Australian RE surge out of step with the world

Jo Nova reports that the rest of the world is backing off the rush to unreliable energy as the developing nations press on to supply their huddled masses with clean and reliable hydrocarbon-based power.

The annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy has been released. Global demand for energy is speeding up again — mainly thanks to China, India and the US. Tellingly, all fuels — coal, oil, gas, nukes and hydro — grew faster than their ten year averages, but not renewables. So the momentum has shifted back to fossil fuels, especially gas which was up a remarkable 5.3%, one of the fastest rates of growth in the last 40 years. Coal grew at 1.4% — twice as fast as the average for the last decade. Coal still supplies 27% of the total energy mix.

Meanwhile global warming is slowing the loss of glaciers. Staff at the Glacier National Park in the US are removing the signs reading Gone by 2020.

More from the Global Warming Policy Forum including the story “Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota Halts Sales Of Fuel Cell Cars.”

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7 Responses to Australian RE surge out of step with the world

  1. DaveR

    And yesterday as news of the socialist Qld government approval for the Adani development came through, the snowflakes at channel 7 rationalised the queensland peoples support for coal as being due to “not having any renewable projects in the area which would create jobs”.

    Not the slightest understanding that the queensland electors overwhelmingly rejected the ALP and Greens and their heavily subsidised wind and solar policies.

  2. pbw

    Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota Halts Sales Of Fuel Cell Cars.

    Hydrogen-based vehicles. What could go wrong?

  3. Mark M


    6 months to go …

    2017: “HUMANITY must put carbon dioxide emissions on a downward slope by 2020 to have a realistic shot at capping global warming at well under two degrees Celsius, the bedrock goal of the Paris climate accord, experts said Wednesday.

    With 1.0 degree Celsius of warming so far, ice sheets that could lift oceans by a dozen metres are melting more quickly, coral reefs are dying from heat stress, and ever more damaging storm surges are hammering coastal communities.

    A number of benchmarks should be met by 2020, according to the commentary.

    Renewable energy — mainly wind and solar — must make up at least 30 per cent of the world’s electricity supply, it said.”

  4. Mark M

    And, the story of Horvath’s Hydrogen Fairlane …

    “Brisbane’s City Plaza was buzzing as the revolutionary vehicle was unveiled on July 14, 1980.

    It might have looked like any other 1974 Ford Fairlane, but Horvath insisted that under the green bonnet was a device which could turn water into hydrogen via a controlled, thermonuclear reaction.

    Conventional wisdom was that you needed to surround such a reaction with tonnes of concrete shielding, but Horvath’s V8 emitted less radiation than a colour TV.

    Or so he said.

    Queensland Rail even selected a diesel-electric locomotive for conversion to hydrogen power and Horvath announced plans to convert the Howard coal-fired power station, near Maryborough.”

  5. Herodotus

    The May edition of AgJournal – published by the Herald & Weekly Times – carries a full page ad on the back page by BHP.
    It has a large picture of two little kids playing o a beach, with a backdrop of windmills!
    I recall an old joke about sending the kids out to “play on the level railway crossing”, and this may be the modern equivalent.
    Send the kids to play where low frequency noise might induce involuntary bowel movements, or at least nausea. Imagine them seeing birds sliced and falling from the sky. The blades in the picture actually have red tips!
    Then there’s the message: “Australian copper is helping create a sustainable future.”
    Hello! BHP! Our future is in danger of being wrecked by the embrace of wind and solar instead of the proven coal, real hydro, and nuclear. You are not doing Australia any favours with this stance.
    “BHP is proud to provide the copper that’s helping create a cleaner world.”
    No. Quite a few companies might be “cleaning up” financially, but the world is no cleaner for the proliferation of wind and solar.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Herodotus ,you are correct about the carpetbaggers cleaning up,with he climate scam,a comprehensive list of all those profiting from tha scam should be widely broadcast ,so we know who to punish when the wheels fall off it.

  7. Win

    UCCR unreliable climate controlled Energy .

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