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So said Anthony Albanese yesterday:

John Setka does not belong in our party because of the views that he holds.

Interesting place the Australian Labor Party where you can be kicked out not because of what you do but rather because of what you think.

Imaging what the ALP might do if they could pass laws?  Oh hang on.  That’s right.  The Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act.  The proposed licencing of journalists.  The proposed enhancement of other Human Rights Act provisions to extend 18c type coverage to other suspect classes.  Support for university de-platformings.  Etc, etc, etc.

That’s right.  In the ALP thought crimes carry a greater punishment than actual crimes.

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  1. stackja

    ALP has a history regarding thought crimes.

  2. Shy Ted

    ALP has a history of all sorts of crimes.

  3. Up The Workers!

    I see in this morning’s Melbourne Morning Murdoch that Setka is grizzling about being the unfortunate victim of “…dirty ALP politics…”, having been given the ‘AnAl’ rush.

    Although The Italian Rapscallion, ‘AnAl’, may well have impugned the pristine, sensitive, delicate, fragile and precious sensibilities of this S.N.A.F. (Sensitive New-Aged “Fug”, with an ‘anti-violence-against-women ‘C.F.M.M.E.U. T-shirt to prove it), it is arguable that he is no stranger to dirty politics and dirty tactics himself – as with 61 or more criminal charges having been laid against him for various crimes of violence, it could possibly be fairly said that he may have an even longer criminal record than most Labor(sic) voters do – regardless of whether they are currently ensconced in Parliament or in Prison, or recently released from either one, or currently in one and awaiting their reassignment to the other.

    The dull-wattage Australian LIARS Party – many dull members, but never a dull moment!

  4. stackja

    A Albo past dealing:

    Alan Jones
    9 hrs ·
    In light of the Federal Police media raids last week- I want you to listen to this interview.

    Let me repeat.

    The media must be able to lawfully report on matters of public interest without fear or favour.

    There also must be protection for “whistleblowers” who are acting on the best interests of the public.

    I spoke this morning to Allan Kessing- who wrote two reports about major flaws at Sydney Airport in 2002.

    The reports were buried, but ended up being leaked to The Australian newspaper.

    Mr Kessing has always denied leaking the reports to The Australian but was prosecuted and given a nine-month suspended sentence for leaking documents.

    As a result of these reports becoming public- the Howard Government upgraded Sydney Airport security to the cost of $220 million.

    Rather than be hailed a hero- Mr Kessing was prosecuted and went broke fighting the charges.

    He should be pardoned immediately.

    But here is the critical point from the interview this morning:

    Alan: “Did you leak the reports to The Australian?”

    Kessing: “I did not.”

    Alan: “But you gave them to somebody?”

    Kessing: “I gave them to Anthony Albanese and his chief of staff (in 2005) when he was transport spokesman… and they spent an hour and a half going through them.”

    Alan: “And while you were before the courts did anyone come forward to say- Mr Kessing gave the reports to me?”

    Kessing: “They did not.”

    Alan: “But the Labor Party today are jumping up and down today saying we must protect whisteblowers. What protection did the Labor Party give to you?”

    Kessing: “None whatsoever. In fact- in the 2007 election Kevin Rudd mentioned me by name and promised there would be reform of the whistleblower laws and a pardon would be considered. Neither happened.”

    Alan: “Julia Gillard told me on air that these documents were offered to Mr Albanese and they were rejected. Is that true?”

    Kessing: “Totally untrue. They were taken away by his chief of staff.”

    Over to you, Anthony Albanese.

  5. Helen

    Can you be kicked out of the Liberal Party (aka refused membership, politely asked to leave) because of your views? If you support communism? Believe capitalism should be destroyed? What about Australia First? Kicked out if you support Chinese ownership of Australian business and land? Open immigration?

    You might ask why, if you hold those views, you would want to join those parties. Subversion from within?

    Most groups have rules or expectations about what views members should hold. If a group has a rule or policy on, as in this case, equality of men and women, then why not have the option to expel people who hold (and express) the opposite view?

  6. C.L.

    It tells you everything you need to know about the ALP that Setka’s previous call for his enemies’ children to be r-aped raised not an eyebrow in the party. Albanese certainly didn’t care. Setka is in trouble now only because he went after one of contemporary Australia’s luvvie untouchables, Mrs Batty, who is part of a cottage industry of advocates victims imbued by leftists with Absolute Moral Authority (to weaponise them against supposed conservatives). Funnily enough, he was actually right in condemning the pernicious, stupid view of men which she has been instrumental in popularising.

  7. stackja

    Shy Ted
    #3040705, posted on June 12, 2019 at 9:30 am
    ALP has a history of all sorts of crimes.

    And WW2 secrets passed to the Japs never explained.

  8. Indolent

    Rohan Dean on Credlin last night even suggested that perhaps the reason this was being pushed so hard was as a distraction from the disastrous Queensland budget.

    I’ve been saying for ages – telling the truth is now the greatest crime. Quite ironic that Setka can be brought undone by the least destructive and most reasonable thing he’s done in years.

  9. sabena

    As CL says,Setka does have a valid point to make in regard to Batty.Its just with his record,he’s a hopeless advocate for that point, due to his own conduct.
    Needless to say,none of any of Setka’s conduct,in particular the physical intimidation of people,apparently makes him unfit to be a member of the ALP-complete hypocrisy on the part of Albanese.

  10. dover_beach

    What did Setka actually say re Batty?

  11. I wonder how much of this is being used as a convenient excuse to disassociate Labor from the union and Setka in particular, who have been on the nose due to his and the unions antics for some time, as far as the public is concerned.

    Albo’s not admitting that the union is on the nose, but only its chief. So this leaves Albo squeaky clean, looking responsible and seeming to be in charge of a ‘new Labor’.

  12. Robbo

    People need to wake up and understand that the Labor Party is all for control of every Australian from cradle to grave. They want us to be reliant on them for everything from childcare, healthcare, education, employment and aged care. If you aren’t an obedient citizen then they will be able to remove your access to services and they will leave you to try and get by using whatever resources you have. Labor talks about freedom of speech and freedom of the media but they do so with their fingers crossed because they really do not believe in either as shown by their recent record of attempts to nobble both. We dodged a bullet on Election Day and it is to be hoped that the voters of Australia continue with that in future elections. The only thing that any Labor politician deserves to get from Australian citizens is contempt because they cannot be trusted or believed.

  13. Roger

    #3040753, posted on June 12, 2019 at 10:45 am

    The gist of that should have been in Morrison’s victory speech.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    So what is andrews future if albo removes his minder ? Will there be civil war amongst the left ? Ho will the gangrene gay militia support? Which side does di ntale favour? wll the cfmeu rebel aginst the albanians ?
    Will th b blooded ? Th Australian civil War may start soon n a street near you .

  15. Tony Tea

    And to think that “thin edge of the wedge” is a pejorative.

  16. sabena

    According to the Age he said “He told a meeting of his union’s national executive this week that the work of Ms Batty had led to men having few rights.”

  17. Up The Workers!

    The A.C.T.U. hasn’t supported “wukkas” for yonks.

    Fewer than 10% of private enterprise employees are now Union members.

    The A.C.T.U. mostly concerns itself with the rights of Q.W.E.R.T.Y.L.G.B.T.Q.I. S.S.M.A.L.P. (etc…).

    Many “wukkas” are (Shock! Horror!) middle-aged white-skinned males and are therefore likely to be seen as “the enemy” by the rabid Leftard loons running the A.C.T.U. these days

    It won’t be long before the total number of imaginary Leftard “genders” supported by the fact-phobic A.C.T.U., exceeds its’ total Union membership.

    Has the current A.C.T.U. Leadership named the date yet by which their criminal former National Senior Vice President, and former criminal Federal President of the A.L.P., Michael Williamson (recently released from prison) will have repaid every single cent – plus interest – on the $20 million he stole from the poor, ripped-off H.S.U. members?

    Oddly, I cannot recall a single instance in which a former Federal President of the Liberal Party has ever been imprisoned for having thieved $20 Million from the mouths of the lowest-paid Unionists in all Australia, so it looks like that is a disgraceful anti-unionist distinction which the Labor(sic) Party has all to itself.

    Perhaps the current A.L.P. and A.C.T.U. Leaderships might like to elaborate how they see their criminal former Federal President/Vice President’s actions as having been in the best interests of the suckers of Unionists whose cash he thieved and now couldn’t be bothered paying back?

  18. Terry

    “Has the current A.C.T.U. Leadership named the date yet by which their criminal former National Senior Vice President, and former criminal Federal President of the A.L.P., Michael Williamson (recently released from prison) will have repaid every single cent – plus interest – on the $20 million he stole from the poor, ripped-off H.S.U. members?”

    Yes, it is on the same date they (the ALP cartel) manage to deliver a Federal Budget surplus.

    Wow, that’s going to be some interest bill, even at today’s scant interest rates.

  19. Shy Ted

    Of course he should go. he’s not even a lesbian.

  20. Mique

    For once in my life I’m with Setka. There are many examples of infamous behaviour by this thug, but as far as I’m aware the only thing the ALP and its resident hypocrites have found unacceptable is a statement of indisputable fact that Ms Batty’s work has led to men having fewer rights.

    Trust the ALP to get it wrong every time.

  21. Cumborah Kid

    The modus operandi of the left never changes. It reminds me of a Polish persons observation during WWII; “The Germans shot you for who you were, and the Russians shot you for what you thought”

  22. billie

    “The proposed licencing of journalists.”

    ah, what’s wrong with that?

    most professions have methods of ensuring standards are upheld and people are accountable, why not the filth?

  23. Terry

    #3040935, posted on June 12, 2019 at 3:29 pm
    “The proposed licencing of journalists.”

    Must we keep debauching the word “Journalist” by continuing to use it as a description for what these people claim they are doing?

    In the main, these are ignorant, mal-educated, activist ideologues claiming moral superiority over topics and people they know nothing about, all while arguing for special protection/privileges that they routinely lobby to have denied to others.

    Whatever description you want to use for them, it is not “Journalist”, and the practices they engage in, it is not “Journalism”.

  24. The BigBlueCat

    Yes, let’s focus on what John Setka has actually done … charged 60-odd times by the police for violence and intimidation … once should be enough to see him removed from the ALP.

  25. candy

    Setka is using the Rosie Batty issue to deflect from his own criminality.

    Labor would be stupid to keep this man in his position. They simply can’t hope to win elections with Setka types intimidating them. Perhaps Albanese is afraid, and maybe physically afraid for himself or family.
    I think that is a real concern but he simply must stand up to the thugs.

  26. Phill

    This morning ABC radio was playing a strident interview with Christina Kenneally, demanding Setka resign. This evening, they were reporting that Setka’s claim that what was reported was never said, so why should he resign? He had the backing of others who were at the same meeting.
    All I can ask is why should anything this lot (the ALP) says be believed.
    If the alleged thoughtcrime actually happened, then I hope someone has a tape of it? Anyone?
    Some sort of internal power play perhaps?

  27. The Pugilist

    How come the term ‘social licence’ isn’t bandied about in relation to the CFMEU? By any measure, they have blatantly ignored the law on occasions to numerous to document. They should lose their ‘licence to operate’ The business community has sat back and accepted activists destroying the value in their businesses but unions don’t play by the same rules.

  28. egg_

    statement of indisputable fact that Ms Batty’s work has led to men having fewer rights.

    Which will do nothing to stop nutters like her ex.

  29. Up The Workers!

    Setka hasn’t been terminally AnAl’d from the A.L.P. – he has just been temporarily wiped.

    As Andrew Bolt keeps pointing out, it is the ‘seeming’, rather than the ‘doing’, which is important in the A.L.P.

    Setka probably deserves being shown the door for at least 61 separate reasons that spring immediately to mind – quite apart from his most recent Court appearance and charges of harassment of an unnamed woman – but instead, AnAl is merely ‘gristling’ him for appearances sake (you couldn’t honestly call it ‘boning’ him) for precisely the same reason that the best player in Rugby has just been booted out of his livelihood by the $800,000.00 p.a. Rugby Goth who has never played a rugby game in her life.

    Setka, just like Folau, committed the cardinal sin of daring to express an opinion (SHOCK! HORROR!) deemed to be politically incorrect (which may, or may not actually be factually 100% correct) on a topic deemed to be sacred dogma by the clue-phobic totalitarian Left.

    You can be accused first-hand of an act of vile, cowardly child-molestation and non-consensual horizontal-jogging and still be deemed a fit and proper person for AnAl the brothel-hoppers’ front bench – but if you dare to utter an adverse opinion against Rosie Batty – even IF it may just happen to be totally correct) you are sin-binned for Leftard totalitarian presstitute-appearances sake.

    AnAl botched his first big Leadership test on two grounds:

    Firstly he is only suspending – not expelling – Setka, because of the dire financial implications of a terminal expulsion. Setka’s Union has contributed many millions of dollars into the A.L.P. election coffers in recent years, and if you are going to trod forcefully on somebody else’s toes, you generally try very hard to trod on toes much smaller – not larger – than your own. Setka’s toes are not only HUGE (compared to the puny Marrickville brothel-hoppers’ toes), they are also encased in sturdy steel-capped boots.

    Secondly, AnAl chose absolutely the wrong grounds to discipline Setka on.

    With a mountain of reasons to justly base a complete sacking on, AnAl chose the only one that Setka was entirely innocent of any wrongdoing about. In a democratic society, John Setka, just like Israel Folau, has exactly the same right as anybody else to express his own personal opinion – even if totalitarian $800,000.00 p.a. Rugby Goths and freshly rubbed-and-tugged recidivist brothel-hoppers think otherwise for appearances sake.

  30. Up The Workers!

    “So said Anthony Albanese yesterday:

    John Setka does not belong in our party because of the views that he holds.

    Interesting place the Australian Labor Party where you can be kicked out not because of what you do but rather because of what you think.”

    Too true!

    “Finkin” is an activity so rarely indulged in, in the Labor(sic) Party these days, that it is now regarded as unacceptably deviant behaviour meriting the immediate suspension of those weirdos who are occasionally caught out when practising it.

    To paraphrase the late and unlamented Juliar Gillard: “There will be no “finkin” under the Labor(sic) Party AnAl the brothel-hopper leads.”

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