Monday Funnies

Who knew.  Regular private jet flier and beneficiary of 1MDB monies, Leonardo DiCaprio, has a foundation.  With the creative title of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

In 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio established his foundation with the mission of protecting the world’s last wild places. LDF implements solutions that help restore balance to threatened ecosystems, ensuring the long-term health and well-being of all Earth’s inhabitants. Since that time the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) has worked on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our day.

The LDF has a facebook page and a song.  How exciting.

But while free funny is one thing, paid funny is another.  You see:

New UTS-led research for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation offers a roadmap for meeting – and surpassing – the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement, showing that we can solve the global climate crisis with currently available technologies and natural climate solutions.

UTS being the University of Technology Sydney which is located …. across the road from the ABC’s intergalactic headquarters in Ultimo Sydney.

Fell free to learn for yourself.  Just be sure to register.

It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it. (Upton Sinclair)

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8 Responses to Monday Funnies

  1. stackja

    UTS disconnected from the grid?

  2. BoyfromTottenham

    UTS – the best research that money can …

  3. Mark M

    UTS: “Runaway [doomsday global warming] that threatened every person on Earth has been avoided.

    Huzzah! /sarc off

  4. max

    Global warming did it again:

    Parts of the country chilled below zero overnight on Friday, including -8.9C at Glen Innes Airport in the New England area of NSW.
    Elsewhere in the state it dipped to just -4.6 at Narrabri and Dubbo, according the Bureau of Meteorology.

    The cold snap will continue to grip the nation, with day and night temperatures looking to be colder than any time in the past several years, according to Weatherzone.
    Winds are set to lash the country, with some parts chilling through their lowest temperatures in decades.
    SA, NT, QLD, NSW a bit nippy for early winter
    Parts of Australia’s south, centre and east are enduring a run of unseasonably cold days and nights – and we haven’t even reached the coldest part of winter.
    Frost has already become widespread and temperatures have been dropping 7 to 11 degrees below average, Weatherzone reported.

    Coldest day on record
    At a freezing -3.8C, South Australia’s grape-growing region of Coonawarra on Saturday observed its coldest day in 37 years.
    The town is expected to extend its chilly run of mornings dipping below -2C to at least -5C, a feat which has not been experienced in the area in 47 years.
    And winter has only just begun.
    It’s the coldest in 12 years at nearby Mt Gambier, which was a chilling -2.2C on Saturday.
    Record 12-year lows were also observed on Saturday in Queensland, with Birdsville and St George freezing down to 0.5C and -2.9C respectively.
    It was an eight-year-record in Moree, NSW, at -3.8C; while it was an 0.8C in SA’s Coober Pedy, and -3.8C at Naracoorte.

  5. billie

    some guy who does dress up and make believe for a job, sets up a foundation

    so what?

  6. Griffo

    -5.4C in Trentham, Victoria this morning.

    As I always say, it’s lucky we’ve got global warming, otherwise it’d be really cold.

  7. bollux

    What form of propulsion does his yacht use? He leases a 453 foot yacht from a struggling Arab sheik to make his case for saving the world. It’s called Topaz. Look it up. It could carry 500 in comfort, but guess what.. you won’t be asked. F…ing hypocrite.

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