What wind? Again. The birds strike back and New York goes all in for unreliable energy

Wind still off duty. Under 12% capacity all day. Unreliables contributing 2% of demand at the evening peak. You can see why the International Energy Authority is predicting that wind and sun will provide 3 or 4% of the world’s energy in 2040. And the cost of that?

The birds strike back. An “avian incident” takes a massive Californian solar farm off line. Pricey little unit as well! Mostly taxpayers money so who cares? The legacy of Obama, healing the earth.

The plant covers 2000 acres (8km2) was built in 2013 at an estimated cost of $1.6b using a $1.2b loan from taxpayers through the DoE. It makes about 550 GWh a year at times that may or may not suit Californians. No doubt readers here will help out comparing the output of an equivalent coal plant built at a similar cost. Imagine if a flock of birds (or just one) put a coal plant out of action for nearly a month?

It’s just another reminder that complexity costs. More infrastructure spread over more area means more potential points of failure. On the plus side, the bird incident obviously didn’t affect generation for half the time this month. (Nighttime).

New York’s Climate and Community Protection Act 2019.

a. executive order no. 24 (2009), establishing a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the year 2050, creating a climate action council, and calling for preparation of a climate action plan;

b. chapter 433 of the laws of 2009, establishing a state energy planning board and requiring the board to adopt a state energy plan;

c. chapter 388 of the laws of 2011, directing the department of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations limiting emissions of carbon dioxide by newly constructed major generating facilities;

d. the adoption of a state energy plan establishing clean energy goals for the year 2030 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emission levels by 40% from 1990 levels, producing 70% of electricity from renewable sources, increasing energy efficiency from 2012 levels by 23% and the additional expressed goal of reducing 100% of the electricity sector’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2040;

e. collaboration with other states on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the development of a regional low carbon fuel standard;

f. creation of new offices and task forces to address climate change, including the New York state office of climate change, the renewable energy task force, and the sea level rise task force; and g. the enactment of the Community Risk and Resiliency Act (CRRA), which requires agencies to consider sea level rise and other climate-related events when implementing certain state programs.

This legislation will build upon these past developments by creating a comprehensive regulatory program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that corresponds with the targets established in executive order no. 24, the state energy plan, and USGCRP and IPCC projections.

But don’t mention the power prices.

New York’s plan to put the state’s last coal-fired power plants out of business hasn’t even been approved yet and electricity is already trading like they’re shut.

The price of power in 2021 in New York City and other regions surged more than 30 percent beginning in May. The only major difference between then and now: a pending state rule to limit power-plant emissions that was designed to eliminate coal-burning power plants by the end of 2020.

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13 Responses to What wind? Again. The birds strike back and New York goes all in for unreliable energy

  1. stackja

    California no cars, no horses, no food, and blackouts. Meanwhile India and China have coal fired power.

  2. stackja

    NYC blackout of 1977 forgotten?

  3. Herodotus

    What can one say that hasn’t already been said about the lunacy of our world right now?
    All you can do is fight fire with fire. Leftoid memes get trotted out day after day, year after year, and all too often via the national broadcaster and/or the copious ranks of leftist commercial media operatives.
    Reading comments sections (some here) here or in leading newspapers, there’s a signal being sent by the left that the repetition hurts them.
    The comments read along the lines of “oh,no – not more of that repetitive negativism about climate/power/gender/pc/the senate”. It can morph into a conspiracy theory that News Ltd or IPA are waging a campaign. Not the readers, not the voters.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    New York’s Climate and Community Protection Act 2019.

    They are bonkers. This is how bonkers they are. They have been rejecting permission to build a gas pipeline to the place for years. They shut down their coal fired power stations. Then last year they ran out of electricity. So, in a panic, they imported liquefied gas from the far east of Russia in the face of sanctions, to keep the lights on. All the while howling about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.

    So instead of a pipeline bringing in gas from the Marcellus Shale a few hundred miles away they expensively ship the stuff in liquid form from half the world away.

    We’re the same. It’d probably be cheaper to go to Japan and buy Australian liquefied LNG then ship it back to Australia than it would be to buy locally on the spot market. That’s because all the state governments have banned or severely restricted gas development. At the same time they’ve all gone apeshit building wind turbines and solar panels to placate Gaia, all of which need lots and lots of gas to balance the daily electricity generation curves.

    We are so screwed it isn’t funny.

  5. Lilliana

    It must be some sort of mass mental disorder.

    We are busy sabotaging our own economy with renewables while countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia are building coal fired generators – and the MSM says nothing. It is the same atmosphere FFS!!!

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Stackja,maybe India and China might be sending food aid to fifth world California in memory of the Hollywood they used to like the films from ,nostalgia is a wonderfull thing . Suicidal tendencies can be reversed however ,maybe there are a few Americans still living there who can correct the socialist fascist globalist disease , deprivation of taxpayers money works extremely well .

  7. Muddy

    Sir Elton John was way ahead in recognising this cognitive immolation with his song “Candle in the Wind.”

  8. Mark M

    The Hillary elites are insane. The end is nigh unless you give us all your money …

    Lord Mayor Clover Moore calls on City of Sydney to declare climate emergency


  9. BoyfromTottenham

    Fear is a very powerful motivator. Fear of the end of the earth due to a trace gas that is essential for life is totally irrational. Who will save the fearful from the end of the earth – the Left, by building symbolic but useless wind and solar temples, and demolishing evil coal temples? If you are afraid enough, you will say “Yes!”. I think this sums up the Politics of the West today. But for President Trump, who is the archetypal hero of the book that Ayn Rand never wrote – “USA 1984”. Who do we have in Australia that can fight this fear?

  10. Tom

    Clover Moore is off her rocker, but junk like her “climate emergency” says something about the inner-city Greenfilth zombies who keep electing her and swallowing such hysterical propaganda, supported by government “scientists” — activists employed by BOM, CSIRO, etc — who are fully signed up the methodology of abusing their authority to create an artificial need for their services by doctoring temperature records that corroborate their doomsday message.

    Climate propaganda designed to scare children is nothing more than child abuse. But it will be years before we even start documenting the psychological damage, nightmares, etc, being done to kids by such hysteria.

  11. BoyfromTottenham

    Tom, unfortunately it is clear from the results of the recent federal election that many adults now believe the climate propaganda of the Left. Almost 50% of voters supported the ALP and Greens, despite (or maybe because of?) the extreme policies that they were proposing to impose on us by legislation. Likewise the UK looks like signing its own economic death warrant from fear of CO2. I am afraid that it is much worse than you think. Clover Moore is not “off her rocker”, she has been (or she is pretending to be) gripped by an irrational climate fear created by two or three decades of relentless propaganda about the supposed future effects of an evil, powerful invisible gas, misleadingly called “carbon” by the Left, as apparently have millions of others. The question is – how can we counter this propaganda? And who will lead the counter-propaganda effort when as you say many of our own institutions are culpable?

  12. yarpos

    “a pending state rule to limit power-plant emissions that was designed to eliminate coal-burning power plants by the end of 2020.”

    You have to assume that if these idiots think this will work, that NY State is interconnected to States with excess power (they can play word games if its coal powered) or they have a plan to provide other gas/diesel generation (they can play word games that this is soooooo much better than coal).

    In Australia we have seen that exact same stupidity in South Australia. They have some of the most expensive power in the first world, jobs destroyed, but ohhhhh the virtue!

  13. Lilliana

    It’s the in thing for lord mayors to declare climate emergencies. The local lord mayor did the same thing a week ago. It seems to have been decided on a national lord mayor basis – at one of their national soirees that I have the displeasure of having to fund.

    All pointless virtue signalling. In my neck of the woods we are busy replacing our selves with new arrivals who could not give a shit about the “climate emergency”. All the new arrivals want to do is make a truck load of money – they don’t care about our history, aesthetics, town planning, our laws, our culture, communities, zip.

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