Muddy’s Catictionary: The Banana Round

Apathygasm. noun. The 2 out of 10 euphoria one feels at the climax of mediocrity-triggered stimulation. Often accompanied by the self-talk: ‘It’s the best I can hope for, so I may as well be content with it.’ Occasionally abbreviated to: “Meh. Woooo!”

Having not paid much attention to Catallaxy the past few months, the best I can do for the expansion of the catalexicon this time around, is the bitchy, cynical contribution from yours truly above.

Please list any ORIGINAL words by Cats or Kittehs I have missed. The usual constraints apply: No abbreviations, try to avoid anything that will date quickly, and please include a definition.

Wax on, wax off.

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36 Responses to Muddy’s Catictionary: The Banana Round

  1. Tim Neilson

    Not sure whether this has been put up before.

    “Existence Pod” – cheap, cramped shoddy unit of accommodation of which voting towers are comprised, in order to provide ‘housing’ for mass voteherds.

    [As best I recall, this term was devised by Percy Popinjay. Apologies if I’ve got the attribution wrong.]

  2. Shy Ted

    Boastenegger – a person who boasts to Arnold Schwarzenegger he’s going to be the next PM of Australia.

  3. Megan

    Wokemon points – accumulated by simply playing in any round of the I’m Fully Woke Games. Points are awarded on a sliding scale depending on the level of victimology the participants are becoming woke to.

  4. IainC

    Smollettov Cocktail – an inevitably queasy and head-spinning blend of ingredients, whose worthiness is evident only to its maker, chosen according to taste: essence of fabrication, tincture of unbelievable story, squeeze of blindingly obvious evidence trail, dash of totally incompetent accomplices, large splash of corrupt city investigation, and so on. Stirred and shaken in the imagination only. Must contain no spirit (of truth, enquiry, evidence, etc).
    Presunctuous – an oily blowhard, often encountered at parties, who immediately assumes you share all his leftist prejudices and ingratiates himself by listing them off to gain your approval.
    Polltergeist – a vindictive and spiteful gremlin, found hidden in the darkest recesses of surveys, which spookily twists responses away from the true result so as to cause maximum shock and hand-wringing after an election.

  5. Muddy

    Definition please, Nob?

    Collared shirt, closed-in shoes, and a definition. Otherwise – no entry. Need to be stricter to keep out the riff-raff.

  6. Nob

    I figured if it it needs definition, it doesn’t work.

    : Ghoulish enthusiast for euthanasia.

  7. Nob

    The First Booer War: aggressive campaign waged by AFL on its fans.

  8. IainC

    Same sox marriage – said of a couple who are so close, they even start to wear the same underclothes.

  9. Shy Ted

    I’d like Battycide to be in there. A suicidal career move by criticising contemptible, I mean, heroic women.

  10. Herodotus

    The union movement is staring down the barrel of a setkaback.

  11. Muddy

    Shy Ted
    #3044879, posted on June 17, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    I’d like Battycide to be in there. A suicidal career move by criticising contemptible, I mean, heroic women.

    *Muddy sharply inhales through his teeth*
    I’ll think about that one, Shy Ted. I’m aware that Sinc’s position as a reader of entrails … I mean, economist, receives scrutiny because of The Cat, so I’ll weigh up the options. I have no problem using people’s names (a Flannery being a unit of water, for example), but in certain contexts, caution may regrettably be more advisable. This is a tough one.

  12. egg_

    Schadenboner is a beauty.
    Coined by Empire IIRC.

  13. Muddy

    Setkaback is awesome.
    Can you provide more of a definition please, Herodotus?

  14. egg_



    Putting the Fug into Fugly.

  15. Muddy

    Definitions please people. Even if you are informing of someone else’s brilliance.
    Thank you.

  16. egg_

    Taking really, REALLY immense delight in the misfortune of some loathesome person-like creature. Well beyond garden-variety schadenfreude, a case of schadenboner lasting beyond four hours means the tumescent owner must seek medical attention.

  17. Not sure if this was included;

    Lycracide – The mistaken belief from a cyclist that their 120kg fully loaded bike has a greater right of way than a truck weighing 42 tonnes.

  18. Muddy

    Sorry, Egg. The word is ineligible if it originated elsewhere. Even if it can be proven that Empire created it, we’re into purity and fluffy marshmallows here in the catalexigraphic universe. Which is a shame, as I like the word.

  19. egg_

    Wankle – a bunch of lefties in a circle jerk – viz: The Couch Collective on Insiders.

  20. Viva

    Victoria and Albo Museum

    Where the left gets stuffed and safely locked away in display cases.

  21. Arky

    Fingerwang. Any ABC employee who gets their fingers caught in a domestic appliance.
    This might not get too much usage.

  22. Nighthawk the Elder

    #3044700, posted on June 17, 2019 at 2:12 pm
    Wokemon points – accumulated by simply playing in any round of the I’m Fully Woke Games. Points are awarded on a sliding scale depending on the level of victimology the participants are becoming woke to.

    Wokemon made me think of a Wokeman – an older style personal audio device who’s sole purpose is to play to the wearer on a continuous loop; socially justice aware, gender appropriate and politically correct messaging, thus improving said wearer’s overall Wokeness Quotient.

    Wokeness Quotient – The SI unit of Woke.

  23. Muddy

    Wokeness Quotient – The SI unit of Woke.

    Dude, I am so woke, I body slammed a snowman cuz it was the colour of hate!

    So how do we measure wokeness? What is the unit of wokeness called? And the scale of wokeness is from where to where?

  24. Danoz


    Love it. Maybe especially when a bunch of lefties in a circle jerk try to pull the other leg

  25. Danoz


    A dumb leftard bint whose sole reason for being is a supercilious lecturing of others but doesn’t even have the nous to work out the most obvious outcome of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object

  26. Nighthawk the Elder

    Muddy, perhaps we can call the unit of Wokeness a “Gillette”. It could be measured in the rate of white male tears per hour, applying correction factors for saltiness in said tears of course.

    Climate Wokeness is a special case and could be measured in units of “Zali”, with a scale of the number of wind turbines per lineal metre of pristine foreshore.

  27. mh

    Woke ing Class Man

    Someone who for personal gain leverages a period of their life living in a working class town, but left those circumstances several decades earlier. Think Michael Moore.

  28. Herodotus

    A setkaback: where the urge to do the right thing meets the reality of losing financial kickbacks.

  29. Herodotus

    Windfoil: a bucket of money gained by selling useless wind farms to useful idiots.

  30. Muddy

    Another decent batch, folks, and I particularly appreciate the definitions. Thanks.

  31. Tom

    From Egg on last night’s Q&A fred:


    More specific than fauxboriginal, any white carpetbagger appropriating Aboriginal identity.

    Ash Barty is an albinoriginal, though not obviously for profit. It just seems to be a desire among millenials to be woke — a fashionable form of mental illness.

  32. Shy Ted

    Testicless. The man who gives up too easily chasing the ladies. Lots of alternatives I suppose, trannie F-M, trannie M-F, man who refuses to go on a cruise when asked by lady – might not be fun but Cat readers need the laughs.

  33. Shy Ted

    Ginventor – Abbariginal lady who reckons indigenous people invented farming, mining, astronomy, economics and so on.

  34. Shy Ted

    Likewise, Ginvention. Something the blackfellas invented eons ago.

  35. egg_

    CSIREN – Australia’s Chief Alarmists (AKA: CSIRO)

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