Andrew Norton on the intricacies of university funding

The only classical liberal in Carlton surfaced in Sydney at the Friedman Conference. He maintains a blog with occasional reports on higher education and his last two posts have some interesting statistics. Like any area where the factors in play are complex it is easy to form impressions that are wide of the mark and I won’t attempt any serious commentary (not my area). Anyone interested in the sector can learn a lot from Andrew because he has been close to it for a long time since he left the Centre for Independent Studies where he edited the Policy quarterly.

He moved to the Grattan Institute and they are not likely to be listed among our fellow travellers any time soon!

Anyway, enjoy Andrew’s recent pieces on the difference between the ALP and Coalition policies on university funding and the effect of “free” university education introduced by Gough Whitlam.

And for a bonus, on the theme of Melbourne suburbs, here is the only sane person who barracks for Collingwood.

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1 Response to Andrew Norton on the intricacies of university funding

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I got another begging letter from my old university this week.
    You can donate to us before 30 June and get a tax deduction!
    Wow. They think we’re thick.

    It’s ironic they started this sort of thing just about the same time as they went political.
    I filed it immediately in the recycling bin.
    Which is better than it deserved.

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