor will always do, just like Gillard did in stating that no government she leads would introduce a carbon tax. It’s no wonder all sensible people know that the Labor Party is the Liars Party.

  14. Perth Trader

    The Labor Party’s 2019 election policy would have to be the laziest policy in Aust. election history. Increasing taxes and calling it ‘PROGRESSIVE’? , building electric cars and selling them at a discount, adding new expensive electricity into homes and business and banning new mines was a policy a child could think up. And it only excited child voters.

  15. Perth Trader

    Thinking up new ways or new taxes to increase Govt. revenue is just plain lazy. Aust. deserves more than lazy politics, it needs people with ideas to grow the GDP thats in private spending.

  16. David Brewer

    The confusion here is caused by the power of the word “lie”. We always like to accuse political opponents of lying, which for some reason sounds worse than breaking a promise, and much worse than changing a policy.

    Lying is consciously uttering a falsehood. So Julia was not lying. She could not be lying simply because her statement related to the future and was therefore not falsifiable.

    But it was the mother of all broken promises. A hot political issue that she attempted to kill stone dead in the middle of a tight election campaign with an absolute promise, delivered straight to camera with an air of total reassurance, as if the viewer would have to be an idiot not to believe her.

    Just remember the wording: “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. That blotted out every possible excuse for her subsequent actions, because it remained an operative promise even under the minority government she managed to form. Once she made that promise, she was in fact binding herself not to form a minority government with a party that was demanding a carbon tax as the price of its support. Yet that is exactly what she did, straight after the election.

    Julia’s broken “no carbon tax” promise was far worse than most politicians’ lies, some of which are even necessary to save lives. And on the whole, Labor in its last term racked up a dreadful record of breaking its promises – think of Rudd he’d stop “this reckless spending” and then going for the cash splash, the pink batts and the school halls etc., or Swan promising a budget surplus by 2012-13 about a thousand times and then never getting within a bull’s roar of one in that or any other year.

    So, sure it was a “lie” to say that the ALP proposed a death tax. But Labor’s record, and ACTU policy, made it a distinct possibility, and citizens are always wise to cast their vote on the basis of what they think politicians will actually do, irrespective of what they say they’ll do.

  17. Leigh Lowe

    championing redistributive policies that all lefty journalists a number of voters evidently didn’t understand.

  18. a happy little debunker

    She could not be lying

    You are right – she committed to a promise that she would not lead a government that implemented a carbon tax.

    She broke that promise & lead government that implemented a carbon tax.

    When Abbott was elected Labor were very quick to seize on his commitment to “no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS”.

    Especially when he didn’t actually implement cuts to education, or cuts to health, or changes to pensions, or change the GST and implemented no cuts to the ABC or SBS core budgets (but did expect an efficiency dividend, whilst correcting for Conroy’s red undies boondoggle tendering process failure).

    Let us not forget ABC’s Sarah Ferguson’s 2014 opening salvo on Hockey’s budget.

    Is it liberating for a politician to decide election promises don’t matter?

    That scrutiny was abjectly lacking from any examination of Gillard’s broken promise.

  19. Squirrel

    “4.4 Wealth transfer taxes

    A bequest tax would be an economically efficient way of raising revenue and would allow reductions in other, less efficient taxes. It would not affect saving decisions to fund an adequate standard of living in retirement. Saving decisions motivated by the desire to leave a bequest would be affected, but only to a limited extent.

    Given the controversial history of bequest taxation in Australia, the Review has not recommended the introduction of a bequest tax, but believes that there should be full community discussion and consultation on the options. Most OECD countries impose bequest taxes — either through taxes on the whole estate or individual inheritances”

    That is from the final report of the “Henry Review” -

    I reckon it would be fair to assume that anything in the report of that Review, or which could be extrapolated from any “principles” claimed to be embodied in the Review, would have been on the table for a Shorten Government, particularly if it had been elected with the sort of majority which the polls were long predicting.

  20. Natural Instinct

    Google search

    9. A Fair Share: Tax and Revenue – Final Policy…/actu…/actu…policy…policies/a-fair-share-tax-and-revenue
    A Fair Share: Tax and Revenue policy for ACTU Congress 2015. … detail, including, in addition to those addressed in this Policy, wealth and inheritance tax, the …

    Page Not Found
    Sorry, but the article you requested was not found, but please try following Links:

    Wayback machine anybody

    Further Policy Reform

    36. Congress affirms that the ACTU and affiliated unions will continue to engage with the Federal Government on taxation reform, including responding to the 2015 White Paper on the Reform of Australia’s Tax System.

    37. Congress recognises the need to consider tax policy areas in detail, including, in addition to those addressed in this Policy, wealth and inheritance tax, the taxation treatment of dividend imputation and franking credits, and measures to fund public infrastructures.

    38. Congress recognises the complex interactions between taxation and government transfer payments. Any tax reform must protect lower paid workers and welfare recipients from overall disadvantage.

    39. Congress recognises the need to consider the Robin Hood Tax, a specific Financial Transactions Tax/Tobin Tax, that ensures that the revenue raised is used for public services.

    40. Congress agrees to establish an ACTU tax working group to facilitate further discussion and make recommendations to the ACTU Executive on detailed tax and revenue policy proposals in line with the principles outlined in the Congress 2015 Taxation and Revenue Policy.

  21. Nob

    “Build dams and power stations”

    Good one. Joke of the day.

  22. Perth Trader

    Albo’s on a ‘listening tour’ ? , telling anyone who wants to hear , why labor lost the election.

  23. Texas Jack

    I’m 100% with Judith

    While you’re getting over it I’d like to know who actually bothers reading the Guardian anyway?

  24. Perth Trader

    No to getting over it…..we should all hold ‘them’ to account. We should let them know in loud voices we don’t believe in them or believe them.

  25. Percy Popinjay

    Not trying to claim any credit here, however, shortly after the mighty Waffles Turnbuckle debacle in 2016, I started frequently posting comments on the Oz* to the following effect – that labore, if ever elected and with the enthusiastic urging of the greenfilth, would impose the following taxes:

    – CGT on family homes
    – Death duties
    – Jacking up the age at which wallies could access “their” super (effectively a new tax)
    – more taxes on superannuation (again)
    – increased income taxes

    The rest they happily (and sensibly as we’ve since seen) incessantly bleated themselves, through an almighty braindead meeja megaphone.

    Never, ever forget, peoples – the next time labore are elected (and they will be) all of the above and more will be gifted upon you. In the name of “da fairness”, of course. Meanwhile, their ever enlarging syphilitic snouts will be mightily hoovering your trough, Venezuelan style.

    As the electorate will deserve, good and hard.

    *Before the staggeringly stupid nongs began to ban everything I tried to post, culminating in my cancelling of the subscription. Grate work cockheads, Rupe will be very pleased!

  26. Tel

    The Liberals were able to provide specific quotes, including names, dates and which publication.

    Even though the Guardian knew about that report, and linked to it in their article … they were surprisingly unable to refute ANY of those quotes. Not a single one. I think I know who is the liar in this scenario.

  27. iamok

    Let’s face it all pollies talk shit and pump up fear. Laborgreens are just worserer at it

  28. Tim Neilson

    that there had been no announcement or stated plan by Labor to do any such thing

    Well that’s it then. No need to look at the ACTU policies that have been referred to above and ask whether the ACTU might have had a teensy weensy influence on a Peanut Head government.

    Just like the Petrov scare – proved utterly false by Doc Evatt, when he got a written confirmation from the Soviet government that they weren’t spying on Australia. Case closed!

  29. Robber Baron

    Labor, Greens and independents like taxes (and debt) even more than the Coalition.

    I doubt any political party can go to an election with the policy of cutting taxes, reducing net debt therefore cutting spending. David Lejonhelm and Corey Bernardi proved this.

    We have a future of higher taxes and more debt. Death taxes are a certainty.

  30. Deplorable

    There was no “scare” campaign by the liberals other than the lack of good conservative policies whereas Sh*tten broadcast his destructive policies with the help of that goose Bowen . That was the scare campaign ,attack SMSF members but no other super funds, destroy retirees income, destruction of our electricity grid with ruinables, tax tax and more taxes to fund their insane socialist wants. That was the “scare” campaign and goose Bowen said to retirees don’t vote for labor if you don’t like his rip off policies. They didn’t.

  31. Tezza

    Surprising that Frydenberg’s quite neat press release mentions the Australia Institute but not the much more credible, serious and Labor-funded Grattan Institute. Grattan has for long been rooting for a death tax:

  32. W Hogg

    So, sure it was a “lie” to say that the ALP proposed a death tax. But Labor’s record, and ACTU policy, made it a distinct possibility, and citizens are always wise to cast their vote on the basis of what they think politicians will actually do, irrespective of what they say they’ll do.

    Except no one actually ever said that they proposed one. People said they WOULD bring in one CONTRARY to their stated platform, based on
    – ACTU platform being de facto binding
    – likelihood of GRN balance of power and their demands
    – analysis that their platform was hugely unfunded and would run out of money
    – support from Dr Professor Genius Andrew Leigh for one
    – consistency with their rhetoric

    Was their FakeNews? Yes, the new tax would have been on Da Rich and sliding scale, so some social meeja talk about suburban houses being taken off grieving widows at 40% was almost certainly FakeNews. At the margin. That’s what elections are – a month long battle of lies.

  33. Whalehunt fun

    Only a dribbling cretin would believe the leftist filth that are modern Labor would not introduce a death tax. The only fake about this news is that the intention was not disclosed by the lying lowlifes.
    Of course the term dribbling cretin is an abbreviation of the term Guardian Subscriber.

  34. Whalehunt fun

    I support the Grattan Institute’s position. I want a death tax. The only difference is I want it to apply to treasonous scum who support open borders, illegal immigration, wind turbines or who oppose coal. I think executing them and taking all their assets is an excellent idea and thank the Grattan Institute for bringing it up.

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