Wind Watch in winter weather

Interesting to see the wind down to about 5% of plated capacity last night, picking up to 25% at the peak of demand this evening, that is 2GW that provides about 7% of the total demand at dinnertime>.

Consider the plated capacity of windpower required to replace a couple of Gigs at Liddell if it gets down to 5% at peak demand periods. Just sayin.

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  1. braddles

    On Saturday night wind (and solar) dropped to 0.9 % of demand at 6:30 pm. Lowest I have seen.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Thanks braddles, do you recall what that was in terms of plated capacity?
    Probably about 3%. The previous lowest that I know about was 3.7%.

  3. yackman

    WIN channels in Vic NE are carrying a high level advertising of Generac branded generators for home installation as backup and have been for about a year.
    Until now there has not been advertising to the public in this way so they are exploiting the fear in the community among those who are aware
    We have been looking at options for some time and LPG IC generators appeal because of ease of fuel storage though LPG is expensive.

  4. yackman

    Note also the article on Wattclarity re Loy Yang 2 outage which may run into next summer. The crunch may be sooner rather than later.

  5. MikeO

    Try 11 May 2017 for three hours on that day there was nothing in fact it was slightly in the negative. If you take 4 GW of wind power stations Hawk snowy Mountains 2.0 to it to bring stability you get 22% of the plate capacity. That is less than 1 GW. Without any storage to bring stability capacity factor was 30% in 2017. Energy storage reduces the overall amount of energy you are going to get. The capital cost to produce 1 GW of stable power from wind is north of $14 billion.

  6. MikeO

    Hawk??? use speech recognition I coughed

  7. teamv

    Here is a few examples of low output in 2017:

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Rafe ,t stands to reason that if 100 windmills produce no power when it is calm ,100,00 will produce much more power inbthose conditions . And if 20,000 solar panels produce no power at might,two million will produce more , globalist gaiaism at work .

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