Indexed Real Consumer Electricity 1955 -2018

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This shows very clearly the escalation of prices after unreliable energy started to feed into the system after 2005.Jo Nova’s chart h/t teamv shows the unreliable effect very graphically.


Dr Faustus has posted significant comments on this situation, referring to two charts posted by helpful teamv. Read his comments in relation to the Jo Nova chart that is the basis for the one above and another that shows the volatility of the electricity market in the wake of the nonsense.


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6 Responses to Indexed Real Consumer Electricity 1955 -2018

  1. egg_

    That ’70s Show – when people had affordable ‘lectricity.

  2. Ubique

    And the effect on climate? Sea levels??
    …sound of crickets…

  3. gowest

    Now how about a comparison to the US under trump….

  4. rickw

    The Government can screw up virtually anything it endeavours to make better chart??

  5. Iampeter

    Still trying to white wash the Howard governments culpability in this mess because the numbers don’t spike immediately on introduction of their green policies?

    From Dr Faustus in the linked thread:

    Again, remember, every player on all sides of the game knows this. This is not accidental, or a ‘market failure’, it is operating exactly as designed and intended.

    But it was designed and implemented by the Australian conservative movement.
    Even though the disastrous consequences only started to be felt during the Labor government that followed.

    This would need to be addressed before conservatives can be taken seriously on this issue.
    And I don’t really see how it can be…

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