The Currency Lad: Jane Fonda Meets Leo Wanker

Body Hack documentary-maker Todd Sampson appeared on The Project last night to promote the latest instalment in a series that has purported to examine how humanity – really, Sampson himself – copes in trying places and situations. The newest episode sees him in the Gaza Strip, whose population, he argues, is “under siege.” First reviews from Waleed Aly and Lisa Wilkinson were adulatory. Which is a red flag in its own right.

Sampson claims that initially he went to Gaza to spend time with “first responders” (the dumb new term for medics) but a helpful local “fixer” unexpectedly invited him to the weekly “protest” where he is shocked by the gas canisters and gunfire. He and his crew dutifully record all that the “protesters” endure after Friday prayers. Sampson’s remarkably accommodating stringer then arranges for him to attend a hospital where thousands of gun-shot wounds are treated every year, many of those children’s. He watches and is permitted to film the most bloody and harrowing surgeries (including amputations). In addition to being one of the vainglorious ‘how does he do it? moments that are a staple in the Sampson oeuvre (he sees himself as the Keith Richards of self-administered distress), the segment serves as golden propaganda for the Palestinian ‘authorities’ behind the scenes.

But the most troubling stunt was Sampson’s secret night-time meeting with members of the exterminationist terror group, Islamic Jihad – whose honesty Sampson praised on The Project. The goofy commando footage and verbal exchanges show the lads were putting on a show of – I guess – force. The sequencing is everything: Israel shoots brave protesters, brave protesters lose their legs, Islamic Jihad (upper or lower case) is the result. Sampson expresses amazement that he was allowed to stay in Gaza for three weeks when the average Joe is lucky to be allowed in for three days. Indeed. The Palestinians were exceedingly, strangely generous. And their ability to arrange an amiable get-together with murderers was also above and beyond. Steve Price asked Sampson whether he was still “not picking sides” – as, apparently, he claimed he wouldn’t do at the outset. “Ah, I – I feel incredible empathy for the people of Palestine,” he replied. For the Gazans, then, another well-curated production.

UPDATE: Sampson lamely claims to be receiving Jewish “death threats.”

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  1. Roger

    Todd Sampson…QANTAS Board member iirc.

  2. stackja

    Outrageous Acts of Danger (2017– )
    User Reviews

    Not worth the time
    lumania6 July 2017
    Watched the first three to give it a chance, but it was pretty boring. The whole show was like an attempt to take one science experiment and make a Mythbusters type episode out of it. But, even the Mythbusters had problems with taking too much time explaining how they got around simple problems. The episodes were mostly fluff to build a sense of suspense which it horribly fails at. The primary failure is the star who isn’t very engaging or particularly entertaining. A show with not much going for it.

  3. Lilliana

    I find Todd ‘look at me – I’m the smartest guy in the room’ Sampson so annoying that I can no longer watch anything he’s in.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Sampson happily hung out with devil worshipping cannibals. This would have been a breeze.

  5. lotocoti

    An image search of Gaza resorts argues the residents aren’t under a siege-siege.
    (h/t Whoopie Goldberg.)

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    He mention the ongoing kite and balloon arson attacks by Gazans on Israel? Or the rocket attacks against civilian targets, which is an actual war crime? Or the attack tunnels?

    The Gazans could end all this overnight and they’d be awash in development aid. Kushner’s plan for rewarding Palestinian recognition of Israel includes US$50 billion of aid. The Palestinians rejected the offer out of hand.

    Take the Palestinians’ No” for an answer (WSJ, 24 Jun)

    This isn’t the first time the Palestinians have said no. At a summit brokered by President Clinton in 2000, Israel offered them full statehood on territory that included roughly 92% of the West Bank and all of Gaza, along with a capital in Jerusalem. The Palestinian Authority rejected that offer, leading Israel to up it to 97% of the West Bank in 2001. Again, the answer was no. An even further-reaching offer in 2008 was rejected out of hand. And when President Obama pressured Israel into a 10-month settlement freeze in 2009 to renew negotiations, the Palestinians refused to come to the table.

    After so many rejections, one might conclude that the Palestinian Authority’s leaders simply aren’t interested in peace. Had they accepted any of the peace offers, they would have immediately received the rarest of all geopolitical prizes: a new country, with full international recognition. To be sure, in each proposal they found something not quite to their liking. But the Palestinians are perhaps the only national independence movement in the modern era that has ever rejected a genuine offer of internationally recognized statehood, even if it falls short of all the territory the movement had sought.

    It sounds to me like Todd Sampson and the ABC are egging them on. How much blood and misery will the ABC abet for their political causes?

  7. Suburban Boy

    CL, that headline is one for the ages.

  8. Real Deal

    While not agreeing with everything Louis Theroux does; he at least has done this kind of thing with a nuance and panache that Sampson can never approach. As someone said above, he is a Qantas Board member. You can imagine him holding court in board meetings with Joyce et al nodding sagely at this whiney seppo’s woke wisdom.

  9. Real Deal

    Sampson happily hung out with devil worshipping cannibals. This would have been a breeze.

    They mustn’t like the taste of woke advertising blow-hards. Who could blame them.

  10. None

    Ah Pallywood. Gets the suckers in every time. He probably didn’t meet the brave Palestinians have been trying to resist Hamas and getting disappeared.

  11. notafan

    How many shooting victims in Gaza are shot by their own

    I guess not many of them make it to hospital alive

    They should use of of their many ambulances instead of dragging them through the streets behind motor cycles

  12. Lee

    Todd Sampson?
    Who cares what another far-lefty thinks.

  13. Lee

    Did Sampson mention anything about the local terrorists hiding behind their women and children, or in hospitals, schools, etc., like the utterly bankrupt moral cowards they are?

  14. C.L.

    The biggest risk to Sampson’s life was being shot for PR purposes by the Gazans.
    If that was a risk he was prepared to take, fine.
    Endangering his crew, however, was a dog act.

  15. cuckoo

    Todd Sampson is the kind of guy who gives preening smug narcissistic poseurs a bad name. He makes Peter Fitzsimons look like a diffident, self-deprecating wallflower. I hope his next body hack involves firing himself out of a cannon.

  16. Whalehunt fun

    Mossadegh does not do death THREATS. Few people live long enough to realise Mossad are a threat. That is why I admire them so very much. They do not day. They do.

  17. Whalehunt fun

    Mossad does not do death THREATS. Few people live long enough to realise Mossad are a threat. That is why I admire them so very much. They do not say. They do.

  18. nb

    I look forward to Mohammad Aly’s review of the Venezuela edition. Or the edition examining the lives of Cuban dissident families, or the lives of Cambodians who lost vast cohorts of family during the 1970s. Or, perhaps, the lives of the Uighurs.
    Oh, what, none planned? Who’d’a thunk it?

  19. nb

    I look forward to Mohommad Aly’s response to the edition on Venezuela, or the families of dissidents in Cuba, or surviving family members of the dead in Cambodia.
    What? None planned? Who’d’a thunk it?

  20. nb

    Oh, or the Uighurs in China.

  21. Mr Shorten wanted to give the Gazans $500 million of Australian self funded retiree’s dividend withholding tax refunds.

  22. one old bruce

    Good to see the Lad back in full.

    Was it Australian born James Wolfensohn who spent millions of his own money buying the profitable Gaza hydroponics businesses as a gift to the Pallies when Gaza was handed back to them on a plate? Which, IIR they promptly destroyed?

  23. the not very bright Marcus

    “Studies have shown ” ( insert whatever bullshit argument I am trying to mount) Sampson was full of crap on Gruen … hasn’t got any better

  24. one old bruce

    OK I checked, and it’s more complex. Apparently some were destroyed by the owners before leaving and others were ‘looted’ by the new arrivals. But guess who was skewered for ‘spreading the lie’ that the Pallies did it and can’t be trusted, none other than Hillary Clinton according to a 2014 pro-Pallie apologist I found on google. I mean if you can trust the word of Hillary Clinton (/sarc) … (shrug)

  25. one old bruce

    Did Sampson go to the Egypt border for comparison?

  26. Squirrel

    It says so much about what’s gone wrong with Straya that a network which used to be – unashamedly – the home of the Winnie Blues demographic is now running this sort of stuff.

    Get on with privatising the ABC and they can run these sorts of shows for the people who might actually want to watch it, and TEN can get back to entertaining those who’d rather be enjoying themselves with pretend sex and violence shows.

  27. Shy Ted

    I’d love to see a Todd Sampson Body Hack where ISIS are doing the hacking.

  28. Leo G

    He said he received a message earlier just hours before appearing on The Project, which he said read: ‘You curse Israel … you will continue to suffer the rathe (sic) soon”.


    rathe —adjective
    Growing, blooming, or ripening early in the year or season.

    Not a very serious death threat. Not like hearsay about a kangaroo culling program with a reference to a shooter’s licence.

  29. ozcryptian

    ‘We do not take political sides on Body Hack’… but… insert… total bullshit pro-Palestinian Jihadi propaganda. No mention of the fiscal rewards to martyr’s family, no mention of the rewards for butchering of Israeli families, nor the Hamas indiscriminate rockets in the hundreds each year, nor that the scores of thousands of ‘refugees’ are there by Hamas/PLA design, nor the billions in ‘aid’ that simply ‘disappears’ and could have resolved said ‘refugees’ plight a hundred times over already… the list goes on and on!

    Being on The Project should have been red-flag enough… Sampson being on the board of multiple ‘virtue-signalling’ corporates like QANTAS should have been next.

  30. egg_

    Sampson oeuvre (he sees himself as the Keith Richards of self-administered distress)

    More than a few seconds of Sampson is self-administered distress.

  31. Ronaldo

    I suggest a sequel with Alan Joyce as his cameraman

  32. NuThink

    The promos for this episode had Samson (without Delilah) saying (paraphrased) “There is no doubt that the Palestinians are working and living on the edge”.
    It was not explained what edge? Edge of the desert? Edge of the sea as on the beach? Edge of sanity? What edge? Just ambit claims. No doubt!

    Todd could have taken to trip to the city of Rawabi.
    or asked tripAdvior
    Maybe Todd was staying in the above hotel but forgot.
    All this paid for by foreigners as long as the locals can claim to be oppressed victims. No interest in dealing with reality of Israel, why work (29% unemployment) if others will pay you sit down and smoking money.

  33. Robbo

    Tanked in the ratings last night…

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