Windwatch 19 June

What wind? Under 10% capacity all day and down to 3.7% right now 4.30pm.

Interesting. Still enough real power available to keep the prices down surprisingly. At 26GW Still well short of the peak demand that is likely to be 30GW.

Solar providing about 7% of demand and falling like a stone approaching 5, at the peak this will be zip and if the wind does not revive the contribution of unreliables will be effectively zero at dinner time.

What was that about 45% renewable energy?

At 5pm the prices have taken off in SA, Vic and Tas.

Meanwhile in Great Britain there is an official energy emergency and all available talent must be recruited to energy research!

A team of experts from the University of Exeter’s Energy Policy Group has analysed gender balance within the crucial field of energy research and spoken to female researchers about their experiences of academic life. The study, launched today (14th June 2019), sets out how research funders and universities can ensure female talent and expertise is mobilised in transforming our energy systems.

The report is particularly timely as the UK parliament declares a climate emergency and the government commits to legislate for a 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target. It is clear that energy research needs to harness 100 per cent of available talent in order to meet the challenge of rapidly decarbonising energy systems.

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9 Responses to Windwatch 19 June

  1. stackja

    Turbines not turning.

  2. Beachcomber

    A team of experts from the University of Exeter’s Energy Policy Group …………

    Universities have become the rat enemies of Western Civilization, relentlessly gnawing away at its foundations. If only Western governments would de-fund all universities. Most of them would then shut down and society would be much better off without them.

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    If the present number of renewable facilities are not provinding enough power to replace coal the answer is more renewable facilities to not replace coal ,this is socialist logic . 1000 windmills will oroduce the same amount of power as 100,000 when its calm with no wind . These gangrene experts are just so clever ,’its breathtaking innit?

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Beachcomber defunding all socialist institutions would be the death of socialism .

  5. classical_hero

    The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

  6. JohnA

    stackja #3046689, posted on June 19, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Turbines not turning

    Certainly not within the “brains trust” in the UK Cabinet.

  7. teamv

    Meanwhile we have Angus Taylor flapping his lips but not changing anything.

    his address had three main themes

    1) the government has subsidies in place for low-emission energy and does not intend to expand these with additional renewable energy subsidies

    2) reaffirm the government’s recognition that subsidies to high-cost, low-reliability wind and solar energy had undermined Australia’s energy affordability and the economy at large

    3) confirmed that the government did not intend to add to its Paris commitments by adopting the ALP-Greens proposals of even greater reductions to emissions levels than have been already agreed.

  8. Rex Mango

    Was watching the Data Dashboard and SA was at $330 at 7.05pm, then when it clicked over to 7.10pm prices stabilised back to the $110 mark. Must be everyone cooking dinner.

  9. Jim Simpson

    Published April 2019 “Dumb Energy” by retired US physicist Norman Rogers. A critique of Wind & Solar Energy. Good read.
    Ask you local library for a copy, not only for you, but for hopefully others to borrow & learn from too. Executive summary courtesy Dave Sussman at Whisky Politics on YouTube here – Also entertaining commentary in advance of interview with Norman Rogers from around the 9m:40s mark.
    You will not be disappointed.

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