What if we stopped apologizing?

Why Donald Trump is the nemesis of the left.

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11 Responses to What if we stopped apologizing?

  1. Say what you mean and mean what you say, and never apologise.

  2. Tom

    Great clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight because it reinforces the simple truth that political correctness is LANGUAGE FASCISM, wielded by FASCISTS whose only motivation is the personal thrill of holding power over other people.

    PC is all about power. The moment you stop apologising to the self-appointed language fascists is the moment their power over you disappears.

  3. JohnA

    Or, as the original Mary Poppins said:
    “Mr Banks, let me make one thing clear: I never explain anything!”

  4. Humorist

    I love the joke. Americans pretending that they have a sense of humour. Te
    he fact that Carlson is the straight man is even funnier

  5. Old School Conservative

    A great link; thanks Rafe.
    As Adam Carolla was explaining his point about never apologise, I could see Paul Murray doing exactly what Adam was demonstrating. Hands in the air, apologising for having a position, and destroying his following argument for having ceded ground up front.

  6. mem

    When every public meeting and now even websites start off by acknowledging xyz original peoples you are already on the back foot and beholden to the PC rubbish. It is sheer tokenism and an insult to Aboriginal people.

  7. Slim Cognito

    I went to the opening of a new business recently on the 10th floor of a building. I nearly spat out my beer when the speeches were commenced with a “welcome to country”. I am sure that the space the office occupied had never been visited by the indigenies prior to the western civilisation building it.

  8. Helen

    Tom, ‘never apologise’ is all about power. It justifies exerting yourself over others to their detriment, and then ridiculing them if they complain. Takes me back to the days when men could say appalling things to and about women, and if you objected, it was ‘only joking, you frigid types don’t have a sense of humour’. Actually, PC or not, I’m not sure much has changed.

  9. a happy little debunker

    I will not apologise, for having nothing to apologise about, but I do regret that some people feel they should!

  10. Slim

    Or you could see it as a up yours to the aboriginal industry basically saying thanks for the land what you going to do about it?

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