Tuesday Forum: July 16, 2019

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  1. JC says:


    I’ve lost the verve. There’s too many and when I do get stuck into some of these low IQ dildos Sinclair accuses me of being in a bad mood. 🙂 Grumpy , he says.

    It’s slowly coming back though as like you, I’ve had enough.

  2. MatrixTransform says:


    slĂ inte mhath

  3. Steve trickler says:


    Check out the clip of Big Boy above. A shadow covers his name written on the front. 0 – 0:35 seconds.

    This tech is not unknown. You have been sprung, Goolag. You have blotted out “Big Boy”


  4. Infidel Tiger says:

    Why are these retards (apparently led by the resident CEC weirdo – now going senile sex pervert) attacking…dover of all people???

    It’s a pretty low wattage site these days.

    I’m only here because of muscle memory.

  5. cohenite says:

    Check the picture out. It has to be seen to be believed. What a rort.

    Yep, just bullshit. Had to go out and check the wife’s Bathgate and my Lindsay. That’s art.

  6. Steve trickler says:


    Big Boy is clear on the front here folks.

  7. dover_beach says:

    Objectivity means something measured RELATIVE to a suitably chosen object.

    That may be one meaning of the word, yes, but it isn’t the meaning used when discussing knowledge, etc.

  8. bespoke says:

    I ain’t led by no one twostix, Just asked for clarification that’s all.

  9. JC says:

    Yep, just bullshit. Had to go out and check the wife’s Bathgate and my Lindsay. That’s art.

    If you like abstract art, some of it is really nice. It certainly has a place in the abstract art space. In fact it’s probably at the forefront of that segment, which is a good thing.

    As a big government advocate who doesn’t like free markets I can appreciate your chagrin, but if they’re earning decent money because people like their art, what’s there to criticize?

  10. mh says:

    Wang Chung at the top of a new page!

    How good is Dot?!

  11. Knuckle Dragger says:

    An excellent few hours over drinkies with a mate. Topic of discussion – chicks.

    I see the Sisters of Misery have departed for vespers. Good for them.

    I haven’t scrolled back all the way, but doubtless there’s a word salad in there somewhere from Judgement Dredd about isms. Oh well – can’t have everything.

    Those Adelaide homos got bent over the ute, despite my tipping them over Methendon.

  12. cohenite says:

    As a big government advocate who doesn’t like free markets I can appreciate your chagrin, but if they’re earning decent money because people like their art, what’s there to criticize?

    True, if idiots want to buy that crap, let them; a fool and his money etc; but this garbage got a 100 grand of taxpayer money. So, it’s exactly the opposite of what you said; but then most of what you say is.

    Real art.

  13. Frank Walker from National Tiles says:

    Exactly JC.

    If you like it, buy it – be it impressionist (master race of artists) paintings, ornamental frogs, aboriginal dot paintings or sickly post-renaissance portraits with nauseating translucent skin of the subjects and idylls that William Blake could not fantasise about.

  14. MatrixTransform says:

    but it isn’t the meaning used when discussing knowledge

    dover bends …

    there’s a definitive meaning apparently.

    knowledge because … reasons

    ease up on the Kierkegaard

  15. Frank Walker from National Tiles says:

    Bathgate’s works will be worth a lot more when he dies.

    That is the poor fate of technically great painters.

  16. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Back from the pub. Nice veal parma and a couple of pints, footy on the box.

    Standout recollection of the evening – John “Whoosha” Worsfold is looking old.

    Wind straight off the Antarctic and I have just set fire to a mountain of split jarrah firewood to up the Glowball Warming CO2 count.

    P.S. that vid of the ball turret machine guns is awesome! Gimme.

  17. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Lay off Kierkegaard, Matrix.

    He got mentioned in one of the best Monty Python sketches of all time.

  18. JC says:

    The chatter was just another aboriginal bash, which breaks out all too frequently here. If the aboriginal dude hadn’t won, it would never have been raised.

    Stop acting like a pretend shy teenage girl, Cronkers. You know you’re a big government advocate, so embrace it.

    Your “real art” example is a little cliche, no?

  19. Frank Walker from National Tiles says:

    I always find abstract/surreal/impressionist art better value.

    It is fantastic to have the talent to paint realistically, but do you read a novel to experience real life?

  20. Pedro the Ignorant says:

    Real art is a concrete aborigine painted in your footy team’s colours in the front yard.

    Very tasteful.

  21. Steve trickler says:

    Digital manipulation is in play. Will they scrub Big Boy?


  22. Lazlo says:

    Doug and Dinsdale Pirhana KD, if I remember right.

  23. JC says:

    Frank Walker from National Tiles
    #3111483, posted on July 19, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    Bathgate’s works will be worth a lot more when he dies.

    That is the poor fate of technically great painters.

    I’m not sure. This dude does it better, but his prices have flatlined.

    I have one of his.

    He’s a nice dude too. He painted one specifically for us because the gallery fucked up having doubled the sale of a piece. It came a little late and he wrote a nice note on the back of the canvas.

    ” I hope you understand”

    He was late because his wife had a kid.

  24. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Fight night on Fox.

    Excellent. A Mediterranean gentleman just got kicked in the nuts.

  25. mh says:

    Donald J. Trump
    It is amazing how the Fake News Media became “crazed” over the chant “send her back” by a packed Arena (a record) crowd in the Great State of North Carolina, but is totally calm & accepting of the most vile and disgusting statements made by the three Radical Left Congresswomen…….Mainstream Media, which has lost all credibility, has either officially or unofficially become a part of the Radical Left Democrat Party. It is a sick partnership, so pathetic to watch! They even covered a tiny staged crowd as they greeted Foul Mouthed Omar in Minnesota, a…….State which I will win in #2020 because they can’t stand her and her hatred of our Country, and they appreciate all that I have done for them (opening up mining and MUCH more) which has led to the best employment & economic year in Minnesota’s long and beautiful history!

  26. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Yes it was Lazlo.

    He sat in the conversation pit, biting the heads off whippets.

  27. Memoryvault says:

    Thanks for the latest Big Boy clips, Steve.
    A joy to behold.

  28. dover_beach says:

    there’s a definitive meaning apparently.

    knowledge because … reasons

    Heard of a dictionary?

  29. JC says:

    Exactly JC.

    If you like it, buy it – be it impressionist (master race of artists) paintings, ornamental frogs,

    I never really liked Picasso until recently. I found cubism stupid. Having said that, Picasso was an incredible artist. His work (classic), before he fell into cubism was out of this world beautiful. I’m getting a little more of an appreciation of his later (cubist) work, but I’m really selective. 🙂

  30. Bar Beach Swimmer says:

    #3110857, posted on July 19, 2019 at 7:47 am
    Eighteenth and nineteenth century England. It lasted longer, too.

    Rubbish – on a completely different scale, and much slower.
    And the Chinese managed to do it without colonial adventures.

    The English had first to create power for which they used water, as electricity had not been invented. As well, whole industries, for example, the cotton industry and other textiles had to be created. Of course it started slow. But the entrepreneurial spirit, which gave rise to these new industries, as well as developing systems of credit enabled that expansion.

    Does the Chinese involvement in the Korean War not equate to “colonial adventures”? Or the Vietnam War? Of more recent times, what about the Chinese interest and increasing control of certain islands in the South China Sea for which other countries have had long held claims? Not “colonial adventures”, either? How about the Chinese policy of claiming Taiwan?

  31. Lazlo says:

    Vicious but fair though, which derives from an education at the Ernest Pythagoras Primary School in Clerkenwell.

  32. MatrixTransform says:

    Heard of a dictionary?

    ever had an original thought?

  33. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Dali for mine. I could just sit and look at that surreal shit for hours.

    I don’t and won’t pretend to know much about the bloke, but I recall from somewhere he was and ‘out there’ guy in real life as well.

  34. bespoke says:

    The expressions in those portraits look amazing, JC. I don’t think I would have one hanging but the landscapes sure.

  35. Black Ball says:

    That well known Indigenous fillum Black Dynamite is showing on NITV. Rather pathetic film. Shut it down.

  36. dover_beach says:

    ever had an original thought?

    I’ve even had them. Condolences on your end though.

  37. Steve trickler says:

    G’day MV. Check out the clip posted at 10:19 pm.

    I discovered my first account of digital scrubbing above.

    “Big Boy” was erased from the front via shadow.

    Tell me what you think.

  38. JC says:

    His landscapes are amazing, Bespoke. He mostly has done landscapes or at least that’s what he’s known for. I don’t get why he’s flat lined though. What he needs is someone like Gagosian to back him and his works could treble.

    I’m currently toying with buying another piece very similar to this.

  39. Black Ball says:

    Tubby Taylor has a perfect marketing opportunity to spruik eye drops by the look of him tonight.

  40. MatrixTransform says:

    not bad … not as smart as Mr Smart

  41. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Surprisingly, it appears to be raining at the golf.

    In the UK. In ‘summer’.

  42. Memoryvault says:

    I’ve watched a third of the first one – the 10.19 pm one, Steve.
    But it’s getting a bit late to do them justice tonight.
    I’ll enjoy them all more fully in the morning with a couple of cuppas.

    I wouldn’t be too bothered about the name scrubbing, Steve.
    Odious at it may seem, their web site, their rules.

    Anyway, thanks again for these latest ones, ond the one explaining the purpose of the diesel.
    All good stuff.

  43. Black Ball says:

    Wymynsses cricket raining as well Dragger

  44. Nob says:

    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
    #3111246, posted on July 19, 2019 at 6:07 pm
    Wow, phase 3 is pretty up there, Bruce. pan Cancer is basically a death sentence.

    My nephew died of Pancreatic Cancer this year twelve months after diagnosis.

    That’s tough Lizzie.

    My mate lasted 7 weeks after diagnosis in 1991. He was 41.

    So I guess things have improved – somewhat.

    Maybe that was a late diagnosis too.

  45. bespoke says:


    That’s my kid of a art but what would I know and the cost would probable pay off my house.

  46. MatrixTransform says:

    I’ve even had them

    of course you have sweetie

  47. Knuckle Dragger says:


    I’m really starting to wonder what the point of the UK is any more. Some excellent traditions, but shit food and worse weather.

    If I was Viktor Orban in Hungary, I’d just solve the whole issue by invading it with a single rifle company. Probably take a week in the UK’s current state. Then contract out the Griks to do what they do best – concreting.

    Then, when the U Karpark is finished, Orban can lease it to the EU for gazillions. Or exchange it for Austria.

  48. Ellie says:

    Doomlord Doomlord, wherefore art thou?

  49. max says:

    The new guy at the NAB is starting on a base ‘salary’ of 2.5 million but with extras will be up around 7.5.

    In London he was on 6.4 m. Pffft.

    Management at NAB has been marvelous. I’m sure he’ll fit right in.

  50. Bruce in WA says:

    I’m no art connoisseur, but I have a soft spot for Gustav Klimt. I admire his manipulation of colour and his ability to recreate facial expressions.

    This is probably my favourite … Judith.

  51. Memoryvault says:

    Evening Elle.

    Be careful what you wish for –
    The Doomlord hasn’t smoted anyone for ages.

  52. JC says:

    That’s not a lot of money, max.

    JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon gets raise to $31 million – CNBC.com

    That’s US Dollars.

  53. Black Ball says:

    Dragger, with UK plod jailing people for thought crime and hate speech, be 3 days tops in the current climate. Elyse Perry with a ton however so that’s a plus.

  54. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    I see that it has been a quiet night in the Men’s Shed tonight.
    You all need livening up. This song will serve to jolly things along.

    Dancin’ into muh birthday.

  55. Knuckle Dragger says:

    Ellyse Perry is the hottest Australian sports chick in the last 20 years. No exceptions.

  56. Memoryvault says:

    Happy birthday Lizzie.
    May you enjoy many more.

  57. max says:

    On money, is there a sadder shambles of a man than James Packer ? What the hell happened there ? Broken into pieces by women ? He moved to Israel to be closer to a therapist but he’s back in Sydney. Pictures of his decline are shocking. He seemed to go to pieces after Kerry died.

  58. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Happy birthday Lizzie.
    May you enjoy many more.

    Thank you, MV. You know that I am counting back these days not forward?
    It’s a long way back down to polka dots at seventeen though.
    I might not make it. 🙂

  59. Ellie says:

    New thread!

  60. Sinclair Davidson says:

    See the Bombers fly up.

  61. Old School Conservative says:

    “Toxic masculinity” sighting.
    I drove over a hill crest on a 6 lane major road in a 70k zone.
    Suddenly came upon two tradies in faded yellow hi-viz walking across the lanes gesturing to oncoming traffic to stop.
    Ah ha – there is an 85 y-o wizened Nonna slowly pushing her zimmer frame across the open road. Too infirm to walk the 500m to a crossing obviously, so she took the shorter, riskier route.
    Guys had stopped to make sure she got across OK despite their own risk.

    Well done guys.

  62. Sinclair Davidson says:

    Hi Ellie – realise I’m a bit late in celebrating. It’s the crack of dawn here in San Francisco.

  63. bespoke says:

    Some young bloke won 33 mill apparently, good for him.

  64. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    I very occasionally modelled bikinis for Paula Stafford at Surfers’ Paradise in the fifties.
    Had a look around the net but can’t see any of me there now. Probably lost in some stock shots. I know there are some available because I saw one in the press a few years ago; they got the date wrong though, said it was from the 1940’s. They didn’t have bikinis like that in the 40’s.
    And it was definitely me. I remember the actual shot.
    We all had slightly bigger thighs than the girls of today; no gap at the top for us.
    We were curvy* and proud of it. 🙂

    *slim but not emaciated

    Memories. Too many. I’m off to bed. Sleep tight.

  65. Top Ender says:

    Paywalled in the West Oz, but HE’S BACK….

    Dylan Voller, whose treatment in a Northern Territory youth detention centre sparked a royal commission, is being held in a secure psychiatric ward in Perth after a court outburst that ended with him screaming and head-butting a glass cell.

    Voller – who gained worldwide attention after a photograph of him hooded and shackled in a jail cell caused outrage – was arrested in Dianella today after spending months on the run from both WA and NSW police.

    Hours later, Voller – who was arrested on a warrant relating to an alleged assault on transit officers at Cannington train station in February last year – appeared in Perth Magistrate’s Court “highly paranoid” with “delusional”….

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