Open Forum: June 22, 2019

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  1. zyconoclast

    Surprise surprise

    President Trump to hold off on deportation raids for two weeks

    President Donald Trump said on Saturday he will delay plans for a mass deportation of undocumented immigrants for two weeks so that he can negotiate with members of congress — a move that was quickly applauded by Democrats.

  2. Imagine companies full of legions of weirdo monty’s being ordered around by legions of You go Grrrrrl HR women and managers.

    As usual with you 26, your hatred of women is strong. Women having power over you is your nightmare, isn’t it? There there.

  3. zyconoclast

    ‘Germany has a terrorism problem,’ foreign minister says

    Germany should have a weekly protest against right-wing extremism similar to “Fridays for Future,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said. He claimed that far too often, Germans turn a blind eye to right-wing terrorism.

  4. zyconoclast

    Researchers at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce found that if applicants were admitted to America’s top 200 colleges based on their SAT scores alone, more than half of the enrolled students would have to give up their spot.

    The study, titled “SAT-Only Admission: How Would It Change College Campuses?” also found:

    The share of White students would rise from 66% to 75%
    The combined share of Black and Latino students would decrease from 19% to 11% and the share of Asian students would fall slightly, from 11% to 10%
    Test-only admissions would raise the median SAT score from 1250 to 1320

  5. zyconoclast

    UK Outlaws Gender Stereotypes In Advertisements

    Featuring advertisements with gender stereotypes to sell products is outlawed in the United Kingdom as of last week.

    “Our evidence shows how harmful gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for all of us, ” said Guy Parker, chief executive of the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). “Put simply, we found that some portrayals in ads can, over time, play a part in limiting people’s potential. It’s in the interests of women and men, our economy and society that advertisers steer clear of these outdated portrayals, and we’re pleased with how the industry has already begun to respond.”

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