Live blogging the Democrat first debate

On reflection: The interesting part was how the non-debate was centred on mini-responses to non-issues. Not just dull, but no substance. Superficial. None of them seemed to have any serious grip on any issue. None of them could beat PDT. Trump tweeted “boring” in the middle of the debate. Quite agree.


Watching from New York in real time.

Healh care. Watching the sequence of one minute replies to questions. Slick, polished and madness end to end. Fascinating and fascile. Wild cheering for each of the most extreme statements. The more extreme the statement, the wilder the applause. Each answer seems to push each subsequent candidate farther along.

And now an ad break!

Now undocumented children held in detention. Booker begins in Spanish. Open borders – “not to criminalise desperation”. More Spanish. The more open borders types are criticising the less open borders. “should no longer be a crime to illegally cross the border.” “A path to citizenship”. “There are terrorists at Guantanamo who have better health care” than those illegal immigrants. “We cannot sacrifice our values.” “We welcome refugees into our state.”

Iran. “Need to renegotiate to get back to an Obama-type deal.” “It was a good deal for that moment.” “No war with Iran.” All seem to agree that Obama’s agreement was imperfect but “Trump needs to get back into the deal.”

Another ad.

Guns. Gun activism. Is there a role for the federal government? But first there is a technical problem from the control room so we are off to another set of ads. A very long break.

Now back to guns. Sen Warren leads off. 100s of millions of guns out there, she’s asked. “How you gonna keep us safe, ask so many children, “a national health emergency. We need to find out what will really work. We need to treat it as a serious research problem. A public health emergency.” Sen Booker: “I hear gunshots in my neighbourhood…. This is an emergency…. This is not policy; this is personal.” Julian Castro: “Worst day is worrying about your child in school…. We are getting closer to common sense gun reform.” De Blasio: “Need trauma-based care in our schools.”

Taking our guns away. Beto O’Rourke: Waffle. Klobuchar: Waffle. No one states they will ban guns. Booker: “Licence should be needed to buy a gun.” Brings in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Nomination v Mitch McConnell. De Blasio: “I have been raising a black son and therefore understands how to have a conversation with their children. Supreme Court nomination is part of this. Sen Warren: I have a plan to deal with Mitch McConnell. Waffle, waffle, waffle. Congressman Delaney: “We ned real solutions etc etc. Sen Booker: Waffle waffle.

Climate change. Jay Inslee: Last chance for an admin to do anything about it…. I will make it the top priority. Lead the world. Beto: “Must bring everyone in.” Mobilise trillions! Julian Castro: I am the only candidate with executive experience. First act, recommit to Paris. Australia mentioned in the question – one party was rejected over climate. Tim Ryan: “We are not connecting to the working people…. None responsive to the question. ?? said: Put a price on carbon and give the money back to the people.s-Am

Gay marriage. Tulsi Gabbard: “There are still people facing discrimination etc. Booker: “We don’t talk enough about trans-Americans.”

Minorities. Klubochar. Waffle. Castro: Wants equality.

Protecting citizens of other countries – genocide. Beto – yes act. Must deal with others overseas. De Blasio: “I know the cost of war.” We must have Congressional approval. Tim Ryan: The lesson I have learned is “you must stay engaged.” “These flare ups are distracting us.” Tulsi Gabbard: “We have to bring our troops home from Afghanistan.” Ryan: If the US is not engaged, the Taliban will grow. Gabbard disagrees. Ryan: We cannot withdraw from the world.

Biggest threat. Biggest applause line: “Donald Trump”. Others: China, climate change, Russia (more applause).

Mueller: Beto: If we allow Trump to get away with the involvement of a foreign country in our country, then we are lost. Impeachment now.

Prosecution Trump for crimes after leaving office. This president who is lawless should be prosecuted. But this is not the issue Americans care about. Klobuchar: need to do something.

More ads.

Closing statements – 45 seconds each.

John Delaney. Need real solutions – not impossible promises.

De Blasio. I’ve seen poverty and wants to do something about it. Wants to do to the country what he has done to New York111

???: A unified national mission.

Cong. Ryan. Heal a divided community. Homelessness, coming together. You will not be forgotten.

Tulsi Gabbard. For the people not for the rich and powerful. Clean air, water.

Julian Castro. Starts with Spanish.

Amy Klobuchar. I listen. I can beat Donald Trump (no applause). Will govern for you.

Cory Booker. I take on tough fights and have won. Need to show who we are.

Beto: For the children. Need a new approach.

Elizabeth Warren. We can make our country work for everyone.

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41 Responses to Live blogging the Democrat first debate

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    And now an ad break

    All hail the troll master!

    Trump campaign shells out on YouTube ad to draw more views than Democratic debate

    To draw attention away from Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign bought out YouTube’s “masthead,” the leading advertisement on its homepage, according to a report in Vox.

    Trump’s advertising push on YouTube is seen as an attempt to bring the attention back to his campaign, even while he travels to Japan for the G-20 summit and follows the debate remotely.

    So as the Dem fruit salad argue with each other Trump is responding in the ad breaks…

    And if Goolag bans Trump’s ad buy it makes headlines next day, thereby blowing the Dem debate right off the front pages. Welcome to Catch 22 Google kiddies…

  2. Mrs B

    LizzyW not answering the question.

  3. JohnJJJ

    Gee , they are so earnest. Trying so hard to out-empathise each other with the look of heartfelt concern. Clowns.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    A huge group therapy session , seems like,an absolute mine of interest to psychiatists and mental healthworkers ,/I can hear them saying “I thought I had seen it all in this affliction but this group would make sigmund freud do a rethink . Strangely few of these people are on medication ,dont know why .

  5. Roger

    It’s like visiting an asylum.

    Trump looking good for 2020.

  6. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    My liver is already moaning…. she kanut taik mooch moar kiptin

  7. JohnL

    How many lost souls are in the audience?

  8. Fisky

    Question for Dem candidates – would you be willing to rule out taking any donations from the Koch brothers?

  9. How on earth can anyone stand watching that crap?

  10. Percy Popinjay

    “We don’t talk enough about trans-Americans.”

    The sheer stupidity, sanctimony and total lack of self awareness of these pathetic barking mad losers, summarised in just seven words.

    Beyond parody.

  11. Percy Popinjay

    LizzyW not answering the question

    I’m 1/512 Native American. Pow Wow Chow!

  12. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Walk-in borders have always been such a great success.
    Ask the Ancient Romans about that.

  13. Zatara

    Lets not forget, this was just act 1.

    They have another busload of fresh clowns to star in Dem Circus act 2 tomorrow.

  14. feelthebern

    They have another busload of fresh clowns to star in Dem Circus act 2 tomorrow.

    The Yang Man is on tomorrow.
    Tulsi today, Yang tomorrow.

  15. stackja

    PP – Trans America was air line?

  16. Dr Fred Lenin

    One minute answers are away beyond the mental capacity of failed lawyer career politicians,socialists and barmaids ,never use 10 words when 655 will do. Trump would convety a real message in one minute .

  17. W Hogg

    Put a price on carbon and give the money back to the people.

    That is my “carbon” policy too. Put a proice on caaaarbin and then give it back to the people. Raise $50bn from carbon taxes, at $100/t (“leading the world”). Proportionately reduce the income tax rate. That would prove that carbon pricing is something the govt genuinely believes to be a reform that will optimise resource allocation, rather than a greedy cash grab.

    Regrettably, I don’t think they are going to do that. They seem to plan to give it to different people.

  18. Russell

    American Dems are absolutely captured by the entertainment industry – you know – the smoke and mirrors brigade. Hard to have a serious conversation with just one actor who knows all the tricks but totally impossible when there’s a room full of them. Look at me , look at me … good grief.

  19. Here’s a succinct explanation of every Democrat policy:

  20. Tom

    And so the entire loony-left Democratic Party field backs itself off an electoral cliff, leaving the way clear for Sleepy Joe — who has zero chance of winning! Trump can’t believe his luck — he lost interest after two cursory tweets.

    En route to the G20 in Osaka, he’s more interested in tackling Narendra Modi about India’s
    anti-American tariff regime.

  21. Leo G

    Slick, polished and madness end to end. Fascinating and fascile.

    Is that fascile meaning like fasces- a “bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting”- or should it be facile- “proceeding with ease, but easily influenced and superficial”?

  22. Tim Neilson

    Is that fascile meaning like fasces- a “bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade projecting”

    Actually very apposite for the totalitarians of the left.

  23. J.H.

    They all agreed to not criticize each other and only attack Trump…. This isn’t a debate, it’s a mass agreement of nodding empty heads.

    The Dems are beyond pathetic.

  24. NuThink

    [ˈfasʌɪl, ˈfasɪl]
    ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.
    “facile generalizations”
    simplistic · superficial · oversimple · oversimplified · schematic · [More]
    (of a person) having a superficial or simplistic knowledge or approach.
    “a man of facile and shallow intellect”
    (especially of success in sport) easily achieved; effortless.
    “a facile seven-lengths victory”
    effortless · easy · undemanding · unexacting · painless · trouble-free · [More]

  25. Tel

    I’ve been listening to some of the recent Tulsi Gabbard speeches, and I like her anti-war stance but she dodges a lot on other issues. If anyone tries to pin her down she get quite evasive and starts giving out vague generalizations. Maybe there’s no other way … the whole thing is based around “gotcha” questions, intended to deliver bland candidates. She’s smarter than Cory Booker, less hypocritical than Bernie Sanders, more honest than Elizabeth Warren, and nowhere near as crooked as Hillary Clinton.

    She refuses to be called either a “socialist” or a “capitalist”, thus tying to be the teflon enigma when it suits her. It’s like, “Don’t talk about this anymore, get back to my issue.”

  26. Squirrel

    So they’re all running against Bob Rumson – great!

  27. Eyrie

    #3058921, posted on June 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    “PP – Trans America was air line?”
    It was Trans World Airlines, TWA

  28. thefrollickingmole

    The Yang Man is on tomorrow.

    No one will vote for a chap whos supporters can be called “Yangleberries”

    “Oh yeah Ive been a Yangleberry since the start.”
    “Im a rusted on Yanglebery”

    And dont get me started on the hats his people wear….

  29. Gab

    LOL All they talked about was Donald Trump.

  30. feelthebern

    Tulsi & Yang have less than zero chance.
    At least they are genuine.
    Like Bernie, but without the crazy.

  31. JC

    I missed it, watched Handmaid’s “tail”. How’s my favourite candidate -Beto- doing?

  32. Nighthawk the Elder

    I’m only going by Steve’s summary in this post. At any time did they actually mention jobs for the working class average Joe’s and Joan’s (or is that Jose’s and Juanita’s these days)?

    Seriously, how many of the plebs really care about trans America? Their only question would be does it come in 2 door, 4 door or either option?

  33. Jock

    Steve. I thought you said “live” blogging? Are you sure? Mind you I think Cornyn and macron and junckers wrote their spiels .

  34. Oh come on

    Beto bombed. He should chuck it in now and save himself the grief, the freakishly long flappy forearmed weirdo.

  35. PB

    SO, will Beto be shutting down AIPAC if foreign powers meddling in elections worries him so much?

  36. Oh come on

    Tulsi Gabbard is 2020’s Carly Fiorina. Recall that Fiorina was good, punched above her weight, but ultimately couldn’t beat Trump.

  37. nb

    Climate change. Jay Inslee: Last chance for an admin to do anything about it

    Awesome. So we get PDT for an extra four years, too late to do anything about the big scare, so we can forget about it? Please, oh please, let’s declare it too late to do anything about it. I am way more scared of the fixes than I am of the (non) problem.

  38. Mark M

    The results are in: Donald Trump is the clear winner of the Democratic debate #1.

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