PM Morrison. Mediocrity morphs into malevolence

I think that the issue has had enough oxygen.

Is it true that this is the way our Prime Minister thinks about freedom of faith and speech? Maybe. This was his reaction last week.

So this is the man who some of us thought might bring back decency into politics.

Oh well, it could be worse. William Shorten could be PM. I wonder what he would have said?

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26 Responses to PM Morrison. Mediocrity morphs into malevolence

  1. feelthebern

    Climate Change?
    I think that the issue has had enough oxygen.

  2. Beachcomber

    We can look forward to a lot of disappointments over the next three years. Keeping the seats warm for Labor-Green.

  3. HP

    He’s a politician. Why on God’s green Urf would you look to a politician to bring decency to anything?

    Politicians will be and do what will get themselves (re)elected.

    If politicians aren’t decent, the problem isn’t the politicians.
    They are just the symptom of something much worse.

  4. Graham

    Morrison’s gutless response certainly suggests he is going to go to water over the idea of a religious freedom Act.

  5. Chris M

    Morrisons reaction mirrors the pathetic public statement of the Hillsong pastor (who appeared not to fully grasp Christian doctrine 101).

  6. Roger

    Meanwhile, Morrison has wasted political capital by actively facilitating the repatriation of children of terrorists from Syria.

    Even Anne Aly said today she hoped the children had been assessed for how they have been impacted by their parents’ radicalism or they could have trouble settling into Australian life.

    I fear that assessment has not been undertaken, but will be left until they arrive in Australia.

  7. Iva Right

    Didn’t take long for Morrison’s backbone to expire. Notice he left announcing bringing the terrorists kids back to Australia until after the election dust settled And yet South African farmers who are being raped and killed are totally ignored by our government while the middle eastern country shoppers who will never ever contribute continue to be brought in.

  8. stackja

    Scomo is insensitive.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    Morrison was asked for comment on the Folau GFM thing today:

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison, told reporters in Perth he thought the Folau issue “has had enough oxygen”.

    A spine, a spine, my kingdom for a spine!

  10. Dr Fred Lenin

    Leopards ,spots ? What else do you expect from career dropkicks ? Just look at bernardi eager to to get back in the trough with the other polllieswine .

  11. The BigBlueCat

    What ScoMo should have said is:

    “Like LGBTIQ+ Australians, Israel Folau is free to express himself however he wishes if what he is saying is lawful”

    and left it at that. He needs to neither attack not defend what Israel Folau has posted, but make it crystal clear that unless Folau has broken the law, Folau’s detractors should just STFU!

  12. None

    I have been warning about scomo since he was opposition spokesman for immigration. He is a nothing burger hope he has never stood for anything in his entire life. Remember that SloMo got sacked by the board from tourism Australia. How can you f****** a job like to Tourism Australia?

    But wasn’t this also a telling bit in that article Rafe linked to:

    Hillsong pastor Brian Houston has reportedly deleted a Twitter comment, where he also criticised Folau’s social media comments.

    Houston Tweeted that Folau’s “way is not the right way”, after the Wallabies star doubled down on his hateful, harmful rhetoric by sharing a meme that informed the masses that hell awaits “drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters.”

    Yeah man can’t have any threat to the Hillsong franchise. This is not a surprise to me at all. I forgot to check which franchise slow mos church belongs to but don’t be afraid of pulling them up for throwing their own fellow Christian to the lions.

  13. None

    I’m sorry blue cat but I never want to see the word lawful in the same sentence as ‘being free to say whatever he likes’. The only limit to free speech should be defamation and incitement to violence and we have had defamation laws for years and incitement to violence laws in our criminal code 4 years.

  14. Muddy

    Apathygasm. noun. The 2 out of 10 euphoria one feels at the climax of mediocrity-triggered stimulation. Often accompanied by the self-talk: ‘It’s the best I can hope for, so I may as well be content with it.’ Occasionally abbreviated to: “Meh. Woooo!”

  15. None

    Oh if only Bill Leak was still alive he’d have a cracker of a cartoon tomorrow. I wonder if johannus will have a crack anyway.

  16. egg_

    I think that the issue has had enough oxygen.

    Says a professional windbag.

  17. None

    Would it be nice if Tony Abbott pennef a piace about freedom of speech tomorrow. That should keep the psychos off Izzy’s back for a few days. In the meantime repeat after me. Priests buggering boys is bad. Teaching boys buggery in schools is good.

  18. Roger

    He needs to neither attack not defend what Israel Folau has posted, but make it crystal clear that unless Folau has broken the law, Folau’s detractors should just STFU!

    Best to moderate your expectations of Morrison so as to avoid future disappointment, BBCat.

  19. Scott Osmond

    Morrison is as weak as piss. I saw what he would be like after the Christchurch shooting. He effectively excepted the claim that the shooter was of the right. He touched his toes and took it. How could anyone expect such a weak sister to fight for anything? Which is why I didn’t vote for his party. They still went before Labor and Greenfilth though.

  20. C.L.

    Did I not warn people over and over again that Morrison would be no better than Shorten?
    Better to have wiped out the Liberals in a bloody landslide.
    I was right.

  21. Infidel Tiger

    Morrisons reaction mirrors the pathetic public statement of the Hillsong pastor (who appeared not to fully grasp Christian doctrine 101).

    Hillsong is to Christianity as sand is to lubricant.

    Tony Robbins with terrible music.

  22. PeteD

    It looks from the link to be a comment two months old, before the election…

    Probably under instructions not to scare the horses. While Shorten overplayed it as usual.

  23. Very disappointing effort from the PM really. However, even more worrying is GoFundMe’s total discrimination. What an outrageous bunch of hypocrites! While mouthing the word inclusive, they blatantly discriminate. Where is the leftist lame duck anti discrimination board. Oh, I forgot, that’s only for a select few and most assuredly not for Christians. What a miserable country we have degenerated into.

  24. Iampeter

    Thinking in terms of “freedom of faith” is like thinking in terms of “womens rights” or “LGQBT rights.”
    It’s the thinking of an SJW.

    And for the record, firing someone, having a contract dispute, etc, can NEVER violate any of your freedoms.

    But anyway, I don’t want to derail your LARPing threads as you guys pretend to discuss politics.

  25. Jonesy

    As posted elsewhere, GFM is not to be trusted to be impartial with any conservative excercise. Peter Ridd and Isreal Falou are opposite ends coming from the same direction, one is science vs leftist dogma, one is religious belief vs leftist dogma. PM Morrison may have squibbed on a critical point in history!

    PM Morrison may have been thinking leftist dogma against Falou may have had enough oxygen…I hope this is the PM’s belief.

  26. Faye

    PM Morrison at the moment is a wild card. Not sure how he will react. If he shows any left tendencies, he won’t last. After winning the election on conservative values and after the last four years of Liberal Party mayhem courtesy of the socialists within, it should be a no-brainer for him as to how he should lead.

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