Windwatch 25 June

A giant step up in the performance of wind this evening. Delivering at 25% of plated capacity it is providing 1.7GW that represents 5% of the demand at dinnertime.

Someone calculate the cost of the batteries required to store power for this situation.

The answer is in the comments!

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5 Responses to Windwatch 25 June

  1. Ben

    The cost doesn’t matter, haven’t you heard?

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    Will SA be big enough to store the batteries needed to supply existing amount of power ? We coukd re name SA the Exide State perhaps ? Wherare we going to re settle the people exiled to make room for the batteries ? Will elongated musk make a profit out of this plan? So many questions . this raises

  3. Dr Fred Lenin

    What is the cost of not doing it ? Shortens pllitical career ?

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    The Tesla megabattery in South Oz cost US$66 million apparently. It provides up to 129 MWh.

    Nemwatch says Australia is consuming 33.839 GW right now. So one hour of battery coverage would cost 33839 / 129 x 66 /0.69 = $25.09 billion Aussie.

    To keep Australia going overnight, until the sun comes up, it would take maybe 14 hours of coverage. That would be $351 billion.

    As batteries need to be replaced every 8 years we be paying $44 billion a year on average, just for batteries, which is about $1,750 per person per year, ie much more than our current electricity bills. Just for the batteries.

    And if we need two days of coverage you can more than triple that.

    That $44 billion would buy about 15 GW of brand new coal power plants. They last for 50 years. So just over two years of battery costs would see us in electricity for half a century with coal fired HELE plants.

    I favour unicorn treadmills. They’d probably be cheaper than renewables.

  5. MACK

    To give you an idea, Bill Gates says “All the batteries on Earth store only 10 minutes of the world’s electricity needs”. That was a few years ago, but the situation hasn’t changed.

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