Peak alarmism. Are we there yet?

Apparently not.

The British Labour Party is discussing plans to bring in a 10-hour working week and slash pay by 75 per cent to tackle climate change.

On the upside, see Jo Nova on the demographic transition, illustrated by this video.

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18 Responses to Peak alarmism. Are we there yet?

  1. Craig

    Are we seeing socialism in action here?

  2. Shy Ted

    The public service has been doing that for years. I want to bring in the Paul Barry working week – 15 minutes for $200k.

  3. stackja

    UK floods might cut work hours to zero.

  4. egg_

    a 10-hour working week and slash pay by 75 per cent

    That will suit our imported third world workforce down to the ground.

  5. Indolent

    May seems to want to leave a lasting legacy (apparently demonising plastic is not enough for her). There’s an act before parliament in the U.K. now to go “carbon neutral” by 2050. Electric cars and all the other rubbish that we (thank God) at least delayed here.

  6. Indolent

    Oh, and don’t put any faith in Boris. He’s just as bad on climate change “action”.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    The British Empire is rapidly getting to the same place the Byzantine Empire got to in 1453 AD.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    The global communis fascist scum have infiltrated the institutions so badly they are unrecognsable ,as usual however they have overdone it ,too many commis spoil the plot .(I wrotr Soil nd thats true too). The US publicans ,conservtives and liberals here . Trump nd Farage are the way ot if thus ,the UK Brexit Party is the way to go ,purge politics of career pollies and lawyerssalso unin gangsters and put oeople in charge who actualy know h to do things ,imagine the personal officer of Coles in charge of the public service they would enfirce efficiency and half the emloyees would be surplus to requirements . Imagine the weeping and wailng from the gangrenes and laftoids as the lost their cushy employment ,dole numbers woukd soar but thats cheaper than the present . We have to change poltics forever put the boot in to the global crims .

  9. RobK

    I wonder what the average work-week hours are in Venezuela.

  10. Interesting, in the days of the horse and plough, people ostensibly worked six days a week and 12 hours a day at least. I’m not sure what production is possible if the entire populace works only 10 hours a week. But as least they’ll be as poor as the peasants of old.

  11. Indolent

    But as least they’ll be as poor as the peasants of old.

    Exactly what is intended.

  12. John Constantine

    Degrowth and rewilding and deindustrialisation and decolonialisation are the memes Stalin set out to overthrow the West with.

    The monster is dead, but the maggots still crawl.


  13. Howard Hill

    I wonder what the average work-week hours are in Venezuela.

    I heard dumpster diving was one of the better paying jobs, comes with plenty of overtime as well :~)

  14. Bruce in WA

    What’s the problem? I mean, the govt will also enforce a 75% reduction in the cost of goods and services … won’t it?

  15. Dr Fred Lenin

    How many people will be employed in the empty shops? Will the communists borrow to maintain their lifestyle f=due to the lack of tax revenue ,the confiscated wealth having been spent and no more left to steal ?

  16. nb

    Leftists and statists outdo the other with ever crazier proposals.
    The academic sewer has broken, spilling out sludge bubbling away for a generation.
    Why now? How far can the stench rise?

  17. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bruce ,what goods would those be ,if no one works where would the goods ome from ? Cargo cult planes delivering non existant wealth from nowheresville ? The left is a religous cult ,pie in the sky when you die .

  18. Mark M

    Super-fun green job: Imagine taking a long squeegee and cleaning off solar panels, by hand, 40 hours a week for a few years …

    UN Climate Change Annual Report Demonstrates Growing Climate Action

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